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Dirty uncle Bobby

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so I did just as he showed me as his eyes rolled in the back of his head and he told me how good of a girl I was being

When I was young, my aunt practically raised me. There’s a huge chunk of my life where I don’t remember my parents ever being around. Well at the time my aunt had this husband. She left me home alone with him while she went to work. The day started out a normal day, until He led me into the bathroom by my hand and whipped out his 8in fat cock. Being so young, I didn’t know what it was, he asked me if I wanted to make it feel good and he’s my favorite uncle so I didn’t want to disappoint him and I said yes so he poured lotion in my hand and showed me how to rub it on his cock, which looked giant in my little girl hands, so I did just as he showed me as his eyes rolled in the back of his head and he told me how good of a girl I was being and told me to lick it like I would lick a lollipop. licking the Precum when it would bead up on his tip. Then he picked me up, took me to the bed and put me on his lap and asked if I wanted to play a game. I could feel him rock me against his exposed cock causing it to press against the small fabric of underwear separating my tiny virgin pussy lips from his huge throbbing cock. He asked if I wanted to make him feel even better and I said yes. so he reached down and moved the piece of fabric when all of a sudden I felt pressure on my Pussy opening, he assured me it was okay and would only hurt a second as he slowly gently pushed until his cock gave way and took my virginity. It hurt so bad, I tried to pull up but he held onto me so tight and slowly moved me back and forth on his cock as it buried deeper into me taking all 8in. He told me this is what good girls who love their uncles do. Kissing down my neck, he started moaning as he picked up pace and came right in my young tiny pussy and held me there while he went soft still inside me. then put me in a bath to wash it out before my aunt got home from work. I never told anyone what my uncle did to me, as a result, I now fuck men 2 times my age to use me as a cum slut and tell me I’m a good girl. Thanks for taking the time to read my story, maybe next time I’ll tell you of the time little me got off the bus to play with friends only to be tag teamed by two brothers at least 4 years older than me in their treehouse.

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  • Reply Julie ID:1rou10zm

    I want a uncle like that

    • Lonely boy ID:5q5xwkld0

      I be ur uncle fancy a chat so horny

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    I would love to be your uncle

  • Reply Jhonny sins ID:5q8ituf49d

    Snapchat me it’s my name I’m 33

  • Reply Yourhornydaddy22 ID:etyvr2chj

    text me on wickr @danielwayne66 I would love to be an uncle to you 😉