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I love pedos

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why i realized that being attracted to pedos is normal

Most people dont discover sex until they are older but I started masterbating at a really young age. When i was 5 i started to do it because it felt good but it turned sexual after a while. I would masterbate everyday a few times and watch porn on my kindle. I would go on online chat sites a few years later. When i was 10 i went onto a stranger chat site for the first time and i sent whatever he wanted. Even though i was so young i still felt wrong about doing it. Eventually i found guys between 17-20 who i would send to everyday and who would send back and even though i didnt really want to see i would compliment them. I loved sending snaps moving my ass and teasing them. Sometimes in would send them pics at school because they wanted them so bad. I would always get asked your really 12? or whatever age i was because I looked so much older. When i would wear booty shorts around outside I would never get looks from guys my age, only older dudes. Through these experiences i realized its normal go like older guys. Why should i have to date people my own age if i dont want to? Older guys are so much better, and know how to rape girls correctly. They know how to impregnate and fuck them.

I definitely think younger girls should be taught sex and sexual things when they are young because it would make them realize its not that bad to do. I like reading peoples comments on here because i realize more people think like this, and if u try to justify not being like that your lying. Pedophilia in nature is natural and i think that it should be allowed in real life too. If girls can get knocked up they should. In my opinion legal age should be lowered to 10 because that’s when most girls get their periods and they should be impregnated. I dont think its bad to be a pedophile and i dont see anything wrong with it like most people. I like older men so why wouldnt some like me back? its a preference like sexuality. Some people like getting fucked by animals, and some like people half their age 🤷‍♀️. I also really enjoy incest, which some people find wrong too. Dads should be allowed to fuck their daughters or sons if they want to. Its human nature to be sexual and its easy and fun to do things with family members

Pedophiles are one of the best things ive come across since getting a phone. Theres so many and they love preteens especially since they look like kids but are hitting puberty and getting boobs

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    My cock is always at its hardest thinking and seeing little girls. I am so happy that the author of this article has discovered we pedophiles. I hope she has a Wonderful Sex and Love Life with Men and Women and enlightens all of her little girl and boy friends. There are many adult women that are pedophiles too and sex and love should be experienced by little girls and boys to their fullest by both genders. Kids should have sperm in all their holes daily. I hope that the author gets pregnant, if she wants to be and should be a good example for her other very early teen and preteen girlfriends. Here’s to gorgeous little bodies little mouths, flat chests, tiny breasts, super tight bald and barely hairy pussies and super tight asses and young cocks and balls for women and men (that are into that) EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! I am personally daydreaming of having a preteen wife of 7 years-old and I am fucking and cumming in her until she gets pregnant because it is our fondest desire and we hope to have daughters that we can teach. There are pics of nude pregnant little girls out there and they look so hot. I am so glad I discovered this category…so many wonderful stories. I see one called “Getting pregnant as a preteen”. Off I go.

    • John ID:99uwotzm

      I dream about finding a beautiful 8 year old girl to marry and treat her like princess and han a family with her but we know society won’t let us we can’t help what am attracted to I love little girls I would never hurt anyone a 11 year old girl consent to me no force

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      I’m 16 myself and have two young daughters in need of a good and loving baby sitter

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      As a Pedo man with no lower age limits id love to know more about yourself and what your into

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      Yes…Do you have any preteen daughters or little girlfriends to play with and fuck? You can watch me load them up with sperm in their three holes.

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    I agree with you

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     In 1880, the ages of consent were set at 10 or 12 in most states, with the exception of Delaware where it was 7.  Parents and society should approve. Everything from nude children depicted in art (including photography, there so many wonderful artists out there) to child pornography (which should be legal), relationships on whatever levels all the way to falling in love, marrying and producing children whenever the little girls are capable of having successful pregnancies. Many little girls would love to be wives and mothers and society should support that. I know girls as young as 8 can develop beautiful tiny breasts. If they want to, they can share their sweet milk with adults too. All sexualities should be practiced and honored and all children should grow-up knowing that their bodies are beautiful and that sexual love is a wonderful and amazing thing, so that they can grow into healthy individuals that will pass-on healthy sexual attitudes to their children. Children are so curious and should be lovingly taught. Nudity should be encouraged, even in public at beaches and camps, etc. and public love-making should be practiced as there are places where that is done. Incest should be practiced as parents and other relatives can be wonderful teachers and mentors to their children and their kids should take part in love-making sessions. I love adult women, but my strongest preferences go to little preteen girls. I dream and daydream about having a preteen wife and having children with her. There are societies that allow for sex and love between adults and children. People should be welcoming it.

    • Music Man ID:371taahrc

      Would love if this was true and would happen

    • Sexymomma69999 ID:42odlbgzj

      I am a woman and I agree with this fully. Since 12 I’ve always been into older men liking little girls and I still feel that way as an adult.

    • Gary ID:99uwotzm

      Sexymomma69999 am in a relationship with a 14 year old girl been with her since she was 12 I took her in when her mom abandoned her. she told me she always had a crush on me

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    Part Three.
    They are there for us and we are there for them. They are so beautiful and vibrant and amazing and will grow up to be women that are maximumly confident in themselves with none of the self-consciousnesses and guilts that societies place on them. I always dream and daydream about them. My preferences are preteen. Being married to the right little girl would be so wonderful.

    • Sexymomma69999 ID:42odlbgzj

      I masturbated to your words Little Girl Lover. So right mmmm

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    Part TWO.
    They need to know the feelings of being kissed and licked all over their precious bodies. They should be sucking cock and tasting male cum and swallowing as early as early as possible. Cock should taken into pussies as soon as possible and little girls should experience orgasms by cock and cum shooting inside their pussies and sperm flowing into their wombs. Careful anal sex should be done to them too. Little girls need to be filled with cum in all three holes on a daily basis. Child porn should be as available and up-front as any other kind and dating and marriage services should be as open as any others too. There are also artists that specialize in nude young girls in drawings, paintings and photographs that should be shown wherever they can be. Some men, like me, can’t help being attracted to underage and preteen girls and those girls should be as available as any other females. Underage and preteens deserve to have their developing bodies and sexual feelings explored and worshiped as much as any other female and should be impregnated as soon as they are able to be, if they want to be. One little girl wrote that 10 to 12 year olds should be as they are generally having their periods and have have tiny developing breasts that can be filled with milk for the baby and should be shared with others as well as breast milk is so sweet and delicious right along with their lips and pussies. Some develop their ability to be impregnated earlier and all can have successful pregnancies. The men and communities should support them in any decisions they make and help then in getting good educations and careers. There are so many great girls (and women) writing in this category that are with us men and we should be able to have domestic lives with them if they want that. They are naturally attracted to men on many levels and that grows stronger over the years and have curiosities and hungers for learning that should be addressed in caring and loving ways.

  • Reply Little Girl Lover... ID:bvj3erd0

    Part One.

    In 1880, the ages of consent were set at 10 or 12 in most states, with the exception of Delaware where it was 7.  In my opinion, little girls should be taught about sexual things as soon as possible and how beautiful their little bodies are and how desirable they are. Nudity at home, in nature and beaches should be encouraged and open affections even open public sex should be celebrated, there are areas that allow that. Parents should encourage their little girls to explore their developing sexualities and loving, caring incest should be celebrated too. Many little girls love their family members and should have them if desired. They should be making love and sleeping with men all the time.

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      would be fun if everyone was naked all the time after kids are out of nappy’s so everyone could see everyone in public

    • Music Man ID:371taahrc

      I agree with you fully I dream of it all the time but no it’s just not possible around here I’d give anything if I could just have a young girl once

    • Gary ID:99uwotzm

      Am in a secret relationship with a 14 year old girl I fell in love with her when she was 12 she always had a crush on me and give me sandwiches every day when I walk by she told me to win a man’s heart is through his stomach I took her in when her mom abandoned her leaving the house completely empty with her new boyfriend we still living together

  • Reply Little Girl Lover... ID:bvj3erd0

    1880, the ages of consent were set at 10 or 12 in most states, with the exception of Delaware where it was 7. Pass this around. We need this back. maybe no age limits. Little girls should be taught their bodies are beautiful and meant for men to love them and to show them how wonderful sexual things can be. Impregnation as early as possible and marriage too.

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    I been fucked by my cousin since I was 12-13. He was already in college. I enjoyed the incest sex we had. Until he stopped, after that I became hypersexual. I had sex with a few boys in my school. But they couldn’t satisfy me enough like how older men did! That’s when I learned that I’m a slut for the pedos! I sucked cock at a gloryhole, I sucked off probably hundreds of cock. I found out my best friend and her dad were having sex and I joined in after I witnessed it! We both became addicted to pedo dick, and we kept on getting dick from strangers!

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      I would love to fill all your holes with my cock and sperm, especially your womb my dear. Bring any preteens you know with you. I need to fill young holes and wombs. Underage teens and preteens should be filled daily. You all should be going to school, or wherever filled and satisfied. And you know my stance on incest, impregnation and marriage. it’s just the way things should be.

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      @Little Girl Lover I don’t care about school, but it was the place to get fucked by custodians and older teachers! I remembered getting my grade changed just allowing my teachers, to fuck me in a group!

  • Reply [email protected] ID:vuf1mt0b

    I’m gonna wear something low cut
    Gonna get the attentikn of a grownup
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    Guys My Age

    I’m in Georgia, the American state, not the European country. I search for weird shit on the net all the time. 10 used to be the age of consent in Georgia about 100 yeats ago.

    In at least 2 American states – California & Massachusetts – a man can marry a girl of any age as long as he can get a judicial court judge to sign off on it, along with one of the girl’s parents.

    I wear a wrestling mask when I cam. I have met men through certain sites who pay me very well for meet & greets.

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      I’d love to meet you I’ve never had a young girl but always wanted to you sound like you would be really fun I live a couple states away from you

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      I know about those two states. I wish I could live in one. I would love to marry a little preteen girl. 7 to 10 years-old would be good. I think having a little girl to love at all levels would be AMAZING and I would love to have a child with her (pregnant little girls are so hot) and watch her grow into an AMAZING CONFIDENT WOMAN. Maybe we will have daughters that we can teach about love and sexual love.

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    Some societies are experiencing a declining birthrate. I think that it is women’s and little girls’ duties to get pregnant and raise children…obviously with help from men. Age-limits should be done away with and if I meet a preteen girl that I want to marry and impregnate and she wants that too, then we should be able to get married. There is a wonderful story in here about a 9 year-old girl that has an arranged marriage that is a happy one. She finally got pregnant at 12. She is 18 now and has a few kids. She met her husband at 6 and then was trained in wifely duties. Only one of the many possibilities for men and little girls. If daughters are born, then the cycle of Love can continue. Little girls are so curious and should be taught the wonderful things that their bodies can do and how much men like us adore them. Looking into their eyes and seeing desire and a child’s curiosity is so touching.

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      Dear Chloe, You are a wonderful example of what all girls/women should be like. I Love the above story, but Legal Age should be up to the people involved. You were sucking cock at 7. Little girls need men to teach them about Love and Sexual Love and fuck them whenever their pussies can take cock. Littleslutz12 said men should own women/girls. I agree, but always treat them with Love and if they only want to be used, use them hard and congratulations on having your brains fucked-out by three filthy old men. Females have three beautiful holes and welcoming wombs and those should be filled with sperm every day. Little girls should impregnated as soon as they are able to be and can have successful pregnancies and if they have breasts they should feed men some of their sweet, rich milk. Marriage should always be an option for men and little girls. And yes, incest should be legal too. I would Love to have a preteen wife and later a preteen daughter to Love, suck my cock, eat their pussies, fuck and impregnate.

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    Absolutely right and couldn’t have said it better. Sex and nudity is completely natural and was exorcised up until the early 1900 when some sick politicians wanted us regular folks to stop real sex when they rapped boys and girls against their will behind closed doors. Sex is completely natural and any young girl should exorcised their natural sexual right to have a cock and orgasms when ever they so chose at ANY AGE. If she wants to have his baby then it is “HER RIGHT TO”! not the lousy crooked Governments.
    SO all you young gales out their wanting an older cock, it is your right in nature so go get it and claim that cock as yours!

    • Henry ID:99uwotzm

      It’s hard for us child lovers to keep our relationship secret I have a friend who’s in a relationship with a 12-year-old their relationship is healthy no abuse no Force nothing just a loving couple and I’m in a relationship with a 14 year old been with her since she was 10 everything is all consent I treat her like a like a princess and she treats me like a king I can’t control that am sexually attached to I love little girls I want weeding for me and her but society won’t let us

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    And yes, impregnation is what some little girls want and should have. Just support them in all things and if you fall in love, move them in with you and if possible marry them in some way. Plus, think of the sweet, rich breast milk they could feed the baby and you. Maybe you two can have daughters and the cycle of love can continue. I would love to have a preteen wife.

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