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Thanksgiving Special – My Step-Cousin Katy

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How raping my 15-year-old step cousin took a turn for the worse.

Since I married my wife, the whole side of her family comes to visit us for Thanksgiving. Every year. They spend about a week with us. They always get a hotel near our house. I remember my cousin-in-law, Katy, has been coming with her parents, Aunt Trish and Uncle Charly, since she was 13 years old.

Last year, they came as usual. Katy was 15 years old this time. She developed small boobs, a slim body, and a curvy butt (but nothing too special).

We went out to dinner a few days before Thanksgiving. It was some big restaurant that was on the seventh floor of some building. Like I said, I was married at the time, had a newborn baby, and forgot his bottle in the car.

I told my wife that I was going to go get his baby bottle and bring some of the food back to the car.

Katy excitedly said, “I’ll help you!” and I replied hesitantly, “sure, why not.”

We packed up some food and headed over to the elevator.

We started walking down the hallway and it’s just awkward silence. I kept telling myself, “I don’t know this 15-year-old girl! Let alone, she is of the other side of the family. We don’t talk much… Actually, never at all.”

We both approach the elevator, and we awkwardly wait in silence as it comes.

To alleviate the awkwardness, I began talking to her.

Me: “How do you like the dinner so far?”

Katy: “It’s so boring!”

Me: “Well, you gotta make the best out of it!”

Katy: “Ugh! I wish I was old enough to drink!”

Me: *Actually laughing out loud* “Really? You drink? Aren’t you like, some goody goody two-shoe girl, with all straight A’s?”

Katy: “Yea, but I like to party too”

Me: *Laughing awkwardly* “Say less, we’re having a drink tonight when we get out of here!”

Katy: “How are we gonna do that?!” She was looking at me with her big, blue eyes.

Me: “You have your own room in the hotel, right?”

Katy: “Yea, but it’s a duplex type of living space. I have my own room, but it connects to the living room, a kitchenette, and then my parent’s room. We do have doors that separate us though.

They got a really expensive room, and it looked like a suite.

Anyway, we brought the food to the car, and I grabbed the baby bottle. I asked her for her number so we could link up later. We eventually made it back upstairs to the restaurant.

The entire night, I was just staring at her. This innocent girl that I thought of, turned out to be a bonified rebel. The way her hair draped over her face, and she had those fuck me eyes.

It approached the end of dinner time, and we all were packing and going home. I drove my wife and kids home, and everyone went their separate ways. When I got home, I was introduced to texts from Katy, asking, “What are you doing?”

I responded, “I’m about to come bring a bottle by your hotel room and we’re gonna drink out in the courtyard”.

Katy responded, “Bet! Text me when you get here!”

After half an hour, I told my wife that I had to go to the office to tie up some loose ends since we were closing for Thanksgiving. She was sad but asked if I could eat her pussy before I left. I agreed and licked her clean. This made me extremely horny.

After I got done, I decided to head over to my aunt and uncle in-law’s hotel. I always keep a bottle of Grey Goose hidden under the trunk mats of my SUV.

When I drove there, I texted Katy that I was at her hotel. She told me to come up to her window, and that she will be shining her phone flashlight so I could find it, which I did. Luckily for me, she was on the first floor, so when I walked by, she whispered at me through the window. I told her to come out the window and come have some drinks. She happily jumped out of the window, saddling the frame, and I could see the outline of her ass. She had ended up changing into some loose pajamas and her butt were jiggling in them.

When she came out, we walked around the sides of the hotel complex, where there were benches, and just drank the bottle of Grey Goose. Before I knew it, she was being loud, belligerent, and downright overly sexual. She was telling me how she was already fucking guys in High School and started asking me really personal questions. Questions like, “What position do you like to fuck your wife?” “Are you a shower or a grower?”

She was even holding my hand, resting her hand on my dick, and telling me to feel her boobs to see if they were soft or perky.

The conversation went as follows:

Katy: “Can you tell me if my boobs are big and hard, or small or soft?”

Me: “Ummmmm.”

Katy: “Ugh! Just grab them and tell me!”

Me: “I think you’re drunk, Katy”

Katy: “OMG! I am NOT drunk! Stop being a pussy and just feel them and tell me!”

Me: “Okay”

I began grabbing her boobs. They felt great. Very plump and soft.

Me: “They feel like bags of Sand”


Me: “Just messing with ya”

We continued drinking and Katy is slurring her speech and is stumbling all over the place while we’re walking. I was getting super nervous because I didn’t want to attract any attention. Since she was underage, I would’ve gotten arrested for supplying her with alcohol. So, I told her that we needed to go back to her room so she can go to bed.

Katy reluctantly agreed, and I put her arm over my shoulders while I escorted her back to the bedroom window of her hotel room. By this point, her head was bobbing all over the place and her eyes were rolling to the back of her head. I thought to myself, “How the FUCK am I going to get her back through this window?”

I knew I was fucked. There was no way I could get her in that window without her making a loud ruckus and waking her parents up. But I knew I had to try.

I ended up propping her up against the window frame. I climbed inside her bedroom and turned around to face her. She was passed out drunk and unconscious while leaning through the window.

I grabbed her by under her armpits (like picking up a small child) and drug her through the window.
She was fairly heavy for dead weight, but I finally got her through. Her knees and shins were scraping against the window frame, but I had no choice. I figured that as long as I got her back in her bedroom, then she can figure out the rest when she wakes up.

I picked her up, laid her onto her bed, and covered her up. I stared at her one last time then I turned around to make my way for the exit through her window. I jumped out and got ready to close her window. Right when I was about to close it, I felt for all my personal belongings, and I noticed that I left my liquor bottle on her nightstand and my phone on her bed. I told myself, “SHIT!”

I jumped back through her window as quietly as possible, and I walked over to her bed. I began reaching and feeling around for my phone but couldn’t find it. I moved the covers off of her and was feeling all around her to see if she was laying on it. Still nothing. I rolled her over to see if it was under her and still didn’t find my phone.

When I rolled her over, I noticed her ass just exposed to me. Very firm, round, and thick. Not too crazy, just a nice perfect size. My heart started beating fast because I was so nervous and scared. For some reason, I started caressing the back of her thigh. When I did, she let out a snore and started snoring more heavily with her mouth wide open. I kept caressing and massaging her thigh, and I slowly moved my hands up to her ass cheeks. She was out cold, and I was just massaging her butt.

I thought to myself, “could I fuck her?”

After battling with myself, I eventually walked over to her hotel room door, locked the top and bottom lock, and made my way back to the window. I closed the window; locked it, shut the blinds, and made my way to the TV remote. I turned the TV on which gave me some light to see what I was working with.

I pulled her pajama pants down with just her panties exposed. Since I had my drink inside the room on her nightstand, so I decided to take a few swigs so I could be less nervous. This was a mistake because I turn into a crazy horn dog when I am drunk.

After several minutes of drinking those few swigs, I started feeling hot and heavy. I whipped my 8” dick out and started jacking myself off to the view of her body. I even went up to her face and put my dick on her lips. She was out cold. I was able to put my dick in her mouth and she didn’t even flinch. I began to slowly mouth fuck her. I even got up onto the bed and had my hand behind her head while pushing it towards my cock. She was so drunk that she didn’t even move a muscle. I was having my way with her, and she wasn’t resisting.

Once I was done with her mouth, I pulled the rest of her PJs down, and her panties as well. I drug her body to the edge of the bed, and I propped her up in Doggystyle position. Her limp, lifeless body just flopped down where her face was down, and her ass was up in the air. Her arms were spread out across the bed, like an eagle, and her pussy and ass were just exposed to me.

I went to the bathroom and found some of that travel sized lotion. On my way back, I noticed my phone on the floor, so I picked it up and put it in my pocket. I brought the lotion over to the bed where she was still propped up in Doggystyle position and I began massaging my dick and her pussy with the lotion.

After I couldn’t take it anymore, I just got up behind her and slid my dick up inside her moist pussy. She let out a moan and then started cursing!

Katy: “Ugh!! Uh!! …… Mother Fucker!!”

Me: “Are you okay?”

There was no response. My 8″ dick was just fully inside of her.

I began slowly pulling out and pushing back in. You could hear the wet gush sounds every time I slid in and out. She started moaning and cursing with pleasure to the rhythm of my strokes.

Katy: “Ungh! Fuck!” “Son of a……. bitch!”

Me: whispering “Uhhh.. Are you awake?”

Katy started snoring away some more

I came to the realization that she was out cold and that was just her body responding to the vaginal thrusts. At least, that is what I assumed.

I started to pick up the pace and was steadily pumping her. This was bad because she started moaning and cursing some more with pleasure.

Katy: “Ungh! Fuck! OH FUCK! Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!”

I eventually had to pin her head into the bed and just pound away at her pussy. She was going to get me caught and I couldn’t risk it.

I just kept fucking her and eventually her legs started shaking and juices squirted onto my groin and thigh area. She came on me.

She finally passed out, where her body went limper. I was just in cruise control, sliding in and out of her 15-year-old pussy.

I eventually felt the urge to cum, so I grabbed her hips and began fucking her silly. There were slapping sounds throughout the room, but I didn’t care. I was in Euphoria.

I finally came inside of her, and I left my dick inside while it pulsated. Rope after rope shot inside of her. As I pulled out, it made a popping sound and cum dripped from her pussy.

I took my phone out and took a picture of her cum dripping pussy. I hurried and cleaned up all the mess and got her dressed again. I closed everything up and drove home to get in bed with my wife. I was only gone for a couple hours.


All throughout the night, I was so fucking scared! I couldn’t believe that I had raped my 15-year-old step cousin. All I could think about was her texting me saying, “What the fuck did you do to me last night?”

I didn’t sleep at all that night, and we still had a few days left to spend with the family. I figured I was fucked. I pulled my phone out, saw the picture I took, and it disgusted me. I deleted it so there wouldn’t be any evidence of that night.

That morning, we all woke up and my wife said that her family is coming over for breakfast at our house. I was so fucking scared and nervous to confront Katy.

They finally knocked on the door and I retreated to the bedroom. I was afraid to come out. So many thoughts were racing through my head. Finally, after several minutes, I walked out as if nothing happened. When I did, I saw Katy in some pig tails, jean booty shorts, make-up, and a tank top. She looked like a proper slut.

When I looked at her, she licked her lips and winked at me. I immediately felt relieved, and all my fears went away. I told myself, “She suspects nothing!” Or so I thought.

There was a trampoline in our back yard, so all the kids went out to go jump on it and I followed behind to supervise them. Katy came out afterwards. Everyone else stayed in the kitchen and just talked while making food.

We were horsing around for a little and I went around the side of the house to turn on the water hose to water the shrubbery we had. Since the side of the house was blocked from view, Katy quickly followed me there and pushed me against the side of the house.

Katy: “I like how you fucked me last night. Your dick felt so good inside of me. I even licked your cum from my pussy after you snuck out of my window”

Me: “Oh Fuck….”

Katy: “It’s okay. I won’t tell anyone, especially your wife. Just know that your dick is mines, whenever I want it.”

Me: “Really?”

Katy: “Yep. Starting now.”

She whipped my dick out and started sucking on it. I kept looking around because I was so nervous that someone was going to walk up on us. I couldn’t believe this was happening. It started feeling so good that I grabbed the back of her head and began skull fucking her. I came in her mouth so hard, and she kept all the cum in her mouth.

These young girls are freaky as shit and are not like the girls were when I was in High School, because she did some weird shit. Katy spit the cum out of her mouth, into her hands, and shoved her hands down her pants.

Katy: “I’m gonna keep your cum in my pussy all day long”

Me: *talking to myself in my head* “What the fuck is this girl’s problem? Holy shit! I’m totally fucked! That is so fucking gross. This bitch is crazy!”

Anyway, she ended up blackmailing me and I fucked her 6 more times for the rest of that Thanksgiving break last year. She was always so horny. She would walk by and grab my dick, grab my ass, and always made sex faces to me (even out in public).

We would sneak off to the car to have sex when we went out, we would sneak off into the garage when they came over, and one time, we had a quickie in my wife and I’s bed while they were cooking Thanksgiving dinner in the kitchen. I also kept getting calls for me to come over to her hotel room at nighttime.

My wife kept wondering who was texting me and why I had to keep going to work late at night. Luckily, I had a valid excuse that we were short staffed, and I had to go help out the other executives that were falling behind on some paperwork (which was a lie).

Shitty part is that Katy sucks at sex because she’s so young. She doesn’t even know what she’s doing.

When I penetrate her, her body goes stiff and it’s like fucking a mannequin. It is such a turn off. Her body stiffens to the side, and she squeezes her legs together, so I can’t even get good strokes in. Not to mention, she is hairy down there because she doesn’t shave. After the first couple times we had sex, I told her that I would like it if she shaved down there because I like bald pussy. I also promised that I would eat her out if she did.

She got really excited and said, “Anything for you daddy.”

The next times we had sex, she was fully bald, which helped. However, I liked her better when she was passed out and limp. She even tries to talk dirty but it’s just embarrassing.

I thought that it would be over once they left to go back home, but I was wrong. She wanted me to come to her home State in Maryland and get a hotel for a week. I told her that it was out of the question, but she threatened to tell her parents about everything. I had to take vacation off of work and lie to my wife that I had to leave town for a week for a business trip.

When I got to Maryland, I got a hotel and Katy fucked me the entire time. It was unenjoyable because I was constantly on guard and my dick got friction burn from too much sex. Thankfully she is on birth control. I guess her parents know that she is having sex. This has to be punishment for me raping her. But I can’t tell anyone because I will go to prison. So, I can only confide anonymously in this chat forum.

I’m so over this shit and the bad part is, they are coming back to visit here this Thanksgiving (9 days from me writing this story). I know it seems like a fantasy to most guys, but this is an actual nightmare. She is a loose cannon and can really destroy my life. But there is nothing I can do about it. I have to obey her every command and be her personal fuck toy for the foreseeable future.

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    Tell her you will only fuck her if she’s not been on the pill for at least a month

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    i love your stories. please make more about molesting/raping little sisters or cousins.

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    Part 2 please

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    Sounded hot at the start then now sound loke torture