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Blackmailed by a little girl

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Tracy was a cute girl. She lived three doors down the street. She was always flirting, now I know why.

We bought a house on a quiet suburban street several years ago. When I was carrying boxes and furniture in, a young girl about 8 years old was standing by the back of the truck suddenly.
Oh hi. How are you doing? You live nearby?
Yeah, I’m Tracy. I live at that house on the end. I’m 8. Well I’m 7, but I will be 8 on the 12th.

Oh that’s only a week away, so yeah, we’ll call it 8.

You’re really strong. You’re a lit bigger than my dad. I bet he couldn’t carry all this stuff.

Not even 8 and already knows how to flatter a man, I thought to myself.

You need help?

I thought about what she could help with. Obviously nothing heavy.

Sure, want to take these pillows and blankets inside? They go in the master bedroom in the back. All the way to the end of the hallway.

She got a big smile. She was obviously happy to be a helper and not just some kid in they way.

She carried light things in, making a bunch of trips. After about 30 minutes the truck was empty.

Gosh, Tracy. I’m sooo happy you helped me. That saved a lot of time. Here.
I handed her 5 dollars.
Wow! Really?

Sure, you worked hard.

She had worked hard. She was sweating in the hot sun, getting her little tank top wet. Her brown hair was tied in a pony tail about 3 inches below her shoulders. I stopped to look at her for a second. She’s really cute, I thought. I wonder what mom looks like.
Well, I better go back and get another load. I’ll see you later, Tracy. Thanks again.

Can I come too?

With me? No, that’s probably not a good idea.


Well, you don’t really know me. What if I am a bad man?

She eyes me up and down. No, you’re a good man.

Haha, well, I am positive your mom would say no.

I’ll ask. She took off running down the road. I locked the door, shut the back of the truck and was walking around to the driver door when she came racing back.

Mom said okay as long as you stop by first and introduce yourself.

Really? I thought. Oh well maybe she’s just over trusting. We drove to the end of the block and I walked towards the door. It opened and a slightly heavy woman with a cute face and large breasts walked out.
Hi, I’m Janey. Thanks for putting up with Tracy. She can be a handful.

An image of my hands cupping her ass as I pocked up flashed in my mind. I quickly dismissed it.

She was actually helpful.

How long do you think you will be before bringing her home?

Not long, I’m only moving from 2 miles away.

Okay, if she gets in the way just send her home.

So, off I drove with a cute little girl in my truck that I had just met.

We finished moving, I ordered a pizza and soda that we shared and I gave her another $5.

I’m a good helper, she informed me. I can do anything for you.

Again my mind flashing to holding her in my hands. I quickly dismissed it.

Well, I will certainly keep you in mind, I said. Thinking to myself, I thought, I don’t know how I can help myself. She trotted off home as I looked at her pony tail sway and her tight bottom wiggle.

We became friends. I could never work outside long before she would show up. She helped clean, pull weeds, anything I asked. I always gave her five dollars. Sometimes we just sat on the porch talking. One evening about a year later, we were sitting there having a cold drink and Janey walked down. Tracey, you need to get home and wash up for dinner.
Ok mom.
She got up, stepped over to me and kissed me on my cheek, then ran home.

She’s in love with you, you know, Tracy said.

She’s a great kid. I said.

No, I mean IN LOVE. She told me she’s your girlfriend and someday she’s going to marry you.

Oh really? She’s never told me that. Maybe I should put some distance between us? I haven’t tried to encourage that at all.

Oh no. Don’t worry about it. It’s just a crush. I didn’t even think about it until I saw her kiss you.

Yeah, that was the first time she has done that.

We hung out occasionally for the next year. It was her 10th birthday.
I said, Tracy, what do you want for your birthday?

Hmmm she said. I think I want you to kiss me.

What? Are you serious?

Yeah. I’ve kissed you a bunch of times, but you have never kissed me.

Ok, I will. O kissed her cheek like she had kissed mine a few dozen times.

No, I mean a real kiss, like I am your girlfriend.

Oh, well, I can’t kiss you like that?


Because you’re only 10. I would get in trouble for that.

Why? It’s bad to kiss?

Well, not kissing I guess, but a grown up and a kid can’t be in love.

But I do love you. Am I in trouble?

Not at all sweetheart. I love you too, we just can’t kiss and do other things that grown up people in love do.

You mean like sex?

Yes exactly.

But can you kiss me just once? Pleeeaaaase?

I looked into her cute brown eyes. She could have asked me for $10,000 and I would have said yes.

Okay. BUT, do NOT tell your mom. Okay?


I said, lets go inside. I don’t want any nosy neighbors spying on us.

We went inside and sat on the couch. I put my arm around her. I leaned over and my lips met hers. We lingered there for a second. I cupped her face in my hand. I kissed her again. She really was beautiful. I told her so, and kissed her a third time. My cock was stirring and getting hard. That made me realize, I needed to stop.

Like that kind of kiss?

Oooh yeah. I really like kissing you. I’m so glad I am your girlfriend!

Okay sweetheart, but remember, don’t tell your mom.

Okay, I won’t. I love you. She said, and got up and went home.

Fuck, I thought. I just made out with a little girl.

In part 2, things move a little faster, and get more sexual.

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