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Phoebe started teasing daddy

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Stepdaddy Paul has an 11inch cock Phoebe has a 10year old pussy

I just need to cum for fuck sake. I’m waiting for Phoebes mom Chloe to fuck off to her mom’s for the night so I can perv on my stepdaughter Phoebe. Chloe leaves us alone and says I will ring you later. I say ok love you. Love you too she says before shutting the door. 10mins go by when I hear the door open. Hiya ya it’s me. Hi baby how was school.
Where’s mom she said before answering me. I said she’s gone it’s fine.
Oh good lol 😂 I didn’t go to school I was skivin again.
Was you with him again
Phoebe smiled and said yeah 😊 I can’t help it dad I love being with him.
Why I say
Well ….. I can’t say ….
Why not. ..
Hehehehe because it’s rude I can’t tell you
I say INO what you do Phoebe you fuck that 16 year old all the time your only 10 for fuck sake. I found out ages ago when I found your knickers
Ive seen the cum stained on the inside of your knickers.
Omg really ….
Yes really….
Omg please don’t tell mom what I’ve been🐝 doing.
Pleeeaaasseee don’t dad I will do anything…
Anything I say …
Yeah literally anything you want dad.
Well why don’t you show me what you do to him but on me
What did you say daddy …..
Omg…. she was thinking about sucking the life out of him right there …
Her pussy started getting wet real fast.
He replied I want you to do everything with me what you did with him ….
Phoebe couldn’t believe it.. her pussy was pulsing like mad. She would always imagine it was her dad fucking her when her bf was. Omg daddy really….
Daddy sat back pulling this cock out his joggers….
Yes Phoebe really…
Oh daddy I fucking love you…. I’ve been hoping you wanted to fuck me as much as I want to ride that cock … Omg daddy that’s massive…..
That’s massive wtf..
It’s way bigger than my bfs…..
How big is it daddy it looks to big ..
It’s 11inches baby …. How much can your pussy take then he says…
I can take all of my bfs cock but his is like half the size of that….
Come here and touch it baby…..
She dropped her school bag along with her school Her blazer…
She had on school clothes…
White t-shirt a purple and yellow tie. A school skirt that was pulled way to high but that’s how she wears it. And she had no tights no tights on today just a gray pair of thong’s I got her secretly for her 10th birthday….. INO I’m a naughty dad but she wanted it when I took her shopping in ann summers…. she wanted loads of stuff but I said no cuz of your mom. So I got her these grey things that say daddy’s girl on the front…..shes got on her black trainer’s. She don’t Ware shoes to school she’s always wearing her black vans. White socks …..
She walks over to me.
I shuffle my trousers and boxers all the way off….
She says take your take top off daddy I love yours muscles….
I rip my top off so now I’m fully nacked legs wide open my cock fully erect….. I was precuming so much ……
She started kneeling down and got right in between my legs…..
Wow daddy….
She grips my fat 11incher with her tiny hand …
She rubs it up and down… She’s just Gobsmacked over my cock she looks up into my eyes while tugging on my shaft…. She said I’ve wanted to suck you off since I was like 6 daddy…. I can’t believe we’re doing this ……
Her pussy was literally soaking her panties ….
I’m so fucking horny daddy…..
Suck my cock like the little slut you are ….. Phoebe took no time waisting time…
Phoebe put her face into my lap and started licking the tip of her daddys big dick …… She kissed it…. Looked up then through her head down ..
Mouth wide open… Sucking the tip of his cock…..
Omg baby yeah ……..
She was swerling and swishing her tongue over the head of his cock…… Going deeper and faster……
Even though she was only ten years old she was amazing at sucking a cock…. Bobbing on it for like 10 minutes…. Sucks then popped the head of my cock with her blowjob lips and spat the creamy spit all back on the head then sucking it back off ….omg she’s a fucking pro …
How the fuck do you know how to suck like that…. This is the best blow job I’ve ever had…
She speeds up bobbing faster and harder….
I’m going to cum feebs omg …. Swollow my cum you slut …. I was deep throating my 10year old daughter omg it was so hot.
I held her head down and came a bucket loads down her throat…. then pulled her off quick….
She tried to swoll it but like I said I came buckets…. It was spewing from my cock all over her school uniform…… All over her face and still had some in her mouth. I said stay right there don’t swallow or spit it out just hold it a sec ….
I got my phone …. Got the camera ready ….
Open your mouth baby so I can take a pic…..
I took the pic of her plastered in cum n saved it to a secret file ….. She swallows the rest…. While looking into my eyes and stick’s her tongue out to show me it’s all gone…..
I pull her closer and rip her school top off literally ripping all the buttons off it
For a ten year old she had decent size a cups well almost a cups….
I exposed her tittys to me I started sucking on her nipples… She starts moaning omg daddy I’m so fucking horny…. I’m way more wetter than I e ever been ……. I stop sucking her nipples for a sec…… I pull her skirt up to see her cameltoe pussy mould….
When she said she was wet…. She meant she was fucking soaking….. I see A massive wet patch on her pussy mould…. You are horny aren’t you baby……
Hmhmmm yeah 😊 ……
I rube her pussy through the wet thongs…… Her mouth started to shape like an ow and she started morning…. She was saying all sorts of horny stuff while I was rubbing her clit .. …. Omg daddy you fucking bad daddy. …. Rub my pussy yeah like that daddy .. this is so much better than my bf…… I stopped rubbing she said why did you stop …….
I said Phoebe he’s not your boyfriend anymore ok… I am …… I’m your boyfriend now…..
Yes daddy I’m your girlfriend……
Ok daddy says ring him now and tell him ….
Phoebe says really …..
Daddy Paul said yes if you want my cock inside you than you gotta tell him now….. Ok she said wait there ..
She got her phone and rang Dan this 16year Old who’s been fucking my 10 year old daughter….. Hellow she says .. she put it on loud speaker…, He said hiya Phoebe’s you gonna cum mine tonight…. She looked at me while smiling and said no I’m not ……
Whynot he said I was going to do that thing you like …. Phoebe took a deep breath and said …. Well no cuz I got a better boyfriend now who will do it so I don’t need you no more ……. She was slipping lil giggles out as he was begging her not to leave him….. He started crying,…
I said tell him your fucking me I dear you…..
Lol 😂 she’s got no filter lol she cum straight out with … I’ve just sucked the cum out of my daddy’s 11inch cock …….. It’s so fucking good .. he was still crying saying no you didn’t your just winding me up ……. Wanna bet she said …….
I bet you ent he said…….daddy you tell him ……
Listen up lil boy Phoebe is my daughter but also now my girl so if you ever try fuck my girl I will kill you ok ….. She did suck all my cum out of me like 10mins ago. ……..
Fuck you get says …….I love Phoebe I’m her boyfriend
… Phoebe started shouting no your not. Not anymore 😂 phoeebs please 🥺 please Phoebe I love you. …….
Phoebe grabbed my cock and said well I love my new man…… We started kissing loudly while he was listening on the phone …
I said stay on the line if you want. But you about to hear Phoebe tandy cum and cream all over me…..
He hung up…… But suddenly rang on video call on Facebook.. Phoebe answer the call show him what were doing. Phoebe answered with her face on cam but while sitting on my lab cow girl style…. Rubbing her wet mould on my fat growing cock…..
She was facing it to both our faces as she sat on my lap….. I kicked her neck on cam while I started rubbing her clit….. Omg daddy
I said to her ex look at where my hand is
I showed him my hand was inside her knickers while rubbing about…..
He hung up for good ..
Phoebe said let’s record some things so I can tease him …….
We sent him a pic of her lil hand holding my massive cock…… Then we got dirtyer
She stud up I grabbed her by her hips and placed her on the long part of our corner sofa….
I pulled off her skirt leaving her tie n her socks and trainers on…..
I took a pic of her like that on her back legs spread a soaking wet patch on her pussy mould….. Tounge out middle finger up….
That’s the money shot …. My favorite pic to this day…… I pull her panties aside to quickly lick her soaking pussy. Omg she was wet …… I only started sucking it for a few seconds before she exploded everywhere. .. all on my face in my mouth and a massive patch on the sofa ….. Her legs twitched and her hips and legs jurked as it squirted her toes curls up just like her mom’s…,… moaning extra loud screaming daddyyyyyyy ohhhh my fucking god daddy …. We was getting loud now. N I got worried her mom would hear us as she was only next door. Chloe’s mom lives next door.. Phoebes na. Lisa…
But the thought of Chloe hearing us turned me on ever more…… I literally grabbed my phone and started ringing Chloe ……
Hey babe Chloe said hey you ok. I say yeah I’m ok Phoebes ok she’s just stuffing her face with a sausage atm LoL 😂🤣🤣…. Is that nice phoebe s …. Hmhmm yeah it tastes like meat lol….. Ohhhghghg I let out a moan….. As Phoebe swerls her tongue around the head of my cock …..
What’s up Chloe said….. Nothing just need to go n be on my own upstairs this is why I rang……
Chloe said I’m naked in the bath rubbing my pussy thinking about you …, Wait there I’m going upstairs so Phoebe can’t hear us …. Secretly Phoebe was cumming upstairs to wank suck n fuck me while mom was masturbating on the phone……
Right I’m alone now ….. I’m so fucking hard thinking about naughty things …….
Chloe started imagining a few things as well …. But she asked first what naughty things….. Well I can’t say it’s a secret but it gets me as hard as I’ve ever been in my life ….. Phoebe’s say on my bed right in-between my legs jerking my cock faster and faster….. Aaaahhhh yeahhh ohhh fuck fuck baby girl I fucking love you …. Chloe said I love you two….. Paul said ohhhh naaa not you. ..,.
Chloe paused for a sec. . …
She clicked on to what he meant……..Chloe said I want to hear your cock slapping…….
Phoebe stuck her tongue out as I put the phone close to my cock and said listen to what I’m doing ……. Listen to what I’m doing ….. I said do you hear it …….. Phoebe let out a few lil moans …….
Chloe said I hope your doing what I think your doing ……. All Chloe hears is slippery sucks and him and a girl moaning…..
Chloe imagines Phoebe sucking of her daddy while on the phone to her ….. Chloe gets super turned on by the idea n said can we role play Paul
Yeah we can role play phone sex….. What role are we playing ..,.. Chloe said of this might sound wrong but while touching yourself imagine that’s it’s Phoebe tugging your cock….. I look at Phoebe and giggle… Phoebe covering her mouth to try not laugh… Ok I say back to Chloe I’m imagining Phoebe gripping my cock while shucking the head of my monster..,….. Suck my cock now Phoebe…… Phoebe smiles quietly n gets to it…..
Omggggg she’s so much betterat head than you I said to chloe……
Meanwhile Chloe is on the edge on the bath legs wide shower head pumped her pussy while listening…. Chloe had delt but she hoped that it was really happening……. Let me hear her gag Chloe said…..
Daddy Paul pushed with Force making Phoebe choke and spit out all the sloppy spit on my shadt….. omg Chloe said this is happening isn’t it…… tell mom it’s real… Tell her yeah mom it’s real…..
Chloe literally squirted everywhere all over the bathroom floor the walls the door… She squirts againg again and again…… I’m going to fuck her later……… I will ring you ….. I hear Chloe panting loudly oh my god Paul….. You dirty cunt ….. You better ring me……. Phoebe shouted I’m daddy’s new girlfriend now …. Chloe got horny again as soon as she hears Phoebe say exactly that …..
Is she now……
Well better not when I’m there….. He’s my man Chloe said….
Waiting for Phoebes response…,. Well who’s your girlfriend daddy. Me or mommy…. Chloe was gushing wtf Chloe thought this is so fucking hot wtf I love it but it’s so wrong but my pussy is pulsing over what she was hearing…. Tell her daddy …
I’m not ymwoth you no more ok lol 😂 I’m Phoebes man now ok she will be cumming on my cock all night I will make sure you hear us …leave your window open n listen to me fuck our daughter all night…….
Paul you fucking dirty fucking cunt…….
I fucking am so glad we got together……I’ve been fingering myself for years imagining you and Phoebe……..
Paul said yeah well I’ve got a lot of things to do to her so I’m going to give her a bath n tea then it’s bed time I will ring you…..when I open the window make sure you do…….. Love you … INO you do .. I love Phoebe now xxxxxx who’s cock is it I shout. Phoebe shouts so loud with the windows wide open this is my daddys cock and it’s all mine all mine to do as I wish. …… Bye Chloe ring you later…… Don’t get to wet thinking about us ……
Just remember your just as wrong as me u slag …. End call

Read part 2 for the news in how my Eleven inch goes deep into my daughters pussy with her mom the misses listening creaming next over what’s going on ….. Chloe’s and Phoebe both love me.
Read part 2 cumming soon…,

Slutty lil daughter Phoebe
Super chubby mom Chloe
Massive monster stepdad Paul.
Family freaks

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    Man it was hard to read with all the spelling and grammar mistakes… It was just awful… And the premise the whole idea of getting on a video chat with somebody while you’re fucking your 10-year-old stepdaughter it’s just really really stupid… It’ll get you in jail in no time flat… I realize it’s fiction but at least make it believable fiction for chrissake this is one of the worst stories I’ve ever read because it’s so unbelievably stupid

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