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Innocent girl preyed on by an older woman. My story

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A true story about how about my first time with a another girl (lesbian rape) (with the change of names).

I (Emily) grew up very sheltered and it made me naive, when I was 18 I rented a room in a two bedroom apartment owned by a 28 year old girl (Megan).

Megan was very nice to me and taught me a lot about everything, life skills, time management, how to be social and make friendships and everything. It’s like she adopted me. She was my comfort in a world that I didn’t know how to navigate alone. The best part of my day was when I came back home and she would make us dinner and we would watch a movie together while cuddling on the coach.

I shared all my unfiltered thoughts with Megan. She never judged me, even when she would laugh at my missing logic she made sure to tell me what I didn’t know and educate me. I always listened to her and believe her every word. If she told me we were dogs I would’ve believed her. To me, she knew everything I didn’t know about the world and she was more experienced.

We talked a lot, some of it was around boys and Megan quickly figured out that although I’m a very feminine girl I’m not interested in boys or men at all, in fact I didn’t have any relationships with boys not even friendships or close male relatives, I have no connection to them whatsoever. I don’t understand them and they don’t understand me. They treat me like I’m stupid and the lustful leering eyes they glue to my body makes me shiver in fear. I don’t like it when people look at me like that, it makes me feel unsafe.

I like girls, very much so. The masculine butch girls, the feminine girls, the bossy older woman. The last is more like my type. I’m pretty shy and I’m 100% a virgin. I haven’t kissed or held hands with anyone at all. It’s often boys that were interested in me and I never gave any of them a chance.

Megan bugged me to make a dating profile, she convinced me. I’m more social now and I can talk with people and I have a nice personality, and occasionally I’m very hot and if she was a man she wouldn’t hesitate on dating me. She gave me a boost of confidence. I told her I’m very shy and I don’t think I can “do stuff” like that I can’t even picture myself doing that, so she made me set up my preference to woman 25 years and older. She said they would know what to do. And she told me I looked very young for my age and that anyone who would be interested in me wouldn’t mind me being inexperienced because of it. She said that’s the whole point of dating someone like me. I didn’t get it at the time but now I do.

I had a match, a 34 year old woman, so stunning with red hair, so tall that I joked to Megan about having to climb up to kiss her if we met. We texted for a while and she asked me for more pics of my body and face, to confirm I’m me. We set up a date at the end of the week. I was so nervous for the whole week.

2 days before my date I sat down with Megan and told I have a really important question to ask. She told me to ask away. It was midnight and we were sitting in living room with the light off and only a lamp. It was very cozy and the presence of Megan makes it even cozier. I wasn’t hard for me to open up to her about stuff but this was very TMI. I told her what I’m about to ask is kind of gross and she laughed a bit and said she didn’t mind. Megan has previously told me that at college she had been with a few girls and that she identifies as bisexual. She had enough experience for me to ask.

I looked at her desperately “I don’t know what to do!”. She looked me, assuring me I can tell her anything. We sat in silence for a bit and I gave my shyness the last push and quickly point to my down there area. “Your pussy?” Megan said “What’s wrong with it?”. Her language shocked me but I had to get over it, I was going on a date for gods sake!. “ I don’t know, no ones ever seen it, what if she thinks it’s ugly? And I don’t know how women like it! What if I shave and she doesn’t like it shaved? I don’t know what to do”. Megan told me to do what feels right, she said “the safest option is to shave or wax but a lot of woman like a bush”.

I was thinking about what I should do when Megan got closer to me on the couch and said “I can take a look maybe your bush isn’t that bad”. My eyes widened with shock. I didn’t know what to say, I awkwardly laughed and softly pushed her hand away from my thighs.

“Common I don’t bite I’ll just let you know if it’s the right look for your girl” Megan said while moving her hand up my night shirt dress, I awkwardly laughed “No!” while moving further away from her on the couch and she followed me. She started tickling me and pushed me down on the couch and got on top of me with a tickle attack that made me laugh so hard I could push her hands away. I was held down and tickled for a solid 3 minutes before she quickly took hold of my panties and slid them down my legs so fast and threw them across the room. I automatically closed my legs, sat down on the Couch and screamed at her “Megan noo!”. She frowned and sat down when I tried to get up to go get my undies and pushed me back down on the couch so I was sitting and she got close to me and cornered me on the couch while whispering in my ears “common Emily please just let me see” I was getting quite scared of her and my eyes were getting teary. I shook my head no while looking down. She starting playing with my hair and pulling my face closer to hers “Emily sweetie you can’t go on a date with that woman when you’re so shy like this. You have to let me help you okay?” I shook my head no again while the tears escaped my eyes this time. Her hand starting parting my legs apart and all I could let a out was a faint “no please” while crying. I trusted her fully but I this felt wrong. I didn’t know what to do. She knew everything and I knew so little so she’s probably right but my body is reject all her attempts to touch me.

She pushed me down on the couch and held down my hands with hers. She took a deep breath and exhaled shakily while looking at my pussy. “Holy shit Emily”.. “Wow” was all she said before she I felt her face on my pussy. I flinched and wiggles trying to get away. She buried her nose between my lips and took a deep sniff before sucking my clit. I squirmed and gasped and finally shouted when it started hurting. I looked down at my pussy and clit was so red and looked… sore. It’s like she gave me a hickey on clit except it was so sensitive that it hurt. “What did you do” I said in between my cries. She got up and kissed me so deeply and sucked my tongue. I had my hand on her chest in an attempt to push her away but it wasn’t working. My hands and knees and everything was suddenly too weak. I was weak and my body was weak. I don’t know why. It was when touched me Immediately weak to her. Can’t fight her, like she owned me now.

She pulled her lips away from mine and said “I’m really sorry but I have to…” and I SCREAMED SO LOUD. She shoved 2 fingers inside me. I tried to move away but she was on top of me I couldn’t. I started sobbing and all I got was “ssshhhh” and her lips back on mine to shut me up. I tried and tried and tried to push her away and she aggressively yanked my hand and pinned it to side with her her free hand while jabbing her fingers inside me. Each time she thrust her fingers she went deeper. I felt like I was getting stabbed down there and I all I could do was scream into her mouth that doesn’t seem to get away from mine. Suddenly she started to go so hard at my pussy and jab her finger in and out of me so aggressively and so fast. My whole body was rocking and her body on top of my was rocking too. “MEGAN PLEAAAAASEE” and I cried some more “ouuccchhhh” “you’re hurting me please stop” but she didn’t listen.

It went on for almost 20 minutes. This rough fucking session I got. By the end of it I was limp with a sore pussy and a red nose from crying. I stopped trying to fight her, I knew I was going to loose everytime. My whole body was shaking. She moaned loud and dropped limp on top of me and stayed there for a while. Then she got up went to her room and locked the door. I couldn’t move from the pain and my blood covered the couch. When I got up later I could barely walk. I took a hot bath and cried myself to sleep. The first thing I did the next morning was delete my dating app. I didn’t want anyone to touch me ever again. I didn’t even want to leave my room. For next few months all I did was go to college and work then back to my room. I only left my room to leave the house or grab a snack from the fridge and every time she saw me she cornered me and pushed her face on my neck and would apologize afterwards when she was me shaking and in tears.

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  • Reply derpington 83 ID:2px1o1ibgqz

    Oh lordy. It’s fiction. Calm down, white knights. She ain’t gonna fuck you.

  • Reply Vive-le-sex ID:28b9en5t0k

    Report her to the police ; it would be exiger to sent her to j’ail With some vidéo proof. Sadly many woman are being rape by lesbian bitch and the victims do not report because they are afraid no one would believe it. For your own sake snd to help other victimes of female rape. You need to report her to the coups.

  • Reply None ID:3q4fpapx49a

    Says she hates men looking at her lustfuly even though a man would have treated her so much better.

  • Reply Rick ID:3zxjhzgjm99

    She should fuck you hard with a strap on in ur pussy and ass then shove it down ur throat until you gag