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Covid recovery – Part 2 (Conclusion)

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Read part 1 for the background, but now the serious action continues. Enjoy!

All of the family now looked at each other with unrestrained lust in their eyes. It was Jane who spoke first.

“Stop jerking yourselves off you horny fucking children. Get on the bed and then we can fuck all night. What do you say Phil?”
“Too fucking right. I am bursting to fuck.”

With that Pippa and Tom jumped on the bed, with Tom diving between his mother’s legs, and Pippa immediately going down on her father. Both parents cradled their children’s heads, forcing them as deep as possible, Tom with his tongue, and Pippa with her mouth, engulfing her father’s rampant erection.

Things continued like this for 10 minutes or so until Jane broke off.

“Right I’ve had enough of this. I need to be fucked right now.” she demanded.

Phil pushed Pippa away from his throbbing cock. He needed her to stop as he would have soon shot his load into her mouth. With a few moments of rest while they changed positions, he got himself under control. He flipped Jane over, and without a word rammed his cock into her and began to fuck her doggy style while the children watched their parents fucking.

They rutted like wild animals with Jane taking all the punishment her husband could give. Long strokes of his large cock pounded in and out, his balls slapping against her thighs and the loud squelching of her female juices pouring out of her and down her legs. Jane then sat up as Phil continued to fuck her from behind and she grabbed his hands, making them run up and down her body, caressing her breasts and making sure his fingers found their way down between her legs to rub her clit. She twisted her head round, and kissed him hard, slobbering her kisses all over his face and entwining their tongues completely lost in their passion.

Tom not wanting to be left out squirmed across the bed so he was in front of his mother, and seeing him, she bent down and started to suck him off. Pippa sat up and pressed her body next to her father’s, and pushed her hand in the gap between her parents bodies until she could feel his cock. It was all slimy and wet, and she hooked her thumb and forefinger round it so that she could feel him thrusting in and out, pulling back his foreskin so that it would go a deep as possible.

Phil grabbed Pippa by the hair and French kissed her hard while he still pumped away. He bent down slightly so that he could suck on her nipples protruding from her almost flat chest. Then looking straight into her eyes, he ran his hand down her back until her could squeeze her ass, but didn’t stop there. He ran his thumb down her ass crack, and pushed this into her asshole causing her to gasp. Also with his thumb in her ass, he rubbed her wet bald pussy with his finger causing her to shudder in pleasure.

Jane heard and felt this, and turned her head to see the depraved sight behind her. This turned her on even more, and she let out a moan as her orgasm ripped through her. At this sight, as his mother had sat up slightly, savouring the quivering orgasmic pleasure, Tom shuffled down the bed until he was underneath her body, and began attacking her large tits dangling down in his face. He kissed, licked and gently bit them, and at this attention, Jane balanced on one arm, and grabbing his head, she pulled him towards her more, grinding her breasts against his face.

The depraved family continued in their orgy until Tom decided he wanted more. His hands which had been kneading his mothers breasts slid down her body and lifted her legs over his so that her pussy was now rubbing against his cock, as her husband kept up his doggy fucking.

Jane then knew what she wanted. She had never been in this situation before with any men, let alone her husband and children, but she didn’t care at all. She pushed herself up again, and reaching round to grab her husband’s head, she pulled him close, and between gasps of orgasmic pleasure she whispered words, until then she had never uttered, or would ever think of uttering.

“Phil, you randy fucking stud. I want you now and for ever you horny fucker. Now fucking stick your cock in my ass.” she said as sweat ran down her face.

Phil had never done anything so depraved in his life, but like Jane he had no cares or embarrassment about what he was being asked to do. He pulled out his sopping cock from his wife which fell with a wet slap into Pippa’s hand. She had heard what had been said, and pulling back her father’s foreskin, she gave him a quick suck, running her tongue up and down a few times to lick off her mother’s love juices, and her father’s pre cum before lining the head up with Janes’ ass. Phil pushed forward slowly, but his cock was so slippery, it almost immediately popped into her virgin ass where he started to pump away into her tight warm rectum.

Jane then leaned forward, and reaching down her body, grabbed Tom’s raging erection, and impaled herself on his shaft, groaning at the new feeling of being fucked in both holes at the same time.

Pippa then moved round, and sat on Tom’s face so that he could tongue her out. At the same time, as she was so small, she could easily cup her mother’s large tits in her hands, and bending forward, she took over from Tom, slobbering her saliva so that it mixed with his, flicking her tongue over her mother’s nipples.

The sight was beautiful as all four people were sexually pleasured, the two men with their dicks fucking away at Jane, and Pippa writhing on her brother’s face as he stuck his tongue into her perfect smooth pussy, and flicking her clit until she shuddered with her shattering orgasm.

The pressure continued to build for the next few minutes, until the floodgates opened. Phil let go first with one final deep thrust, he filled Jane’s bowels with his cum. As it twitched and throbbed inside her, she felt Tom give a loud moan as he pushed up deep into her vagina and deposited jets of warm spunk into her. She could feel it splashing against her womb, sending her into another shuddering orgasm, leaving Pippa to pull away from her mother’s breasts as Tom did unspeakable things to her cunt with his tongue as he was cumming, causing Pippa to shake with her own orgasm, soaking her brother’s face with her love juices. Lifting her head up she could see her mother in front of her with her eyes closed, gasping for breath, sweat pouring off her which Pippa could not resist, and grabbing Jane by the back of her head, she kissed her hard, which was returned with relish as they slowly came down from their orgasmic highs.

The men were completely spent, but with strength he didn’t know he had, Tom got up, and went to his room. A few minutes later, he whispered to Pippa, and she got out her syringe again.

Five minutes later, Tom’s three friends were at the door, and were told to wait in line. They were thoroughly confused with Tom asking them to come round immediately without their parents knowing, but Tom made it seem very important, so they did as he said.

They were confused again when he invited them in one at a time to see Pippa standing just along the corridor completely naked, posing framed in the doorway to the kitchen. As they were called in individually, they were completely stunned by what they saw, and didn’t notice Tom jabbing them with a needle before dragging them out of sight before calling the next one in.

As they came round, they like Phil and Jane, blinked a few times before a smile came across their faces. Tom and Pippa lead them upstairs to their parents bedroom, where they saw Jane astride Phil, bouncing up and down on his recovered cock like a woman possessed.

The three boys didn’t show any bashfulness as they stripped off, and began masturbating at the sight, before Pippa decided it was a shame to waste this opportunity, and knelt down to blow them in turn.

This continued for a few minutes, each one in turn being sucked off by the young girl until the pressure got too great, and with a loud groan each of them shot their loads into Pippa’s mouth and face. It seemed like gallons of spunk were unloaded into the warm mouth of the pre teen.

Pippa held onto the semen in her mouth, swirling it round with her tongue showing everyone.

“Now Pippa” said her mother “you need to swallow it all down like a good girl should, and I want to make sure that you do”

With that, Pippa got up and after taking a few steps towards the bed where her mom was sitting, she opened her mouth wide to show the gloopy male liquid she was holding there, and with one big swallow, she gulped it down, and showed her mother it was all gone. Jane pulled Pippa to her, and gave her a sloppy French kiss.

“Well done my girl. It is all gone. Now it is time for me to get some action from those boys. Come her right now and cuckold me right here on our marriage bed. Fill me with your spunk while my husband and children watch.”

Tom’s three friends all moved across the room to the bed, and in the few minutes since they came into Pippa’s mouth, their erections were starting to stir again. The first boy dived between Jane’s wide open legs and licked out some of Tom’s cum that he had shot into his mother, before licking a trail of saliva and semen up her body and depositing it in her mouth. At the same time he started to fuck his friend’s mother in front of his mates and the whole family. He was like a devil possessed. Fucking away at the mature woman, going balls deep with every thrust. Being so young, he had the stamina to keep up the rhythm. Pounding away at Jane for what seemed like ages as the others watched. Sweat began to pour off him, dripping down onto Jane, and every now and then bending forward to kiss and lick her ample breasts which she cupped together for him.

The watchers were still unaware of the spiral of depravity they were taking part in. Pippa was watching all this on the bed, furiously rubbing her clit, and plunging as many fingers as would fit into her young hairless cunt. She then looked around, and saw four raging hard-ons all pointing towards her.

“Don’t let my mother have all the fun. Get up here and gangbang me you horny fuckers while my mother watches” she spat out in a sneering husky voice.

The men didn’t need asking twice. Pippa’s father lifted her small body onto his, and she reached down to guide his rampant cock into her sopping pussy, impaling herself on his meat. Tom then moved in behind, and spitting on his dick, and rubbing her juices that she was producing as she bounced up and down on her father’s cock onto his throbbing member, he lubricated her ass, and gently pushed forward.

This was nothing like she had ever experienced before. She didn’t know such a thing as anal sex existed until a short while ago when she saw her father sodomising her mother. However her possessed body seemed to know what to do. She relaxed her opening, and her brother’s cock popped inside causing her to gasp. The other boys stood on the bed, and Pippa took it in turns to suck off one of them while jerking off the other.

“Oh mommy! I’m just like you now. We are one happy family. Dad and Tom are fucking me real hard and nasty. I want them to fuck me until I cum and they shoot their fucking cum in me.” Pippa gasped as she was being double penetrated.

The boy who was fucking Jane pistoned in faster as he approached his orgasm. Jane started to shudder from her own cum, which sent the boy over the edge.

“Oh god!” Jane shouted “Oh god! Phil I can feel him shooting his spunk deep inside me. Look at me you fucker” to which Phil turned his head towards her “God it feels good. He’s filling me up, and I want more” as she pushed the spent boy away, and grabbed one of the boys fucking Pippa’s mouth, pulling him on top of her and pulling his cock into her.

“That’s it! Fuck me more” Jane screamed “Fuck that spunk into me. I want yours and his” pointing towards the boy who had just shot his load into her “cum rammed right up my cunt. Blast it into my womb you randy fuckers.”

Turning to Phil and Tom who were thrusting into Pippa “That’s it you fuckers. Fuck my daughter. Fuck her real good. She’s just a fucking cumslut whore. I want to see you fuckin’ rape her. Fuck her up and fill her with your cum.”

The orgy of depraved incestuous sex continued without time for recovery. Jane’s sordid words acted as encouragement to her husband and son to thrust away at a new frenzied rate, their balls slapping against the little girl as they brutally pounded her as deep as they could go until Tom started to moan as he shot wads of semen into his little sister’s bowels. Phil couldn’t hold back either as he felt his son’s cock throbbing and pulsing through the thin membrane against his cock causing him to arch his back with one final deep push, and began to empty the contents of his ball sacs into his daughter’s womb. Jets of warm cum splashed against her cervix causing her to shake and moan with her shattering orgasm.

They all fell back onto the bed, Phil still with his cock stuck inside Pippa and the turned to watch the second boy groan as he shot his load into Jane, swearing and grunting as he hosed down her insides with his virile teenage sperm.

Without missing a beat, the last boy took his turn at Jane’s oozing cunt. Female juices mixed with two loads of cum were leaking out of her onto the bed sheets, but she was still wanting more as her husband watched her being fucked up her cunt again, pushing the previous loads of cum deeper in with each thrust.

The blowjob Pippa had been giving the boy meant that he was already close to cumming, and after a few minutes, as everyone watched, he exploded into Jane adding more semen to her sopping vagina. As the boy withdrew, Pippa dived down between her legs and caught the spunk that flooded out and lapped it up like a dog before moving up her mother’s body and depositing the mixed fluids into her mouth where they kissed for ages, swapping the cum as they did so.

Light was starting to seep into the room from outside. The pornstar plasma that had been injected into them continued to run riot in their bodies. There was no stopping them from their orgy of sexual destruction.

Jane grabbed the phone that was next to the bed. She grabbed the first of Tom’s friends and while he dialled home, Jane shifted round and started to suck him off. One of the other boys moved round behind her and began doggy fucking Jane. The boy on the phone was having difficulty concentrating on his call to his mother, and mumbled something about being out for the day with Tom. Jane reached up and took the phone off him, and in between sucking off the boy and being fucked by another she talked quite calmly to the mother who she knew, little knowing what was happening at the other end of the line.

This routine continued for the other two. One boy was fucking Pippa while he was on the phone, and the other actually shot his cum into Jane as she rode him during his call with his mother.

“You’re all real motherfuckers now you horny studs” as she put the phone down on the bedside table “Now we have all the time in the world now lets get on with this gangbang orgy”

With that they continued all the rest of the day doing things that should only be done by mature open minded adults. The sordid depths they sank to were way beyond anything they had ever done or ever thought of doing. Every position, every orifice every inch of their bodies became covered in sweat and male and female cum. The bed sheets were stained with body fluids.

And still they didn’t stop.

They didn’t have all the time in the world as Jane had thought in her twisted nymphomaniac mind.

Jane and Pippa were still being double penetrated to what seemed like their hundredth orgasm and both were covered from head to toe in dried cum when the police (who had been alerted by the worried parents of Tom’s friends), broke down the door to find out what had happened to them to find the evil scene of child sex and the depraved acts of the young girl’s parents.

They had to all be sedated to get them to hospital once everyone realised they were mentally unstable. The doctors could not work out what had happened until they got a few sentences from Pippa on what she had done, and tested the blood plasma on mice. It was then that they saw the results when they went mad and fucked each other until they dropped dead.

The family were never jailed, and the whole thing was hushed-up. They all recovered, except Pippa, who had received the longest exposure to the porn star plasma. For the rest of her life she was constantly wanting sex, which Phil and Jane had to accept and help her as much as they could as kind loving parents.

They did however move away to a large home by the sea with everything they could ever wanted. This was courtesy of the deal they did with the doctor who worked out what had happened, and made a fortune selling a refined version of the plasma mixed with Viagra and contraceptives to share with the world what the family had experienced, and that world would never be the same again!

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    Amazing I would enjoy having a family like that. I would enjoy having a daughter like that. Too bad you’re not in Australia

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    Amazing story
    I missed getting fucked by my step dad
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