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Pervs dating my Mom

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My mom loved dating filthy pervs, and she used my sister and me as bait to get even more.

When my sister and I were still young, my mom started dressing us really slutty and putting heavy makeup on us. When I recently looked at some of the photos, I couldn’t believe how slutty she made us look…. really tiny skirts and tight tops, lacy ankle sox and heels….and heavy whore makeup. We looked like prostitutes but didn’t totally realize it at the time. We were young and loved the attention.

My mom dated a lot of guys, but we also realized much later that she was whoring for money some of the time. She did a lot of that while we were in school or staying with a friend or relative, but many times she’d take guys home when we were there. The guys would often be surprised to see us in the apartment and even then, we could tell they were interested in us. Mom used to leave her door only partially closed, and we’d hear her sucking and fucking. Eventually, we started hearing her talking about us as guys fucked her. She’d ask the guys if they thought we were sexy and if they ever thought about fucking young girls. The guys would pick up on the fact that it turned her on thinking about men fucking us, so they started initiating even more filthy talk as they fucked her. Some guys made her admit that she wanted to see pervs fucking us, but then she’d always say, “but for now it’s just a fantasy.” Kim and I started spying on her while this happened a lot.

Over time, the filthy talk became more and more graphic, until one day, when my sister was at cheerleading practice, and I was alone watching tv, my mom called me from her bedroom door. She said that Dave wanted me to watch as he fucked her. He was sitting on the edge of the bed stroking his cock (had to be at least 8″), and my mom kneeled in front of him sucking his cock. He didn’t take his eyes off me as she sucked him, and finally he said “rub your pussy…. your mom says she’s seen you rubbing your pussy when she’s spied on you watching porn.” I went under my skirt and started rubbing almost without thinking about it. I love rubbing my clit on the outside of my panties, because
the extra friction of the panties makes me cum so good.

He told me to come closer, and as I stood only a couple of feet away his hand replaced mine. It made me cum almost immediately, and I’m a squirter, so my panties were soaked, and it was running down my thighs. My mom asked if i wanted to suck Dave’s cock and she held it for me. I had only sucked older boys from my school before, and none were close to the size of Dave’s cock. But I did my best, and it obviously turned him on to have a little girl sucking his cock because in less than a minute he was shooting a huge load down my throat and almost choking me with his cock. After a few minutes he dressed and left, telling my mom he’d see her again soon, and next time he’d like to try Kim too.

That was the first of my many experiences with one of mom’s “dates,” and I didn’t learn until years later that she was making money off of men using us. It makes me so hot to remember so many of the pervs we sucked and fucked for her, and it makes me soaked when I think I might do it someday with my daughters when they get a little older.

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  • Reply Mark ID:2qlj3enm3

    Great story Diane. Not sure you’re still on here but would love to hear from you.
    [email protected]

  • Reply Wolfe ID:1ebmcvx9b7qa

    So fucking hot and sluty. That made my little sissy cock hard. It would be perfect for little girl pussy. Did your mom ever lick any of there cum out of your pussy. I would. Great story. Keep them cuming.

    • Diane Filthy Thoughts ID:1d2vulobzyyb

      Yes… she did that when her date requested it. She probably charged extra for that.

  • Reply Diane Filthy Thoughts ID:1e2eiovg3ce3

    You didn’t write anything that would cause me to be interested.

    • JackNYC ID:1ep1ektd8zkx

      Be just like your mom, Diane….. Many pervs will thank you.

    • JessieInGA ID:1dfo5gmvb7f3

      My situation was a variation on that. My mom used me to get young boys. That was her thing. Now a guy I date wants to see me with young boys.

    • Ted ID:1dfo5gmvb7f3

      Are you going to do it Jessie?

    • PervyDad ID:1e5gnugi5ks5

      Started the same way. Fucking my wifes married best friend and she noticed me looking at her little girl. Places a sexy pic she took that her husband probably hafnt seen-if he did he would want to fuck Madeline. Fucked her really hard as the pic was staring at me.
      She asked if I liked looking at Madeline’s pic while I fucked her. She started calling me a pervert and asked me to fuck her harde

    • Joe ID:1ek56s78ra

      i have filthy thoughts about my granddaughter. ive seen her bald little pussy and I watched her sniffing my dirty underwear. [email protected]

    • Wolfe ID:1dc9cmnfopoc

      I also have thought of my step granddaughter. All dressed up in stocking and panties. And me in mine. Stocking my little sissy cock. While I lick little ass hole and cunt. And a little boy in stocking and panties fucking my ass. I’m such a sissy for the younger ones. I have to jack off now.

    • Wolfe ID:1dc9cmnfopoc

      I would also enjoy sitting in a room with some young ones and let them watch me jack off until I cum

  • Reply admirer ID:38b65p08k

    Thank you for the wonderful story . What ages are you, Maddie & Daisy? [email protected]

    • Diane Filthy Thoughts ID:1cqevbq0s465

      A guy I date posted them on that imgsrc website.
      And my sister’s daughter, Lulu too.

    • UKdad ID:1du62wtd6puk

      Hot pics on imgsrc Diane!! What is your name on chat-avenue?

    • Kayla33 ID:v7fhi6od8yo

      How did you get him to post your daughter’s pics on that site? They look like little sluts….

  • Reply joe ID:2or2og1fik

    please do a part 2

    • Diane Filthy Thoughts ID:1d2vulobzyyb

      I’m working on it….

  • Reply Young mom ID:vuf0ij44

    I think this is the story of my life haha. Are you my daughter? Lol. I love teasing the most perverted pedos with my daughters until they use and abuse us anyway they want

    • Justme ID:1ef41i95vgc0

      Your a good mommy for your girls

    • Young mom ID:vuf0ij44

      Trust me I try my hardest to get as many pedo men around me so I can please them.

    • Perv Dad ID:42p1dj9m4

      Sounds like you are the jackpot for pedo guys.

    • Young mom ID:vuf0ij44

      I’m just trying to fulfill my role in life which to be nothing but a cumdumpster whore to pedo men

    • That's the best ID:153k1o7wt0c

      I wish every woman and child thought just like you

    • SluttyPie ID:45xxz52zd9c

      Wish you were my mom

    • Mike Johnson ID:1cojc32a13ty

      I love stroking my pedophile cock thinking about the little girls and how their moms dress them knowing that my cock gets really hard. I need a tight little one to slide my pedo cock deep inside and try to impregnate her





  • Reply Mary ID:7ylren4oic

    Its so funny that when stupid bull shit stories like these are written here comes names under the comments section that you never see under other stories.maybe because the dumb shit that wrote this is the one leaving comments hyping their own bull shit up.” Think about that one.”

    • Diane Filthy Thoughts ID:1e8zfpw78zfk

      Maybe that’s the way you see it if you are a 60 year old virgin, Mary. Clearly, you have had no contact with anyone, and that is sad.

    • Mom ID:1ardd6um9a

      Its just a story Mary. Just enjoy the read. Besides, its quite obvious that Diane is just a guy thats trying really hard to portray himself as a female. Lol.
      But the story and comments do have elements mothers can relate to. I often have observed guys staring at my daughters panties when she clumsily tries to tie her own shoelaces at restaurants etc. The awe on their faces is worth the giggles

    • That's the best ID:153k1o7wt0c

      Actually there’s plenty of pedophiles on this site and this site’s mostly for pedophiles or Teens that are still experimenting. And if you don’t like it then get off the site

    • Danny ID:iy7o154k09

      Definitely mmmm…[email protected]

  • Reply Your new daddy ID:2px1mem3l8z

    Hi I would love the chance to fuck u and yr daughter s and sister to my Kik is daugheuccer69 add me please

  • Reply lover ID:5ribdj86ic

    why hasn’t anyone fucked you yet?

  • Reply Mountainman ID:3yw6s849d

    I would like to watch your daughters get broken in by the man you pick for them. My snap is iraqvetx

  • Reply Daddy ID:1dfvyfyj6pf2

    That was a very hot story!! Daddyisback11

  • Reply Slutxoxo ID:1ck8gzlrem39

    This story made me so wet ! Post more 😉

    • Danny ID:iy7o154k09

      So hot

    • JL ohn ID:11don42

      I’d like to watch you get f*****

    • admirer ID:38b65p08k

      have you any stories yourself…[email protected]

  • Reply That's the best ID:153k1o7wt0c

    I’m a pedo pervert what is your email address I would love too stare at your kids

    • Diane Filthy Thoughts ID:8hcra0v3k5t

      Look for me on chat_avenue mornings before 9 and evenings after 9. I can tell you a lot more. We live in FL.

    • Danny ID:iy7o154k09

      Please email me: [email protected] I need more

    • Danny ID:iy7o154k09

      Mmmmmm I’d like to watch

    • Diane Filthy Thoughts ID:1e3s5r76k8bl

      We show off at the mall, highway rest areas, the park near us, and stores like Walmart. So many pervs hang out at those places. When I see them staring, I have to find a place to rub…. usually behind a clothes rack, in my car, or in the restroom.

    • TampaKen ID:1dqxaiviguit

      Enjoyed our time on chat-avenue yesterday…. hope we can do it again soon. You don’t live too far from me. I want to sit in my car and jack watching your girls waiting for the bus in the morning.



  • Reply John ID:mkse209

    Man I would love to join you and your daughters [email protected]

    • Grandpasgirl13 ID:2suv68rhzey

      I want to chat with pedo daddies, hit me up on Wire grandpasgirl13

  • Reply DirtyD ID:8hcra0v3k5t

    Hot story, Diane! I wish I had been one of your mom’s customers. I fucked lots of teen pussy, but not any pre-teen pussy…. would love to hear more about your daughters. I think about that kind of stuff for my daughter too, and I’ve talked about it with lots of other pervs, but my wife would never go for it.
    Are you dressing your girls slutty yet?

    • Diane Filthy Thoughts ID:8hcra0v3k5t

      Yes, I started buying sluttier clothes for Maddie last summer. Little skirts, tiny tight shorts, thin tops that show her nipples, even though she has almost nothing for tits. She doesn’t really know that I get off seeing guys staring at her, and I’ve even seen a few rubbing as they look. I’m going to start dressing daisy that way this summer too.

    • Taboo Master ID:1dv3resa7tga

      Diane Filthy Thoughts how old are your soon to be sluts. I’d like to fuck you in front of them so can teach them the skills they will need to please men like you and your sister learned

    • Diane Filthy Thoughts ID:8hcra0v3k5t

      Pretty young, so right now just filthy thoughts…. but have to admit…the filthy thoughts are constant.
      I guess I need to date the right pervs. I chat a lot on chat-avenue with this name… usually in the morning before I go to work…. and sometimes at night after 9:00.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    Yes, get your daughters started early

    • Grandpasgirl13 ID:1cri189ofpld

      The earlier the better

    • Mountainman ID:3yw6s849d

      That’s incredibly hot Diane. Shoot me a pic of them all dressed up.