In the back of dirty dons semi

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My neighbor dirty don is a long haul truck driver, he does runs that take two weeks or even one week depends on the job.he told me he would be back today.my slit is so wanting dirty dons penis in it.all the neighbor hood kids want to fuck me so bad along with some of the dads.i do love teasing them all and getting them all worked up.they jack off thinking about fuckin’g me or how good my ass looks, i dont have much for tits but my ass is a 10.i would never give any of them my pussy, that is for only dirty don but a couple of them pay me like $50 bucks to sniff my ass through my tight shorts or leggens after i worn them for awhile.i did not know alot of guys were into that but each their own.one dad that is married with kids down the block pays me $100 to wear my pink silk cut off shorts with a thong underneath and i lay on my stomach and he runs his nose all in my ass up and down and plays with himself until he cums.he does it for like 15 minutes.not bad money for a 14 year old.i was so horny and wet for dirty don.i saw a rig coming and knew it was him, he pulls it back behind his house by the big pole barn he has.i ran inside the house real quick to grab a couple cold coors light out of the fridge for my truck driving stud.i was wearing skin tight red silk shorts that were sticking to my pussy lips.i had my pig tails done real nice.i went out the back door and ran to the semi, oh my sweet lilly i missed you so much dirty don said to me as i climbed in the rig.cold beer love i said as i handed him two coors light.my little princess you are lilly he said as he drank the cold beer.how was your haul dirty don, not bad lilly besides dealing with the ass holes on the road you know the deal.my slit knows the deal to dirty don and wants your penis buried in it.you are my minx lilly, you hot fox you.we both got back in the sleeping cab of the rig and we had our lips and tongues going a mile a minute.dirty don had his hands all over my ass, oh lilly lets fuck,oh dirty don im all yours baby, take me, have me.oh i will you minx he said as he yanked down my shorts and thong in one pull.right to my slit dirty don dove right in licking and slurping my little slit, oh my god don was all i could say, you make me feel so dam good i said.dirty don was staring into my eyes as he licked at me, you like how my tongue feels lilly, tell dirty don come on, oh i love it dirty don, dont stop.yeah thats my minx, slurp, slurp, such a tasty good 14 year old pussy.oh dirty don make me cum like always, your such a man that knows how to make your little lilly so dam happy.do it lilly, come all over dirty dons face, come on you hot minx let don have it.i did to, just like he wanted.dirty don slurped it all up to.wrapping my legs around dirty don he entered my slit, oh, oh, oh dirty don, oh lilly i love how your tight little pussy feels on my dick, i looked right into dirty dons eyes and said, keep doing it dirty don, dont stop,i love it don, oh god i love it.dirty don stayed fuckin’g me non stop.my heels and feet were locked on his humping ass as he savaged my slit hole.fuck me dirty don until you cum i said, fuck your little lilly come on.he picked it up really pounding my slit and said, is this what you want girl, oh yes don, is this what my hot minx wants as he slammed my slit in the back of his rig.sweat was all over us, the semi reaked of my pussy and the sex.dirty don then pulled out and cum all over my face, oh dirty don what a load as always.oh lilly your such the best fuck, your my sweet lilly.he then took a big swig of the coors light.”my trucker dirty don.”

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  • Reply Dirtydon ID:1dhx45hmccar

    I’d love to lick my little Lilly minx 😉

  • Reply Dan ID:5jq6vib12q4

    I would love to have a little girl like that to put my cock in

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y20k

    Oh yes, you need him right up inside your asshole next!