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My wife and I got into the swinger lifestyle when we were only 18 and had just gotten married. One of the things my wife really enjoyed was exposing herself to strangers. She’d been raised in a very small town and her father was the preacher there and her mother made her wear ultra conservative clothes and forbid her to wear make-up. She even made her wear her beautiful long red hair pulled up in a bun. So she’d always felt like an ugly duckling when in fact she was smoking hot. 5-8, 120 lb, 34-DD-24-35 with sparkling green eyes and very beautiful. But once she saw herself in a sexy garter belt & stocking with a little make-up in some pictures I took of her she wanted as many people as possible to see her sexy body.

She still had to be the conservative little preacher’s daughter in our little town. But at home behind closed doors she’d wear really revealing outfits around my friends such as skimpy shorts and low cut tops that if she bent over the least bit they could see her big tits. But she really showed off when we’d go out of town. Fortunately there were several large cities not too far away. We’d go out of town almost every weekend. Sometimes to meet up with couples we’d meet through swinger magazines and others just to give Lynn a chance to expose herself to strangers and sometimes pick someone up for a threesome. We’d gone to one of those cities one night and Lynn had worn a sexy black wrap around dress and all she had on underneath was a black garter belt & stockings and a pair of heels. She’d painted her nails red to match her lipstick we jokingly called prostitute red, along with dark eye shadow giving her just a touch of a slutty look.

We stopped at a convenience store and she went in smiling at the two guys working there. She looked hot as hell so of course she caught their attention. She went down the candy aisle which is always in front of the register to keep an eye on kids trying to steal candy. She went to the end of the aisle and stooped down and on the way down undoing her dress. The dress rose up enough to show off her long sexy legs and where her stockings attached to the garter belt. She scooped up two handfuls of the penny candy. As she stood up the belt came loose and the dress opened up to her side on both sides thanks to some elastic she’d sewn in to make it do that. With both hands full of candy she couldn’t close the dress so she had to walk to the counter with her tits & red bush totally exposed. She sat the candy down and closed the dress leaving it open enough to show lots of cleavage. She tell the guys how sorry she was that had happened as they’re standing there in a daze not believing what they’d just seen. She leaves letting that sexy ass sway back & forth and looks back at then and gives them a sexy smile.

We planned on her doing this at several more stores and then going to an adult bookstore that had glory holes in the video booths in the back. But when I go to start the car it won’t start. Fortunately a guy who’d just pulled in jumped us off. We decided it would be best to just head home but the further we went the dimmer the lights got. We’d made it about halfway when the car started losing power and then cut off. I was fortunate that it coasted safely off the road and that a trucker who’d seen it stopped. This was well before cell phones but when CB radios were very popular. So he agreed to get on his CB and see if he could get someone listening from their home to call the dealership I’d recently bought the car from so they could send out their wrecker. He was in his truck for about five minutes then came back and said someone had called them and they’d be there in about 45 minutes. We thanked him and he was on his way after giving me a couple of flairs to put out. We waited and almost exactly 45 minutes later we saw the tow truck. He pulled in front of us and we were surprised that instead of the regular wrecker driver it was the manager of the dealership driving it.

I tell him what happened and we don’t even open the hood he just hooks it up to the wrecker. He and Lynn went to get in the truck but I went back to get something out of the car. It was quite a chore to get in the truck because the cab was like a big rig. After climbing in the two of them are laughing up a storm. I asked what was so funny and found out as my wife had managed to reach the cab after climbing up in heels she had one hand holding a handle behind the door and the other holding a handle beside the windshield her dress had come open as she’s there spread eagle in the doorway with the bright dome light on she was totally exposed to Chuck and she had to get in before she could even try and close it. When she finally made it into the truck she’d ended up sitting on her dress that was bunched up under her. So she had to get all that situated before she could close her dress. This time she’d accidentally exposed herself giving this fifty year old guy a real treat seeing my then nine-teen year old wife’s sexy body spread eagle right in front of him. We head down the road and the truck being a straight drive Lynn had to sit with her legs on either side of the shifter causing the bottom of her dress open enough to see where her stockings attached to her garter belt and this obviously caught Chucks attention.

I’d always thought of him as a kind of meek straight laced guy but that opinion was about to change when as we go down the road he tells Lynn he hopes she isn’t offended but that she has an incredible body and looks really sexy in that garter belt & stockings. She told him she wasn’t offended and appreciated the compliment and said she hoped he didn’t think less of her seeing her dressed like that. He quickly said no that it had made his day, then said no my year. Then he started saying how much he hated pantyhose and wished women would go back to wearing garters & stockings. Then he shocked me when he said he hoped the car trouble hadn’t interrupted our plans too much. Then added that whenever his ex-wife had dressed like that when they went out of town it was usually because they had a hot night planned. He went on talking about all the sexy outfits his wife had ordered from Fredrick’s of Hollywood and Lynn said that was where she ordered things from. I couldn’t believe he and my wife were talking about various outfits that had come from there. And I’d noticed Lynn had let her dress open more at the bottom where you could see her pussy. And Chuck had noticed it as well.

When we got to the dealership I got out to help unhook the car and he was telling me how lucky I was and how sexy Lynn was, adding that he had no idea she looked anything like that. Then he surprised me when he started talking about how his ex was like that. That she dress like everyone expected her to around town. But that she dressed as sexy as she could away from town, then said he didn’t want to offend me but he told me something would it stay between us? I assured him it would and he said he and his wife used to go out of town to swinger parties. I told him that sounded hot and he said it was, that they both really enjoyed being with other people and seeing the other with others. I almost told him we were swingers but thought better of it. He decided to leave the wrecker there and take us home in his car and when he helped Lynn out her dress came open as she climbed down with his face only inches from her pussy. On the way home I told him he should come in for a beer and he accepted. The subject came up again about garter belts and other sexy outfits and Lynn asked if he’d like to see a few of her’s.

As I sat there I had no idea if she’d be bringing them in or wearing them but if I had to bet I’d say wearing them and it turned out I was right. She came in wearing a blue & white corset with a matching half bra that didn’t cover her tits but just lifted them up and pressed them together making her tits look huge. It had garters and she was wearing sheer stockings and spiked heels. I knew the outfit came with panties but she’d chose not to wear them. He’d already seen her body from the front but now he could see that sexy ass of her’s and get a good look at every inch of her sexy young body. She modeled several more outfits and when she’d go to change he’d tell me more of he and his ex-wife’s experiences swinging and told me his wife was bi. He also told me that they took lots of pictures but they agreed to destroy them when they divorced. Then with a big grin on his face he pulled a picture from his wallet of his wife nude when she was 25 years old in a garter belt & stockings and said he’d managed to save some of them. The next time Lynn came in in another sexy outfit I asked if she’d bring one of our photo albums out?

When she returned that time she was totally naked except for a pair of heels. She handed him a photo album I assumed would be one of her in sexy poses. But the very first page was pictures of her sucking my cock. I knew what other pictures were in that album. He was seeing pictures of me fucking her in various positions and me fucking her in the ass and fucking her tits & shooting off on them. Then some nude pictures of her outdoors in public places with people in the background. Then came a few pictures of her naked outside with a couple of different guys with their arm around her waist. But the hot ones were about to come. He turned the page and there’s a close-up of Lynn with two cocks in her mouth and neither was mine. He saw pictures of her fucking one guy while sucking off another and a few of her with cocks in her mouth, cunt, and ass all at once. It shifted to pictures of her with different girls having sex and of us in threesomes with a couple of girls. When he went to the next page I grabbed the album and closed it real quick startling both of them until I explained all the pictures he’d seen were us with people out of town or guys you couldn’t see their face. But that as he turned the page I realized there were pictures of a local couple who we promised discretion to. Chuck not only accepted that but
was happy to see we were discreet.

Lynn had been sitting beside him naked and I’d been on the other side as we looked through the pictures and she’d had her hand on his thigh and the way she was leaning to see the pictures one of her tits was pressed against his arm. Now that we weren’t looking at pictures her hand moved up his thigh and was rubbing his hard cock through his pants. It surprised us both when Lynn just looked him in the eye and asked if he wanted to fuck her? He of course said he did. We were undressed in no time and as he fucked her from behind she sucked my cock. He told us he hadn’t had sex since his wife and he split up over a year before. When he pulled his cock out and shot off on Lynn’s ass & back it was obvious he’d been saving up. She went to was off and I got a shock when he asked if I’d let him finish up what Lynn was doing. It just so happend she’d heard it and rushed back and gave me this look she had so I said OK. For some reason she got turned on watching a guy suck my cock and I wouldn’t do it often and when I did I made it clear up front I wasn’t going to do them and when I told Chuck he agreed. Lynn watched as Chuck gradually took more and more of my thick 9″ cock getting faster & faster and playing with my balls until I was ready to cum and I said I wanted to Cum on Lynn’s tits. I emptied my cum on her tits and Chuck started licking it off.

We ended up fucking her again that night after she sucked us off getting us hard again. This time I fucked her pussy and Chuck fucked her in the ass. It turned out this long time swinger had never been in a DP. But he loved it and couldn’t believe he hadn’t been doing that all those years. We both shot off on my young wife’s tits and 50 yo Chuck licked them clean again. We ended up letting him have 5 pictures of Lynn in only a garter belt & stockings and heels in different poses and one of her sucking my cock and in return he sent me some pictures in the male of his wife when she was young in sexy outfits and one of her sucking another girls tits on a cruise ship. We never had sex again or traded anymore pictures. We didn’t even mention it if we saw each other but we both just grinned knowing what we knew. And over the years he gave me some car deals the salesmen couldn’t believe. Some girls pull a train, my wife pulled a tow truck ( Don’t laugh too hard at that…lol ).

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