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Dark encounter

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Cameron jogged the same route every morning. The morning run helped keep her figure trim and tight, something she held great pride in. She ran down the same streets with a beaming smile, waving and saying ‘hi’ to all her early morning
friends. It was this routine that had given
the blonde away to her abductors…

They cruised along behind her in a black van, it’s windows tinted dark. They bragged to each other about what they planned to do to the beautiful blonde once they had her in the van.

Cameron breathed heavy as she jogged up the
slight incline that led her back to her home.
Her body shined with sweat, her t-shirt sticking to her small chest, her hair plastered to her forehead. She noticed the black van sweeping past her and pulling up by the sidewalk about 50 meters ahead.

As she approached the van she saw a large
dark-skinned man climb out of the passenger’s side of the van, another walked around behind the van from thebdriver’s side and unlocked the rear doors of the van.

Cameron smiled as she approached, as one of the men waved to her, “Hi” she giggled as she came to the van. The guys didn’t say anything but one of them stepped across her path making her swerve to avoid him.

“Asshole!” She shouted, then she realized that she was toppling forward, the dark man had tripped her, ‘Son of a bitch!’ she thought.

Cameron slammed down to the sidewalk, banging
her knees and scraping her hands as she hit the hard surface. She was about to turn and give the guy somenabuse when she felt him grab her by the hair and pull her toward the van… In agony she half crawled, half stumbled, along with him.

“Come on bitch. You’re coming with us.” He
said, as he dragged her into the van.

Cameron panicked as the light of the sun was
blocked out by the van doors and she was thrown to the floor of the van. The rusty uncarpeted floor of the van cut into her knees as she caught her breath, she rolled over, sitting on the floor and looked back at her abductors.

The two black men were both half-bent over
standing over her, their heads and the back of their shoulders pressing against the top of the van.

“You’re gonna be a good girl and do what we say?” Asked one.

“Or do we gotta fuck you up?” Followed the

Cameron sat, her mouth hanging open, in shock,
her eyes wide and full of tears. “W-w-what do y-you wanna do to me?” She stammered.

“We just wanna fuck you, that’s all.” Said
Duke, the larger of the two.

“We gonna rape you little white ass!” Stated
Tony, the smaller, clean-headed one, already unbuckled his belt.

Cameron was terrified, scared stiff and unable
to move from the fear. She just sat and waited for the men to make their next move.

Tony dropped his pants and stood in front of her, “Now bitch, you suck my cock or I beat the shit
out of you!” He ordered.

Cameron closed her mouth and shook her head. Tony smacked her across the jaw with the back of his hand and she yelped.

“Suck it!” He held his cock to her lips…

Cameron opened her mouth and allowed Tony to
slip his black cock into it.

“Suck!” He barked.

She sucked hard on it as.Tony began to fuck her face.

“Is she good?” Asked Duke, dropping his own
pants and grabbing his stiff cock, jerking it slowly as he watched the blonde sucking his buddies cock against her will.

“Not bad, for a white girl.” Laughed Tony.

Instinctively, Cameron supported herself by
hold Tony’s hips with both hands, Tony thought she mustbe enjoying herself and fucked her face harder.

“Oh yeah, you love this black meat, right?” He said as he pumped into her mouth.

Duke moved behind Cameron and roughly pulled
her shorts down around her thighs exposing her pale white, perfectly formed ass. He crouched beside her and pushed a finger into her ass, then immediately pushed a second in and started to finger fuck her ass.

Cameron squirmed as the fingers pushed deep in
and out of her ass, all the time trying not to
think of the giant black cock in her mouth. Duke pulled her t-shirt up to expose her small, teen-like, breasts. He reached round as squeezed them
hard, causing Cameron more pain.

“You like that? Huh?” He whispered close to her ear.

She was unable to answer because of the cock in
her mouth, and she was also unable to protest as she felt Duke sliding the tip of his cock up and down the crack of her ass… Then forcing his cock into her ass.

She screamed, in doing so allowing Tony to force his cock even deeper into her throat, almost forcing her to gag.She suffered what felt like an age of pain as the two men fucked her, one at each end, long and hard. The anal pounding was almost unbearable, her hands squeezing tighter and tighter on the flesh of Tony’s hips.

Just as she felt she couldn’t go any longer, there was a bang on the back of the van, ‘Someone to rescue me’ thought Cameron with relief. She wondered who… A cop? Someone who had seen her abduction?

“That’ll be Jimmy, let him in.” Said Duke as he pushed deeper into Cameron’s ass again.
Tony withdrew from the blonde’s mouth and staggered to the back of the van to check out of the dark window, it was Jimmy… He opened the door and a third black youth.climbed in with Ice, his 4 year-old Pitbull dog.

“Oh man,” He started, “I told you not to get a white girl…You know I don’t fuck white girls!” Moaned Jimmy.

Duke pulled out of Cameron and left her laying flat on the floor, catching her breath. She reached round and held her poor reamed asshole. She sobbed quietly to herself.

Duke staggered to face Jimmy. “Jimmy, if you
don’t want to fuck her… How about Ice?” He smiled.

“What? Me fuck Ice?” Asked Jimmy, amazed by the suggestion.

“No man… Why don’t we make the white bitch fuck yourndog!” Laughed Duke.

Cameron spun around to face them, horrified.

“Yeah, I wanna see that… I wanna see that fucking cunt fucking your dog.” Seconded Tony.

“Fucking white trash, that’s all she deserves.”

Cameron was unable to offer much resistance as
Tony and Duke picked her up and rolled her back onto her belly. Her knees bled as they forced her onto them, her ass in the air. Duke held her back down so that her small tits were pressed against the rough floor of the van. She had to turn her head to the side so as not to crush her nose.

Cameron screwed her eyes tight shut and held her breath as she felt Jimmy helping his muscular dog to mount her, she tried to will herself out of the van, anywhere else… She felt the tip of the dog’s cock, hot and wet, pushing against her pussy lips. Ice banged against her several times, pumping and humping fast at her, excitedly attempting to fuck a woman for the first

The sound of the three rapists laughing and cheering rang in her ears as she felt the dog’s long thin cock, finally hit home, sliding into her pussy. Cameron found this the most repulsive experience of her life, worse than the rape
that she had just endured, at least the cock wasn’t
hurting her, it wasn’t nearly fat enough.

Ice pumped in the blonde, bucking fast, bucking
hard, his front paws gripping tight around her
midriff. Meanwhile, Duke was jerking off again, his
cock in front of her face. Tony grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up off the floor, arching her back even further…

She squealed from the pain, her mouth opening just in time to receive Duke’s load as he came hard and fast, shooting spurts of come into her face. His jism spattered over her face, into her mouth. She tried to close her mouth to spit it out, but Tony turned her head to face his cock, which he forced into her mouth, and two or three strokes he shot his load down her throat… Almost choking, she was forced to swallow the
load so that she could breathe.

Meanwhile, Ice was still fucking her… Her relief at the lack of pain from his cock was destroyed as with three hard thrusts he pushed his knot into her pussy. She screamed in pain.

“Oh, poor baby… Is my doggy hurting your cunt, slut!” Laughed Jimmy.

It was. As Ice continued to pump into her pussy,
Cameron wept, her head held in her hands, face down to the floor of the van. Duke and Tony lay back and watched as the dog continued to fuck her hard.

“Hey bitch… I got something for ya…” Stated
Jimmy as he whipped out his cock. “Hold her head back.” He ordered Duke.

Duke staggered forward again and pulled back on
Cameron’s hair one more time, her head wrenched back, her mouth open in a silent scream of pain and suffering as the dog continued to thrust into her sore pussy. Cameron looked forward as the cock in front of her face and waited for another load of cum , but then realized that Jimmy’s cock wasn’t hard… A stream of
hot urine erupted from the black cock and poured into her mouth… She immediately forced her mouth shut and spat the fluid out, but Jimmy didn’t stop pissing all over her face, laughing madly as he did it.

If that weren’t enough, Cameron became aware of the dog’s now rapid movement, then felt the hot, wet feeling of his cum shooting into her womb… As she laid there she felt two more streams of piss hitting the back of her head, soaking her short blonde hair, as Tony and Duke relieved themselves on her.

Tony took a couple of Poloroid shots of Cameron with the dog tied into her pussy, some really clear pictures that she could never deny were her…

“If you tell anyone about this…” He warned, “These will be all over the internet within an hour!”

She nodded her head. They drove her back to her home, it seemed fair after the fun she had given them, and kicked her out of the van at her door.

As the van drove away Cameron was sure she could hear the guys laughing. She staggered inside to clean herself up, knowing that no-one would know what she had been through.

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