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My father-in-law Brought His Friends Over

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My husband, Matthew had to go out of town on business. He was called to Japan and will be gone at least 10 days. My father-in-law has just moved in with us recently, after his wife died. I wasn’t that excited about it but, Matthew feels good about him living with us. Matthew was just home a few days ago and he started a new sexual desire of spanking me and using hand cuffs to tie me down. I’m not sure where all this come from but, I try to please him so I agreed to try it.

It wasn’t too bad except for the clamps on my nipples. I didn’t like that. And, I had Matthew give his dad new rules about fucking me all day and night. He had got out of control. Jake said he would slow it down. We’ll see. He’s a total sex addict.

I actually got some things done this morning. Jake went somewhere to meet a few of his buddies he golf’s with. I was thinking about Matthew using that cat-o-nine tails on me It stung but it was stimulating in a sexual way. I kinda liked it. Matthew loved doing it to me. Jake whipped me a lot harder than Matthew did.

Anyway, I jumped in the shower, I was all sweaty from cleaning. When I got out I heard someone talking. I thought oh Jake must be back and is on the phone or something. I’m drying off and I hear more than one person laughing. I put on my robe and peeked in the living room.

Just as I looked around the corner Jake was right there. He said, “I was just coming to get you, I want you to meet my buddies from golf.” He’s pulling me in by my arm. I said, “Let me get dressed first, Jake.”
He said, “Oh, they don’t mind come on.” He introduced me to John, Eric and Phillip. I said, “How nice to meet you.” “Sorry I’m not dressed.” Eric said, “That’s quite alright with us.” The other guys said, “Yeah.”

Jake said, “This is the best daughter in law around.” “She takes care of every need I have.” “Isn’t be beautiful?” John said, “She’s more than beautiful, she’s sexy.” Phillip said, “And, look at her body, delicious.” Jake said, “Hey, honey why don’t you show them your sexy body, drop your robe.” I said, “Jake, what’s wrong with you?” Just as I said that, Jake was behind me and he grabbed my arms at my elbows, pulled them back and held them. My robe fell open and the other guys was doing the ,oh, fuck, look at that body. Phillip reaches for my tit. Eric pulls the robe open and John said, “What can we do with this little peach?”

Jake said, “Eric, in that drawer hand me those hand cuffs. I’m saying, Jake, you’re NOT gonna do this, now, let me go.” I’m trying to break free but, like I’ve said before Jake’s as strong as a bull. The other guys help him get my hands behind me and in the hand cuffs. They pulled my robe off before they cuffed me so, now I’m totally naked in front of three strangers.

They’re all running their hands all over me. Jake’s saying, “Wait till you get in that guys.” I said, “Are you guys seriously thinking about fucking me?” Jake said, “Of course, we’re gonna fuck you, Lily.” I said, “No.”

I guess they were, they started taking off their clothes. I’m standing here looking at 4 naked men. Their dicks are growing and they have them in their hands jacking them off. I have to say this, they all have big dicks. Unbelievable. Jake said, “Who wants to go where?” Eric said, I want the pussy, John said, I’d like a blow job and Phillip said, “That leaves the ass for me.” Jake handed Phillip some oil and he sprayed it in my ass. Eric laid down on the couch. He put his dick in me. Phillip put his dick in my ass. He had to go a little at a time till he got it in. After they were fucking me John walks up and sticks his dick in my mouth.

I see Jake filming what’s happening with his phone. I can’t believe it but I’m liking three men fucking me. I’m a slut and I like it. I need to stop feeling guilty for liking sex. Men enjoy sex and fucking just to fuck, why can’t women. Jake gets the whip and starts smacking my ass. The guys are fucking every hole I’ve got and I’m cumming on two dicks that are in me. Eric is really pounding my pussy. John’s ramming his dick down my throat. He’s getting ready to cum. He stands back and cums on my face. Phillip and Eric said they’re ready. Eric says, “I’m cumming. I feel it shooting in my pussy. Phillip is fucking my ass and then he grunts and cums in me.

I told Jake he can take the cuffs off. I’m having a good time. So, he takes them off. He’s now smacking my pussy with that thing. Jake tells me bend over he wants some pussy. I lean over the chair and he fucks me from behind. His dick in nice. He knows how to make me cum, like I’m doing now. Jake’s slapping my ass. The guys went in the kitchen to get something to drink. Jake said, ” They’re gonna fuck you some more do don’t think this is over.”
I told Jake “I was okay with fucking more dicks. He smacked my ass hard and said, ” That’s the kinda slut I like.” The guys found some liquor and brought some for Jake and I. Jake said, “I’m cumming, baby.” He rammed his dick in me and cum.

We had a few drinks and talked. They said, they really enjoyed the sex and wanted more. I told them I was ready whenever they were.” John said, “I want that pussy. I went over and sat on John’s dick and started fucking him. He leaned back and moaned as I fucked his dick. Phillip came over and started sucking on my tits and then he stuck his dick in my mouth. Phillip has a big dick. I loved sucking it. He started leaking cum in my mouth. Jake said, “Lily, loves dick and loves being fucked by all us guys.”
“She’s a real slut.” Eric said, “Yeah, and that’s why we love her.”

We fucked all evening. Jake whipped me on my tits and pussy with that flogger thing. I’m kinda liking it. Jake got a lot of video for Matthew. I’m gonna be sore tomorrow. They wore my ass and pussy out.
I think Jake wants them to come back another time. I told him let me rest first.
I can’t believe I fucked 4 men today almost all day. Plus, I loved it. There’s no need to hide the fact that I love fucking.

I can just imagine Matthew will want to be apart if a sex fest when he gets home.

It’s late and I’m crawling into bed and guess who come in naked, pulls my panties down and sticks his dick in me. Jake said, “I didn’t get to fuck you enough today with all the guys here.” He lifts my legs up on his shoulders and fucks me deep. As tired as I was and as sore, I was loving his dick. He made me cum. He pulled his dick out, climbed on top of me and put it in my mouth. I started sucking him and he pushes it in the very back of my throat and with a grunt he cums in me. He said, “Clean my dick off, slut.” I said, “Yes sir.”

Jake kissed me good night pinched my nipples and let me go to sleep. I think I’ve changed my mind about him living here. I’m very happy with what he does to me.

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  • Reply Naeem Khan ID:38bw16w43

    my father in law shared me with his friends while hubby watches

  • Reply Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

    Beautifully Hot

  • Reply Shane ID:1ck698nhj2oi

    If you came to Fla Taylor id fukk u like u never had.

  • Reply Say it isn’t so ID:bcdaon53hxc

    When I took my underwear down I heard the garage door when I walked into the hallway my brother in law was standing there my cock was not that hard but he said he was sorry and didn’t know if I was home when he said that I had a nice sexy ass I was going to put my underwear on but instead I picked up my sisters panties and walked out into the living room while he was walking around he started to take off his shirt and then he took off his pants and he asked me to put on the panties and let him see

  • Reply Say it isn’t so ID:bcdaon53hxc

    I’m not sure if you have ever had something happen to you that you were not supposed to enjoy it happened to me normal day at my sisters house for a couple of days on vacation when my brother in law said he would be back around dinner time my sister was always very sexy and my brother in law made a point to say so I was going to get in the shower but while I was going into the bathroom I saw a pair of my sisters panties in the laundry basket

  • Reply [email protected] ID:5u1d7c3k0a

    You sound like an amazing woman

  • Reply Don ID:gipgqdrd4

    Which I could see you

  • Reply Crypto24cm ID:zddce9fia

    Taylor your stories are hot.
    Wife and I read them all

    Great writing Hun 😘

    • Taylormade ID:1a912bhj

      Thank you, Crypto24cm
      I spent many years feeling like I was a horrible person because I loved having sex and submitting to men. I don’t feel that way anymore. Women have the same right to desire sex, just for sex like men do. I don’t have to be in love with a man to fuck him .

    • Crypto24cm ID:zddce9fia

      Exactly and i completely agree.
      Society is wrong.
      Women have as much right to love sex as men do and they shouldn’t feel bad nor be cussed at because of it.

      My wife and I love to fuck, and i enjoy spending hours making her cum.
      Before she meet me, she had the same issues you had.
      Now ( even though she’s 100% mono ) she has no problems in asking me for sex at any time she wants, any way she wants.
      Be using countless sex toys in all holes, be fucked hard and used as a cum dump, be being a complete horny slut.
      In the past she would get really depressed by even just asking basic sex, but once ( and after a lot of work and support ) with me, i helped her release her inner demoness and our sex life became excellent and i truly love making her cum multiple times 😍

    • Taylormade ID:1a912bhj

      Your wife’s lucky to have s man who cares about her satisfaction. Many men don’t.

  • Reply Bailey ID:1dzs383pguo0

    Taylorrrr, your stories are a work of art

    • Taylormade ID:1a912bhj

      Thank you, Bailey.