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My dad touches me..

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Dad molest breeding me grooming real father son

A lot of These aren’t real stories but I give y’all the time of day anyways ..Me and my dad had been sharing a room & eventually he found out I was gay , and then I saw he had sex toys , I went outside to the garage one day and I saw it I got the toy and shoved it up my tight teen hole & my cock started throbbing hard , I nutted and went back inside , later that night my dad gets home , im in bed just underware … he is too bc that’s how we sleep . Anyways im laying one way he is laying h to the other way and I wake up horny asf , my dad butt is right beside my dick . I touch his ass and start touching my dick , and then my dad farts on my dick and it made me start touching on my dads hole which is hot asf 💦, (he’s snoring) so my dad is asleep .. he let me touch him in his sleep and let me get off . Then he started bringing his sex toys in the house , in our room in a book bag & then I started using them in bed while he was “asleep” beside me the toys was really big but it fit & then one day I smoke a blunt with him and I took my shirt off bc It had ashes on it & he kept staring at my chest & my nips & then after we smoke we go inside and he tells me there’s something to smoke in the garage and I said ok , I’ll smoke it & then I smoked , get horny asf my dad is awake but not fully he sees me get in bed , bc he’s right there at the opposite end normally but this time dad was beside me , head beside one another , I am laying on my back wanting to touch him so bad & then I feel my dad start taking my PSD boxers off and then I felt a finger on my hole he was rubbing my ass hole then it went to 2 fingers he was rubbing my teen ass like I did his , & not to mention my dad use to let me stick it in his hole while he farted it turned me on so bad ! And then it kept going on like this is “sneakily” touching eachother but we both know we were awake .. then one night .. I wake up bent over my dad with him tounge deep in my ass hole . He started sucking it too & playing with it and I was waking up he felt me push my ass hole deeper on his mouth and he made out with it . And then after that he started touching me more , telling me a lot of stuff it was and still is hot . Im 19 now and it went on for 4 years maybe . Me and dad playing with eachothers ass and cock & then he let me take his sex toys & have them to keep . There big too and my dad could fit both in his hole my dads hole was puffy and used and warm and hot it turns me on thinking about it . I love dad and son , but hmu if u want to see pics of us . & if u want more stories lol my dad still touches on my ass hole

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  • Reply Chann ID:7zv3a3im99

    I made this lol if u have Snapchat comment

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:4s0ccfyzm

    Not so easy to read, but definitely sexy. Especially the farting! Always nice beTween father and son.

  • Reply Happy Gramps ID:pdie0ghk

    How do we contact you

  • Reply BiPed ID:7zv2yufw43

    Love hearing stories of boys and their daddies~

    • [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

      I like the premise, but the grammer, punctuation and fliw make the story hard to follow. I’m guessing English is not your primary language. That’s ok, but use periods, and new sentences to help us know changes in thoughts or actions. If you want help proofreading future stories before you send them, I will do that for you.