Weekend with my girlfriend and her daughter part 3

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This is part three with Mia my girlfriends young daughter

I couldn’t believe what just happened… I just got done fucking Mia.. Hannah was laying next to me with her head on my chest… she smiled and said I’m happy you liked it. You filled her mouth full of cum.. you are a dirty perv. Yeah I said it felt so good. I told her how my mind was racing and asked her why she is ok with it. She told me she doesn’t care that I’m her man and I’m to be pleased.. wow I thought.. she told me if little girls is what I want then I could have both of them.. her and Mia.. I asked her if she wanted to do anything with a boy and she popped her head up.. yes she said I want suck on a little dick.. I don’t know but I was getting turned on again hearing her say this.. she continued to talk dirty to me calling me a pedo and stopped and said hear look.. she grabbed her phone went to some file that was hidden and opened up all this porn… you know what I’m talking about… video after video… I scrolled through, my goodness my cock was standing straight up. I didn’t know it but I looked down and she was sucking me.. I looked at her between my legs, making eye contact, you’re a kid fucker now she said… yeah I am.. I love kids I said.. getting turned on more and more… Mia I yelled.. Mia come here… Hannah continued to suck my cock.

Mia came in she was still naked… Mia be a good girl and help your mom… Hannah took my dick and wiggled it come on sweetie she said.. Mia crawled on the bed and sat down.. she slowly opened her mouth and again I could feel her little lips around my cock… oh god, good girl I said as she started to go deeper.. Hannah grabbed the phone and the next thing I know the video I was looking at was now playing on the tv… I laid in bed looking down at Mia sucking my cock.. and behind her on tv was this video playing .. little girl being fucked .. how old is she I asked Hannah looking at the tv, mmmm idk five she said.. just a year younger then mia. I grabbed Mia’s head and pulled her up towards me.. come here I said .. mia crawled on top sitting on my lap.. I could feel her little pussy rub between my hard cock.. I told mia told mia I loved her and told her to look at the tv .. mia turned her head around and saw the girl her age being fucked … I grabbed my cock and started to rub the tip between her pussy.. her pussy was so tight. My head could hardly fit.. I pushed a little hard and mia yelled, Hannah told her to be a good girl helped her.. slowly and deeper I went .. I could feel her pussy stretch… I have never felt this before .. mmm yes I told her and I started to fuck her..

Yeah Hannah said, cheering me on.. you’re pedo.. your dick is so big baby.. look at you, does it feel good.. yes ma’am I said .. Mia rode my cock for a couple of minutes and I laid her on her back.. I looked at the tv and watched this other video of several cumshots being taken by little girls .. I was glued .. I was super horny. Fuck her baby. Hannah said , fuck her little pussy.. I stared to fuck her faster… not to fast still going slow, but picking up speed… I held on to mias legs and watched as my big grown cock was sliding in and out of mias little pussy. Cum baby… cum in her… cum in her you perv.. fill her up, she told Mia to start talking.. Mia then started to say cum daddy, pleas cum in me… repeating Hannah. You want my cum baby.. yes daddy she said .. I looked at Hannah and let out a moan. I’m cuming I pumped and pumped one more time before I exploded again.. Hannah held my cock so I wouldn’t pull out.. once I stopped she pulled my dick out and stared to suck it .. mmm. She said while she stopped to lick the side.. you’re so bad… you’re a pedo .. tell me she said … I looked at her and yes I am.. I’m a perv .. no she said let me here you as she put my cock in her mouth… I’m a pedo I said loudly. … she pulled my dick out and told Mia to come over… she told Mia to open.. and she guided my cock into her mouth.. suck baby she said … Mia looked up at me with my dick in her mouth.. my god I’m in love . Hannah sat up and gave me a big kiss.. I love you she said stay with us.. please … I told her I wasn’t going anywhere.. Mia sucked me until I was soft and tan off…

It was now 3am … I was beat.. I told Hannah I don’t want this to end .. I told her I wasn’t leaving .. Hannah looked at me and said let’s make a baby.. I smiled snd said oh yeah.. yes she said… let’s make a baby. We all ended up crawling in bed and passing out ..Mia slept between us and this was start of a great relationship…

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  • Reply Q ID:2kye84jn8j

    That was amazing where can I find someone like that

  • Reply DJ ID:iy7o154k09

    More plz part 4?

  • Reply Joe ID:e8g2kr2nh

    OMG keep this story coming . Let’s have more of Mia getting fucked

  • Reply Ernie ID:13q9n4r7g6qg

    Women and girls are made for this – they love it

  • Reply Jhon ID:2dzxvium9j

    Next episode plz

  • Reply Tr ID:bgggn0bv4

    Please stop with the whole calling him a pedo and shit.
    Like it gets good and then you throw “you’re a pedi” in there and it just loses its whole vibe after that

    • Perv boyfriend ID:1e2rk8jv7uex

      Sorry, just giving context.. it was extremely hot having her blow me while watching other girls get fucked while she called me a perv… she was in the moment while her seven year was sucking me she’s a freak

    • Jenny ID:y8hyzb0d

      You should have noticed that calling him like that is just morbo, it’s a turn on.
      It’s like saying “You’re a horny motherfucker, I love it. Fuck me more!”.

      There is no mystery on that.

  • Reply GRWJ ID:fx7j3g20j

    I’d love to read the next part I’m going to do any more of this one

  • Reply L ID:1csuc7wgekgv

    Have you started making a baby together?