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Molested and raped at a music festival

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My first music festival at 12 yo with my older brothers when it happened

I’m 12 years old and I can’t believe Mum and Dad let me come along with Tom (18) and Derek (21) to this festival. I can’t believe Tom and Derek let me come with them. They are under strict instructions not to let me out of their sight,, but I’m such an idiot because in the confusion of the crowd I can’t find them. I’ve been looking for them for about 30 minutes without any luck and I can’t get any cell signal to call them.

It’s starting to go darker now and one of the bands I really want to see is about to come come. Everyone here seems to be giants because I can’t see a damned thing. I’m squeezing through the crowd to get closer to the stage. Finally I’m four rows of people from the stage but the best view I’m getting is an intermittent glimpse when people move their big god-damned heads out of the way,

The band is coming out now to a massive roar from the crowd. I’m really excited. I’m being pushed against the people in front and people are pushing against me. There is a guy behind me pressed against my ass. I’m wearing thin leggings which hug my ass and I am wondering if my mom wasn’t right when she said the leggings were too tight and I’d be better wearing my jeans.

I can feel his thing hard against my bottom . The heat from it is coming through his shorts. I can’t move away from him as there is a solid wall of people in front of me.

The band starts their first number. Jesus they are loud. Everyone is singing along. The guy behind me is moving up and down against my bottom. I’m telling myself that he’s dancing to the music, but it sure feels like he is humping me. I try to glance behind me to see who he is. I can’t get a good look because I’m packed in so tight, but I think he is old, maybe 30 or something . I can see he has long straggly hair but I ca’nt make out his face properly in the dark and flashing lights.

I have decided to just watch the band and just ignore what he is doing. He is definitely humping me. He just put his hands on my buttocks and is squeezing me. He’s got his hands on my hips holding me still and he is humping harder. He has stopped. I can feel his thing pulsing through his shorts. The dirty bastard has cum. He has backed off a bit so I can reach around and check he hasn’t gotten any of his stuff on me. My ass is dry. I’m feeling angry and frightened. I can turn around and he is pushing his way through the people behind me but the gap has closed and new people press in behind me.

I am thankful the fucking pedo has gone. I’m 12 years old and I wish my brothers hadn’t lost me.

The band has finished the first song and is telling us how happy they are to be here. I’m really cross because I didn’t pay much attention to that first number because of that creep humping me.

The second song starts. I don’t know this one. It’s from their new album which I haven’t listed to properly yet.

Oh shit, there is another guy pressed against my ass. What is it with these sickos? This one feels bigger, harder and hotter than the last one. I feel sick because I’m sure his thing is not in his trousers, I’m sure that he has it out and pressed hard against my leggings. He’s moving with slow deliberate hip gyrations pressing his thing against me. I think I am going to cry. He is poking my buttocks through my thin leggings with his grotesque penis. Men are just disgusting. I am whimpering now and wishing I hadn’t come here.

He has just lifted up my t-shirt at the back and I can feel his wet slimy cock on my back, I think I’m going to puke. He has his hands around me, groping between my legs, squeezing my chest and humping his cock against the ass of my leggings and my bare back under my shirt.

I’m proper crying now and shouting for him to stop but I can’t be heard over the band and I am not strong enough to stop him groping me. Eww, the dirty bastard has shot his load all up my back. I can feel it warm and sticky running down the bare skin of my back.

I am approaching hysteria now and crying uncontrollably. No one appears to notice. A hand is forcing its way up my shirt and latches on to one of my tits over my bra. My nipple is being tweaked hard and my breast mashed in a strong hand. Another hand has followed from the other side and is giving my other tit the same treatment. It is hurting and I am yelling and fighting to get away.

The hands have pushed up my bra and are mauling my bare breasts and pinching my nipples. What fucking pleasure are they getting from hurting a small young girl like me. They are animals.

A hand is forcing its way down the back of my legging. It’s a big hand and it’s rubbing by ass though my shear flimsy panties. A finger is pushing under my panties and touching my vagina. I’m pressing my legs together to try to stop a finger being inserted, which is what I am sure is the objective of the invading digit.

The hands have gone from my breasts but are now pulling down my leggings. I can’t stop them from being wrenched out of my hands and down to my ankles, The hands resume their marauding over my chest and tunnelling between my legs trying to get at my pussy. I can feel a hard cock on my ass through my panties. I can’t tell how many individuals the hands belong to, they seem to be everywhere. Someone is even pulling my long blond hair.

Oh my god, my panties are pulled hard to the side and a hard slimy thing is being pushed between my buttocks and between my legs towards my vagina. Hands are bending me forward. More hands are spreading my ass cheeks and the cock is in the entrance to my pussy. The owner of the cock has thrust it all the way in, oh the pain. My head feels like it is going to explode and my surroundings are replaced with flashing stars. I’m fighting to stay conscious. The cock is sawing in and out of my vagina causing pain as my insides feel like they are stretching to breaking point. It feels like it is trying to tunnel through to my stomach.

I throw up on the ground in front and splash the legs of the people in front of me and my own shoes and leggings. The noise of the band, the flashing lights, the hands still clawing my tits and the assault on my vagina are making me lose tough with reality. This can’t be happening.

I’m brought back to reality as I feel the cock deep inside me erupt and feel hot semen squirting hard against my cervix and flooding out of my pussy and down my legs. Oh my god I am going to be pregnant by this fucking monster. What about disease, stds or even aids, I’m in blind panic.

He has pulled out of me and an even bigger torrent of foul liquid pours out from between my lips and onto my legging which are bunched around my ankles, joining the puke from earlier.

My panties are being torn from my body, digging into my tender pussy and legs. It’s digging into my clitoris so hard I think it’s going to tear off. My panties have given way and I can’t see one of my attackers stuffing them into his pocket.

Why is no one helping me? There must be some decent men in this crowd. But all I can see are the backs of men fixated on the band and the hands and cocks of my assaulters.

Another cock fills my battered pussy and my shirt and bra are being pulled off over my head. A guy has latched on to one of my tits with his mouth, sucking hard and someone else is mauling the other one.

Whoever is inside me right now is smaller than the first. I am not being stretched as much and he is not banging against my cervix which I am imagining is bruised from the first monster.

He has pulled out after a thankfully short time and has sprayed his cum over my butt cheeks.

Another pair of hands are on my hips and another disgusting penis is pushing into me. This is another big one and pain returns. Cocks are being pushed into my hands and my arms are being manipulated to wank them. I wretch again.

My hair is being pulled bending me over further. My back is killing me from the position I have been in for what seems like ages. A disgusting smelly prick is being forced into my mouth. I thought things couldn’t get worse. For the first time I notice that there are people filming me being raped with cell phones. Some of those people are women. They are women and they are filming and laughing. I can’t believe how horrible people can be. Have those women no empathy? Men are disgusting animals, but other women laughing? This could have been one of them or might be in the future. Heartless bitches.

My tits and ass are being slapped over and over and over. What fucking pleasure can anyone get out of that? The disgusting Neanderthal in front of me has just cum down my throat. My stomach is heaving and I’m quite happy to puke up that disgusting mess. No one else seems inclined to go near my mouth again.

My pussy is in real pain now. The last guy to enter me has been ploughing my pussy for ages. There is some fuckwit with his hands between my legs rubbing on my clit. Is that supposed to make me feel sexy or turn me on? It is just chaffing me and hurting.

Fred Flinstone behind me cums inside me and slaps my ass as he pulls out.

There is another one taking his place. Oh Jesus Christ he is pushing his cock into my ass. As if I haven’t been hurt enough. Where are my brothers? I want my mum.

Arrrgh, he is tearing my asshole up, the pain is excruciating. He is balls deep and pounding. I’m getting dizzy and going to be sick again. This guy is lifting me off my feet with each thrust. I feel like the skin between my ass and vagina is going to split. He is going so fast that my head is lolling, too painful to hold it up. Haven’t those fuckers gotten tried of mauling my tits and clit? Why are they still slapping me?

Assman has shot he load deep into my bowels and is not holding me up any more. I am slumping to the floor.

I am looking up and I am surrounded by men with their dicks in their hands wanking over me. One guy has the tattered remains of my panties wrapped around his engorged member and is masturbating like crazy.

One man descends on me straddling my body. He is moving towards my face. Christ, I hope he is not going to stick that thing in my mouth. He is stopping at my chest. He is grabbing my tits in his hands, pushing his thing between them and pressing my very sore tits together around his slimy cock.

I am being splashed from all sides by guys ejaculating onto my face, hair, pussy, legs. When one stops there seems to be another taking his place.

There is someone spreading my legs and there is someone else slapping my pussy really hard. I think it’s a woman.

The guy between my tits screws his face up and blows his load right into my face. Disgusting little worm.

I’m still being splashed left right and centre with cum. I don’t think there is a place on my body that doesn’t hurt and is not coated with sweat, spit and revolting semen.

I curl up in a ball. There are boots being pushed between my buttocks and between my legs trying to reach my pussy. Fingers probe my ass and pussy.

Someone kneels down and enters my pussy and rocks me with his thrusts.

His cock is torn out of me. I feel someone hit the ground hard next to me. There are violent scuffles all around me. Someone is projected over my legs and hits the ground with force. He doesn’t move. There are boots kicking the still body relentlessly.

I’m being dragged to my feet. I scream, not more, please I can’t take any more. It’s Derek with his arms around me and tears in his eyes. I am so sorry sis, he says to me. He passes me to to Tom, who covers me with his Jacket. Derek is off laying into some of my assailants with a number of big guys in jackets with the security written on the back.

Some other bystanders are restraining several bloodied men. I then realise that the band has stopped playing and the singer is yelling obscenities that my attackers.

A security man leads Tom and I through the gawping crowd, through a barrier and into the backstage area. I am trying to cover my pussy and ass from all those staring eyes.

I am in a tent being tended to by a women medic. She screams at the security men to get out. I tell her I want Tom to stay in a croaky voice.

She is lying me down on a surface and cleaning me up. There are scratches all over my body and blood between my legs, pussy lips and ass crack. She wipes some stinging liquid on my private parts and tells me it is disinfectant. I am dressed in a long green gown to cover my body, which I am thankful for.

The doors to the tent open and Derek comes in with anguish on his face. He has cuts to his face, neck and arms. His fists are bloody. I can see blood on his jeans and boots.

He tells me the police have arrived and taken about 20 men into custody. He is saying that some /police women will be coming to see me.

I am exhausted and traumatised. I close my eyes to try to make it go away.

The tent flap opens again and both Derek and Tom move to stop anyone entering. I am hearing male voices arguing at the tent door. Tom comes to my side and tells me that 2 members of the band want to talk to me. I agree to see them.

The lead singer appears in my face and he is crying. He is saying he is so sorry that he didn’t see what was happening sooner. Tom tells me that him and Derek found me because the singer shouted at the security men to go and help the little girl. They followed the security guys hoping that it wasn’t me but fearing it might be. When they saw it was me, they lost it.

The guitarist appeared in front of me. He was cut and bloodied and was very upset. He kept asking over and over if I was alright. It turns out he had jumped into the crowd to where I was being attacked and was the one who floored the guy he found raping me.

Both singer and guitarist apologised over and over that such a thing had happened at their show. It wasn’t their fault that a bunch of subhumans had come to their show, but I didn’t have the strength to tell them that at the time.

The police are transporting me to the local station where they say; they will provide me with further medical assistance and advice.

I just want to sleep.

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  • Reply Horny guy ID:alz0ik09

    I’ll volunteer and I’ll let you watch me pound her

  • Reply Mei lin ID:2px1ogouh8z

    Wish she was younger and had been raped brutally destroying her vagina and cervix

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1d0jfu4w7tdw

    Hi Laura!

    I commented before but I hadn’t read the other comments – especially those relating to the horrors of rape.

    Although I DID love the story, I would have preferred if ‘Laura’ had been the same age (or a little older) and had gone to the festival FOR SEX and enjoyed her experiences!

    Just hitting on guys, dancing sexually for them and getting fucked.

    And getting increasingly messy and jizzed as the time went on!

    Just saying….. !

  • Reply father of daughters ID:1frga6r40

    That is a disturbing story. Very well written. For festivarians, concertgoers, gigs, shows, whatever…groovesafe dot org

  • Reply Deadhead ID:5rfeg94rq

    Whatever is forbidden holds attraction for people. Take this site as a good example. Most of the stories here depict forbidden acts. Most of the contributors would never dream of acting out in real life the terrible things they weave into their stories. An ounce of empathy with a potential victim would prevent the average person from inflicting the horrific and exploitative deeds that many contributions recount.

    I see this story, and the replies given by the author to some of the comments, as a well written attempt to put themselves in the mind of the victim of rape. To imagine the feelings and thoughts of a child being subjected to a horrific attack. The author does not pretend that after a few minutes of being violated, the victim miraculously begins to enjoy themselves. That idea is certainly an arousing fiction, but it is not where this story wants to go.

    The author is staying in character in responding to Britney in a way that is probably completely natural for someone who has experienced such a horrific attack.

    I applaud the writer and the Laura persona for such a well written tale.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    ‘Men are just disgusting ‘. You better believe it, baby! This is what music festivals are all about and Tom and Derek were just killjoys. More from you please!!

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    Thank you so much for responding to me Laura. I totally agree with you, that these deviant perverts should have their cocks cut off . I did for awhile I have sex with a older woman who was a lesbian and I became bisexual she really babied me until she left me to be with her daughter, who had major problems . It took me a long time to get over her from leaving me until I met guy, who is so sweet and caring . but no man has the right to tell us girls that we shouldn’t cut the cocks off these deviants , they are not us and please Laura stay on this site and keep writing so I have a fellow sister and friend to comment to ! Oh ! I am glad you have a friend named Britney ! now you have two friends name Britney ! Thanks sweetie love Britney

  • Reply Transcoso ID:19iamkeiwluy

    I went to concerts when I was a teen, I would get lost on purpose. That way the pervs could touch my body, fuck me, or I would suck them off. I would then return home with a bunch of men’s creampies! One day, one of my friends found out about it. To keep her mouth shut about it, we both went to the next concert. We both went into the crowd together getting lost. We got fucked and sucked on a lot of cocks, she was happy to lose her virginity!

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1d0jfu4w7tdw

    FUCK! That is a HOT story and well-written!

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    I was wet humped standing up in a crowded train coming home from school , the perp, slowly lifted up my school dress and stuck his fully erect cock in between my tights and I ended up opening my thighs because he kicked my left high heel outwards a little, as his cock slid back and fourth against my pussy which is covered by my tights , he blew his load in the crotch area of my tights as his cum leaked down my legs , he left before I could Identify him to the train cops !! I felt really dirty after that incident, I never take the train anymore ! Britney

    • Laura ID:1fuum2a6v9k

      There are deviant bastards everywhere. I think men are a different species, I hate them. I much prefer women. I have only just started to let some one touch me sexually and it is my girl friend who is also called Britney. She is helping me heal and making me feel good again. I am sorry something similar happened to you. These breasted should have their cocks cut off. Thanks, Laura.

    • Slip& Sliders ID:2atx3wsb0b

      Laura. Men and women are both of the same species and there are bad people in both genders.
      I am a 34 year old man, and I’m a pacifist. I’ve never swung a fist or intentionally caused so much as a bruise on anyone in my entire life. Lumping all men together to be hated, based on the actions of men that are bad is wrong. I’ve been in an abusive relationship with a woman who beat the dog shit out of me at least once a week. I’ve been cheated on by countless women who I was very good to while dating them. But I would never blame the actions of those women to the entire female gender.
      There are good people in both genders.
      I can understand hating the individuals who are sick and twisted and bad and hurt people. But hating an entire gender is 100% wrong. And it’s sick.

      Rape is wrong. No doubt about it. And rapists should go to prison no matter what gender they are.
      But cutting mens cocks off is something that’s known as “cruel and unusual punishment”.
      It’s basically torture. It’s inhumane.
      Prison is the correct punishment for rapists. If you were in a position to decide the punishment for rapists and you chose to cut their cocks off, then you would be guilty of being just as brutal and inhumane as the rapists are.

    • Adude ID:1co14glp7v7k

      It’s true some men are horrible…. but lady’s some of your own sex are just as bad. I was beat used rape and abused by a few women so Britney and Laura say all man are the same is just as wrong as if I judge you two based what women did to me…. the bottom line is both sexs have horrible people in them. And what happend to you is wrong and only time will let you heal.

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    I definitely was a rape and it has happened at many concerts, but lots of girls enjoy being touched that concerts. Hopefully you’re doing okay now

    • Plat ID:kk3mwmhijda

      So hot man

  • Reply the usa ID:2a7p0lhfid

    rape is fn and cool

    • Ren ID:41ery97d1

      is Rae is cool then I’m the bastard son of bill clinton and a rock

  • Reply Firebush4106 ID:1duio03gdhio

    what the actual hell is wrong with you people

    • Slip& Sliders ID:2atx3wsb0b

      What in the actual hell is wrong with you?
      YOU are on an adult website that specializes in taboo kinks.
      Don’t be mad at a lemon for being yellow.
      Get over yourself

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eof6oufs2xk

    Love when such an I opportunity presents itself. I have had the chance once and would love such a repeat. Bring it on bro. Contact to hear about it.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrjplk0j

    That was HAF but brutal. Young girls always give out the pussy and no need to rape them. Story wise this was out of the ball park.

  • Reply Adude ID:1co14glp7v7k

    See if I would of seen it beating the living shit out of I don’t care if I was out number. Am sorry to anyone that happened too

  • Reply Slip& Sliders ID:2atx3wsb0b

    Damn. That is one incredibly hot story. The rich detail is mind blowing.
    I give you an A+ for originality and execution
    I give you an A for structure and grammar
    And I give you an A++ for concept and brute nature.
    I would absolutely love to see a sequel to this story or perhaps another story of the same nature.
    Well done