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Author: Smutdaddy51

Twinest pt2

Amber and Blake, who are twins, are in the shower, embracing and kissing as they rub their up against each other. Amber had recently come out to her parents and then came out to her... #

764 words | 3 |4.81

Dark encounter

Cameron jogged the same route every morning. The morning run helped keep her figure trim and tight, something she held great pride in. She ran down the same streets with a beaming smile,... # # #

1825 words | 4 |4.17

Family sharing their love

For their whole life, Charlotte always thought she knew her children; they are good, but not perfect, and they are intelligent, but not arrogant. However, as she found out, quite shockingly,... # #

2064 words | 10 |4.76


Amber comes out to her family about being gay then come out to her twin about wanting her. #

1256 words | 3 |4.67

Birth mom

A daughter meets her birth mother for the first time and finds out wants she has been missing! #

1018 words | 8 |4.43

What a work out!

Anna had always trained as hard as she could, having earned a tennis scholarship to a prestigious private high school. She hoped to take her school to the state championship, even though... # # # #

1856 words | 2 |4.50

Birthday surprise

The phone rang several times before Alicia woke-up. She rolled over and answered it, still halfbasleep. “Hello?” She answered drowsilly. “Hi babe…” the familier... # #

1381 words | 2 |4.50

A bad girl’s fun

Alyssa had owned Reno, a pure bred Red Setter, for some years now. She didn’t think of him as a pet, he was now very much a part of her lIfe… He was fully trained but she didn’t... #

777 words | 0 |4.47


I went to visit my older sister, Rachel who had started divorcing her cheating husband, Donald. I just dropped by to see her, that’s when I found out about the divorce proceedings.... #

1104 words | 2 |4.69