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Time for school

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Becareful on your walk to school your life may change

I’ve been running for so long . My lungs feel like they are freezing from the cold night air . My legs feel like concrete from running . I’m breathing so heavy . I can see the moon light through the clouds and these trees . I don’t have a clue where I am . I need to keep running but my 15 year old body can’t in to tired i want to stop but they will find me . It was 9.30 this morning as I was walking to school that the van pulled up . The sliding side door opened and this huge man grabbed me and pulled me in . Something was put over my head and I couldn’t see . I felt the harsh rope tying my hand . I could feel the van moving . It felt like forever . Soon the feeling changed . It was rough . Then it stopped . Soon I was dragged out . I heard a door open . Not long after the thing on my head was taken off . I see two men . One to me looks like a giant . He is so tall . He looks like he has musles all over him . The second not so tall but he has the same build .One of the two men said ” do as you are told and you won’t be hurt ” . Day started to turn into night . Then I saw my chance as one went to the bathroom and one went to get something outside I ran to the back-door and was lucky to turn my back to the door and turn the handle . That’s when I started running . Now I’m wanting to keep running but I collapse against a tree hoping they can’t find me . Then I feel it a set of hands are coming around the tree and grab me around my neck . Another set are grabbing my legs . That’s it they have found me . I’m now being held by my arms . Being pulled back . I can feel the soles of my shoes dragging along the ground . My feet start to hurt . Then I see that cabin getting closer and closer . We are back in there . I’m thrown on the floor . ” We told you to behave and you didn’t ” the biggest says . I see one of these big men go to a bench . I see the shinning of the metal of a knife as he pulls it out of a sheath . He comes to my body . I watch as it cuts my 5 seconds of summer t.shirt in half . I feel the coldness of the blade run up my body . The coldness sends shivers up my spine . It reaches my red and blue pokadot bra . It slides to the thin piece of material in the middle . I hear the tearing sound and the knife slides through it . Then I get to feel that cold metal blade run down my body . That blade is now at my red globe shorts . With no trouble it cuts them in two . Next I feel it cutting my little red with lace frills panties off . The biggest one now takes my destroyed clothing away and throws it in a corner . My naked 15 year old body is laying on this cold wooden floor . ” what do we do now ? ” asks the second guy . ” Well we better punish her ” says the biggest . The second man unties my hands . I look and I can see the red rope burns over my wrists . My brain is wondering why am I being untied . I’m dragged across the room to a door . It opens and I’m dragged to a bed . The mattress is stained with different brown marks . It smells so bad . I’m am thrown on it . He grabs my arms up pulls them up . I feel my shoulders burning from the strain as my arms are stretched and my wrists tied to the head of the bed . My hands and wrists feeling the coldness of the metal frame. I feel his corse hands groping my soft small breasts . His fingers pinching at my little pink nipples . Hurting them making them feel like he is going to tear them off . I see the other man come in . The one hurting my breasts stops and moves back . The other says ” well we better get naked like our guest ” . I watch as I see them both taking off their cloths . Once naked I see the biggest man’s cock . It is big , fat and long . The foreskin just covering the pink head . It is wrinkly all along . The other mans looks like a log . It so fat and big . I can see the whole of the pink head sticking out . These are the first cocks I had ever seen . ” Please I just want to go home ” I sob to them . The biggest man replies in a husky voice ” you will soon ” . I don’t know if to believe they won’t kill me . The smaller man watches as the other walks to my naked body . His big hand are running up and down my soft thighs . His hands are big and cold . Shivers running up and down my legs . I can feel the goosebumps all over them . His hands reach the place no one has ever been before . One finger touches my clit . My little clit bud hidden away in its sheath . He is toying with it with his finger . Running the top and all around . Sending a wave of a sensation my body has never felt through me . I don’t want them to see it . But the more his finger kept going . It was coming out . My little clit bud coming out of hiding . Soon as he sees it his finger moves . I feel that rough big finger rubbing the tip of that bud . The sensation growing . The more his finger rubs the more sensitive that little bud gets . Another finger arrives and I scream as pain is shooting through my poor little pink bud . His two fingers pinching and pulling my clit bud . He soon has enough . ” Your turn he says to the other ” . He now walks forward . I now feel this rough finger running up and down my soft pink pussy lips . I can hear my own breathing getting deeper and deeper . That finger now parting them lips . I’m feeling the roughness even more now that it’s running along the insides of my lips . A new sensation hitting me . I can feel a dampness coming inside my pussy . A wetness I’ve never felt . Why am I acting like this . My body betraying me . His finger now is pushing against my tiny hole . I can feel pressure pushing against it but it won’t open to let him in . I can see the anger and frustration on his face . He moves his finger and spits on it . Now it’s back at my little hole . He starts pushing again . Now with his saliva and my dampness my hole gives in to him . I yelp and scream as I feel the tip slide in . Soon him working it back and forward wanting to get more of it inside my never visited areas . Aittle more working on his part I can feel half his finger inside me filling up my tiny little cavity . A tiny push more and I jump and am pulling against the ropes as his finger touches my unbroken hymen . His finger does not pass it just keeps working back and forward . I’m can feel that dampness getting more and more . He looks down at me and I can see the happy look in his eyes . He is happy that they have my body betraying me . Soon his finger is being pulled out of me . My poor innocent pussy is already sore . My cute little pink lips are starting to look puffy from the assault they are getting . I’m embarrassed by my nipples being rock hard . The cool night air on my naked body has made them so hard . My pussy sore and burning from the abuse it has been given . I look down and can see my pussy is shining from the juices it is creating . The bigger one walks up to me . I can see his cock is fully hard . It is so big . The vains poking out all the way along it . The big pink head now sticking out . He walks up to me . He can see my eyes are locked to his cock . ” Don’t worry we have both taken a pill so that we can be hard all night for you . You will be having our cocks alot tonight ” he says with a evil look in his eyes . My head thinking why did you run ? If you stayed and did as you was told they wouldn’t be doing this . He gets between my slender young legs . I feel the head of this cock probing and finding my slit . It pushes apart my soft lips and finds the hole it’s wanting to get into . I grunt and grunt so loud as over and over that head is pressing against my hole . It is resisting not wanting something so big to get inside . But soon that resistance is gone . I feel the burning and tearing pain all around my poor hole as it is stretched beyond it limits . More than it is capable of . The head is now inside me . More and more he is pushing against me . The pain getting more and more as alittle more goes into me . I can’t take this . It’s to much . It’s to big . I’m bring torn apart . Soon the fear sets in even more . His cock touches my hymen . I know he won’t stop . I know it’s going to be torn . I know my virginty is about to be ripped from me . I feel that cock being slide back . Then I let out a scream that could of broken glass as I feel his cock rip through and tear my hymen . There goes my virginity . My pussy is hurting so much right now . I want this over . But he just keeps going . I feel ever inch of that cock as he pulls all the way back then rams it in as far as my poor pussy will allow . Over and over ramming into me . The tears rolling down my face . I can taste my salty tears in my mouth . But I I can feel that dampness growing even more . Why is my body doing this . My body starts to tense up . My pussy tightening and starting to pulse so much . He starts going faster . My hands now gripping the sheets so tight . My head flops back . I can help but moan as a massive wave of pleasure wipes over my body . Soon I feel flood’s of liquid flowing through my pussy . Him fucking me fast like a machine saying ” that’s a good slut cum for me ” . I am ashamed that im cumming while being raped . Only a few more thrusts and I feel that huge cock ram in hard . I can feel it starting to spasm and then I feel it stream after stream of his hot cum . He I’d filling the depth of my pussy with his cum . There was so much I didn’t think it would end . Soon he pulls out . I hear the sloppy sound of his cock popping out of my broken pussy . Soon as he gets up I see his cum and blood covered cock . He goes and sits next to the other one . ” go get me a rag and drink ” he says . The other gets up and walks out . ” Fuck that was so much much fun . Can’t remember ever fucking something as tight as you . Glad you ran away so we can have this fun ” . My thoughts just went back to its my fault I should of done as I was told . Soon the other was back with a piece of cloth and a bottle of drink . ” Well your turn to give her some ” he says as the other one . I just want to go home but I know that might not ever happen . I watch as the other one walks out and then back in . He has two more pieces of rope . I have no idea why but soon will . The main one says ” oh you going to have real fun with our toy are you ” ? He just laughs which I know can’t be good . He walks to me and unties my wrists . I can see the bad red rope burns . Tiny bits of blood where there is hardly any skin left . He moves me onto my stomach and grabs my wrists and they are retired to the frame . My legs are brought up to so I’m kneeling and my ass is in the air . My legs are spread . And then the two new ropes are put around each of my ankles and then tied to be bed base . Next thing I feel is one of his fingers probing at my ass . It passes my firm ass cheeks and finds my tiny little hole . Soon as the finger touches it I feel my ass clench . Tighter and tighter it clenched as the finger touches it . ” Oh fuck this is going to be fun ” he says . I feel his finger move from my ass . I then feel his hard cock moving around my wet pussy . It starts sliding in and out slow . I’m thinking thankgod he isn’t going to rape my ass but I was so wrong . His dick comes out wet with my juices . His cock moves to my ass . I pull and pull on them ropes and am screaming no as I feel his cock pass my cheeks and touch my untouched ring . Now he is rubbing . My juices he is trying to use to lube it up . His cock rubbing and pushing . I can’t stop screaming . The pressure building and building on my ring . It trying to stay closed and not let this cock inside . The more it clenches the harder he pushed . Soon it couldn’t hold on I feel the tip of his cock pry it open the tiniest bit . I can’t believe the pain . It running up my spine . His hands grab my hips so tight . I can feel his fingers digging into my soft skin . His cock pushing and pushing . I’m feeling my ring starting to streach more and more . Soon all his bulbuse head is inside my ass . It feels like he is going to rip it wide open . More and more pain running through my body . I’m screaming and my breathing getting shallow . I want to just die right now . In feels like it takes forever for him to get his cock all the way into my ass . I know by that time damage is done . I can feel cold drops hitting my legs knowing it’s blood from my torn and ripped ring . Now his whole cock is in my ass . I can feel every single inch of it filling and stretching my insides . The most intense pain in my life . He holds it there for a minute making sure my ass feels the invasion . Then it starts he is ramming in and out of my ass . It was only like 3 extremely painful thrusts in that things started to go dark . I’m feeling light headed and dizzy . Next thing I must have passed out . I couldn’t of for long as next thing I remember is coming to by the main one slapping my face . As I come back to earth he looks at me and says ” none of that . You can’t miss out on this fucking your ass is getting ” . Instantly I feel the pain again . Feeling that cock ramming all the way deep into me . I’m between crying and screaming again . Soon he changes his rythem . He pulls back slow . The insides of my ass feeling that huge cock pulling back . Then he rams it in so fucking hard . Each time it feels like my ring is tearing . I’m scream so fucking loud with each in thrust . I feel it even through my stomach . Soon he can’t hold off and I feel a load of cum being shot into my ass . That disgusting popping and sloppy sound as he rips his cock out of me . They both stand behind me . The one that just tore my ass to spreads says ” Well we have pretty much ruined both them holes ” with a laugh . I then hear the other one say ” Nah we have ages . Fuck it we might keep her another day . We will use her till she is ruined fully ” . I know this is not near over . I can see through the crack in the blinds it’s starting to be morning . I’d say 7am maybe . I think omg if it’s true who knows how long this torture will last . Time just does not seem to move . I really don’t know how much time passes . They are taking turns now raping me . Each hole being fucked and abused . But things soon get even worse for my now fucked and torn body . I hear then laughing and talking in the seats over the other side of the room . ” Yeah why not it will be fun to see what it does to her ” I hear one say . My brain is now gone so far it does not even try to think what that meant . The big guy walks to my face . I see him holding one of them bottles their drinks were in . ” oh you know what is going to happen ? This is going to fuck your pussy . You better fucking cum bitch or ill keep ramming it into you till you do “. I watch as he moves and then feel the bottom of the bottle being pushed at my pussy . It’s weird I’ve been fucked that many times now I’m not even screaming . I just am numb and all that comes out is grunts . I feel the base pass into my . My hole stretching out so wide . It’s burning worse than I can believe . Soon I feel it is in up to the neck . The cold bottle has filled me so much . It’s pushing against my womb . It slowly being pulled back then rammed in over and over and over . My arms and legs pulling against the ropes . ” fucking cum bitch or ill fucking do it harder ” . I can feel that dampness but knowing the feeling of what cumming gave me was not there . He got angry . I couldn’t help but scream as them rams got harder . It was hitting deeper in and trying to fully break me . Time passed and eventually and luckily my body gave him what wanted . After he pulled it out he showed it to me . I cried out loud and tears flowed like crazy as I saw it cover in blood . I know my life will never be the same . The areas of my body I wanted to be special for the man I would love in the future are now ruined and will never be normal again . Soon it just got worse . The other decide he wanted to try it but in the area of me he seems to love . The whole time he has not once touched my pussy . My ass has been his full focus and he had made sure to hurt it and tear it . Next I feel the coldness of another bottle but this time being pushed against my anal ring . Think because of it already being torn and broken it slide in and he started to rape my ass with it . The pain in my ass back again . Harder and harder he fucked my ass with that bottle . He kept going till my while body broke down and I just went limp I couldn’t feel thing . He pulls it out . ” Think we have fucked her up nice and good ” he says . I’m untied . I’m then dragged to the main room . I can’t walk or really move . I have no strength . My body doesn’t want to work . ” drop her “the main one says . He walks to the pile of their cloths . I see him pull out his belt from his trousers . ” Roll her over ” he says . I’m back on my tummy and my ass up . Soon I feel that belt smacking across my ass . Hit after hit after hit . The cracking sound of the leather hitting my skin . More and more he hits my cheeks . ” Show the bitch ” he says with a laugh . I’m lifted and dragged to one of them oval mirrors that like tilt . I see my ass cheeks . There are so many bright red and blue belt marks all over it . You can’t even see skin colour . My legs from this whole experience covered with blood . I’m let go and drop to the cold concrete floor .” give me it ” the other says . Hold her legs open . I feel my legs bring opened to the point where my joints all but pop . Then I feel and watch as that belt whips my pussy . Strike after strike . From hitting my clit to my lips . That leather belt tearing the pink flesh of my lips . Soon it’s to much and I’m out . Next thing I know I come to . I feel the hard surface as I see I’m on the side of a road . I can’t move . I lay there thinking I’ll just die here on the side of the road . It was starting to get dark . I see a car coming . It pulls up . A man gets out . ” What happened to you ? Are you ok ? . I can’t speak . I just groan . He picks me up and lays me in his back seat . Think he knows I’ve been hurt . He looks back ” It’s ok I’ll get you help . Your safe now . I pass back out . It’s been 3 years now . Lots of hospital time trying to fix me damaged insides . Life will never be the same . I know what I’m for . I’m men’s toy . My holes are for their fun games to use how they want .

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  • Reply J.R. ID:3zxjpuyjoi9

    😀 it was

  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    oh fuck that was some good anal rape!

    • AssGuy ID:bt1hxzrj

      Fuck yeah! That first time up her ass is so fucking good. She really felt it all. And they made sure she was awake to feel it all. Love the description of her pain. Came so fucking hard just imagining my cock in her ass and feeling that pain milk my cock.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:2wcj27x7zi

    Definitely needs paragraphs. On a different note however it’s exactly what little cock teasing school girls deserve

  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    Story is hard to follow, needs to be broke up into paragraphs

  • Reply Louise ID:2kyhpc18rd

    Pt.4 to say anything and sat down and took big drink and then light another cigarette up and took drag and heard him say yes I have just in kitchen and laughed and then said to me show them open ya legs pull.akirt up and insaid no … so he just pulled it up and forced them open and then used fingers to scoop out his cum and showed them and all cheered said nice one !.. and then said to me have another line i said didn’t want any but they said yeah you do come on and again I said no and he and another said yeah she does and also said she’s a right dirty little slag was desperate and gagging for it in kitchen weren’t ya all laughing etc then they all sniffing and then he said to another guy hold her head and they force my head back and then filled both nostrils full of coke and covered my mouth forcing me to.sniff up so could breathe and straight after did it again and after sniffed up 2nd time it all kicked in and I was shaking and trembling all over and they watched me taking a drag of my cigarette and said she’s off her face big time look at her and then felt hands all.over me and them grunting and saying God yeah shes soaking wet ,, slags proper up for it aren’t you and then 1 dropped his bottoms and lay on floor and they sat me ontop of him and put his cock up pussy and then lay me back holding me down and 2 held my legs apart and then heard them cheering and saying go on and then 2nd guy got between my legs and ontop of me and felt him press his cock down ontop the other guys and also pushing forward and then forced till stretched pussy to limit and his bellend slipped inside me aswell and I shouted out in pain but that made them worse and so then he thrust so hard and again it went fully inside me and I screamed but they both just started fucking me rougher and rougher and then all egging each other on and cheering and I was now screaming and crying and they just laughed and said shut her up fill that mouth so 3rd forced cock in mouth and shoved right down

  • Reply Louise ID:2kyhpc18rd

    Pt.3 then they said we know why you can’t stay still all grinned and then 1 said is it throbbing between your legs and then couldn’t help myself and answered saying yes really bad, and guy took me said so am I and then whispered to me did I want another drink and said come with me help me carry them so went kitchen with him and he got some drinks and then he kissed me and I kissed him back and then he said you like that … I said yes and so kissed again and he started putting his hand up my top feeling my tits and then put hand u my skirt and between my legs and rubbed and involuntarily I let out a moan and then obviously made him more excited because he pushed 2 fingers inside my pussy and started finger blasting me and I was moaning and groaning really loud and then he looked at me and said I see your not a virgin then and told him no had sex with a boy couple of weeks ago….and so then he started taking my knickers down and then I excited but also nervous and bit scared so tried to stop him … but he just carried on and then he undid his work bottoms and took his cock out and I was saying stop please but he said you want it and turned me round and pushed me over worktop and then as I struggled he kicked my legs apart and then rubbed his hard massive cock on pussy which was dripping wet and rhen started pushing it inside me and as much as I resisted couldn’t stop him and his tip slid inside my pussy and then he sighed as felt my pussy around his cock and then he thrust a bit and again till half way inside me … then he pulled almost out and then thrust really hard fully inside me.and groaned as I kinda of screamed argghhh then he started fucking me and my body just started making me moan and groan really bad and he said see told you ya was gagging for it laughed and then he said he was Cumming and rhen felt his hot cum inside my pussy and then he pulled out put it away and smiling said grab them cans and walked back in living room… and then I too scared

    • Steve Herbson ID:1dshfqe8wlvm

      Damn Louise anyway we can chat

  • Reply hihiniunbue ID:cttjj2boh

    So fucking messed up. How do people get off on this?

    • Kimfslut ID:7zv37w3xi9

      We do, we need and we beg for it. I do

    • Kimfslut ID:7zv37w3xi9

      We do, we want, we.need

      [email protected]

  • Reply Louise ID:2kyhpc18rd

    Pt.2 and I told them started when was 11 and so.rhen I light my cigarette up and took drag and blowing smoke out heard them saying mmm wow thats hot you look very sexy smoking!! And felt really cool and like a grown up etc. Then they said here want 1 of these and pointed to the table and when looked had lots of lines of white powder on and the guy who took me and then the others all picked up the note and sniffed up a couple of lines and passed note to me and watching me and so I said its my first ever time!! And told me just hold to nose and sniff up hard so I sniffed my first line up … and felt weird and burnt nose a bit and then sent me all funny , but I liked the feeling and so they all cheered and so after 10 minutes or so said again have another etc and then at table they said, try a big line this time and so all surrounding me watching and they took 1 line from each of them and made into 1 enormous line for me…. honestly it was about 4ft long and egging me on so I started sniffing it up and had to stop twice but finished it all … and then told me sniff back hard again and I did and this time instantly had the biggest and most amazing rush and sensation racing through my body and also made me want a cigarette real bad..so I light another cigarette up and sitting down they starring and laughing at me, because I couldn’t keep still

  • Reply Louise ID:2kyhpc18rd

    Well I was actually in school and was lunch break and so I went straight to usual place which was behind the school and through broken fence and into the wooded area !! And then sat on the tree that had fallen down and I took my cigarettes out and light 1 up and then as I was taking a drag and blowing smoke out I heard voices and turned to see girl from my year with one the older guys who were working on the school and he looked at me as went past then looked back and winked at me and I kinda liked it .!!! 20 minutes later they walked back past me and she went off lunch was finished, but I decided to bunk off and so I stayed where I was and on my phone when heard someone say Hi!! Looked up it was that guy and he started chatting to me and asked what I was still doing here and then he said I was fit and he really fancied me!! I smiled and he said you want to get out of here ??.

    I said where he said they had finished for the day so . Went got his van and met me bottom the woods and I jumped in and of we went !! He said was going to pub did i want to join him.. so said yeah great , so I stayed in the van he brought drinks out and we drank them in the van and his phone rang and said he had to go meet the others and grab something!! So I said cool and we drove to some house in a real shit council estate and he said you want come in with me won’t take long, so I did and inside was really shitty and dirty and was music playing and then as went into living room all others working on school were there and all drinking cans etc and they said whos she and wolf whistled at me .. and introduced me etc and then offered me a can of cider so I was drinking it and was sitting on sofa and then 1 of them said anyone got a cigarettes? And automatically I said yeah pulled mine out and gave him 1 and then the others asked me how old are you then ? .

    Told them I was 13 and from school they working on and then asked me how long you been smoking rhen..

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:9k0oovxq

    What a wonderful way to lose your virginity. Having your hymen ripped to shreds by two big thugs! You’re a lucky girl!