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Molesting her after school

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(Real) story of how after school I groped a 5th grader in the teacher’s lounge after school ended

So I have a little cousin named Jacob and I would pick him up whenever his mom couldn’t and one day I’m at the school waiting because I was asked to pick him up and while waiting I get a text from Jacob’s mom telling me that someone else picked him up and he’s home now. I was annoyed because I had already been waiting there for more than 20 minutes And I need to use the bathroom so I got out of my car and walked inside when the one guard asking what I was doing inside because all parents or guardians need to be outside I asked him if I could use the bathroom really quickly and he let me inside telling me it was downstairs next to the teachers lounge So I think him and go downstairs And when I see the bathroom I notice a blonde little girl standing there with her bag on the floor and she looked like she was waiting but I quickly went in the bathroom to use it.

Once I got out of the bathroom I looked around and the girl was still there So I walked over to her and started talking to her and I found out she was in 5th grade and her name is Brittany ask her what she’s doing there and she told me she’s waiting for her mom to pick her up but she’s late because of traffic And I’m just looking at her body she had Nice plump tits and nice thighs and a pretty big ass so I start getting ideas of stuff I could do to her I asked her if she can help me with something she says okay so I take her into the teachers lounge and see that no one’s inside so I go to the bathroom in there and take her in there with me and I locked the door I asked her if she’s ever been touched before and she says no So I start putting my hands on her stomach and up towards her tits and I start playing with them.

Soon I have her shirt off And I’m playing and sucking on her tits while I also pull out my dick and start jerking off she’s on the wall moaning Because I have my hand in her pants fingering her eventually I get up and force my dick in her mouth and start fucking her mouth making it go down her throat I just enjoying her wet mouth while I held her head once I pulled out my dick I quickly cam on her face and on her glasses I then cleaned her face and send her back out to wait for her mom while I walked out and left the school.

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  • Reply Yourmom ID:dj4z4jdqi

    I’m calling BS on the “true” story, it’s not even a good fantasy. Here’s a bit of advice…give up writing, move out of your moms basement and get a job!

  • Reply Yourmom ID:dj4z4jdqi

    Such BS, true story my ass. It’s not even a believable fantasy. Give up writing, move out of your moms basement and get a job.

  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    Did you proof read this story? Lacks detail and let’s try this amazing concept they teach in school, it’s called punctuation, maybe that fifth grader is smarter than you

    • I ID:1q53beqk

      Bro chill

    • CryingLemon ID:1doo5fx8gtee

      Lmao roasted

  • Reply Jeremaih ID:8bvy5nbb09

    Wow that was great dude

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y20b

    Nice! Taking the opportunity to molest a little slut while she’s waiting for mummy. Lovely!!