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Big Brother’s Love

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My older brother teaches me about sex using my teddy bear

~I am an adult woman and this is just a fantasy~

The sound of the front door slamming could be heard throughout the house as I got home from school, dropping my school bag next to the door and kicking my shoes off not far from it. It was a friday, which meant mom was working a double and my older brother was left in charge. I didn’t really mind, sometimes he would help me with my homework but usually we would just play in my room since it’s the weekend anyway.

After calling my brother’s name and receiving no response I went to find him, seeing his door cracked and usually I would hear him on the xbox with his friends but instead I heard soft moans and when I pushed the door open all I could see was my brother sitting at his desk with my stuffed bear in his hands. He was facing away from me so I don’t think he heard the door open, judging by how he jumped when I spoke.

“Hey.! Why do you have Teddy?” I questioned innocently, pushing the door open more so I could walk in and my jaw dropped when I saw him putting himself back in his pants quickly. My cheeks are very red now, as while I didn’t know anything about what he was doing, I knew it was wrong and gross.

“I-I was just-” My brother was cut off by me grabbing my bear from him, hugging it to my chest with furrowed eyebrows. I had never seen my brother look so flustered, even a little embarrassed.

“I’m going to tell mom!” I exclaimed as I turned to stomp out of his room, not knowing what I was going to tell her but fully planning on tattling as I always did growing up. It seemed like my brother’s embarrassment was turning to anger when he called my name and I didn’t answer, going into my room to make sure Teddy was okay. I hadn’t been given the talk yet, but I knew a little bit still, or at least I thought I did.

“Hey, listen, you can’t tell mom. Okay Lilly?” At the sound of my brother’s voice I hugged the bear closer to my chest again.

“Why not? You hurt her!” I whimpered, sitting on my twin bed and glaring at him so he wouldn’t come in any further. He did anyway of course, taking a few steps toward my bed and I whimpered again, pulling my feet up onto the bed and pushing back until I was sitting against my headboard with my knees to my chest.

“What? I didn’t hurt it-”


“-her, sorry. But I didn’t hurt her, Lilly. I promise. Look, ask her! Are you good, Teddy?” He spoke playfully to Teddy, who I was still holding protectively. I pretended to listen to the bear for a moment before I looked back at my brother.

“She said no, and she said you’re gross.” I said, my face flushed as my brother rolled his eyes, laughing and sitting down on the end of my bed.

“It’s not gross, it’s completely natural. Don’t you get curious? You’re getting so old and you still don’t even know what sex is.” His explicit words made me blush even more, shaking my head and averting my gaze back to my stuffie, making sure she was unharmed, hesitating before I spoke again.

“I-I am curious. But mom says I’m not ready yet.” I sighed.

“I could teach you instead. Well, Teddy and I could teach you. It doesn’t hurt, I promise. I think you’ll even like it as much as Teddy does..” My brother had a smirk on his face as he spoke but for some reason I thought he was being genuine and curiosity really got the best of me.

“Hm.. O-okay. I’ve never seen what boys have.” I admitted, a little humiliated by this fact. “Well, I saw a diagram in health class last year but I mean like, in person.”

“Aw, that’s okay. I can show you but you really can’t tell mom, okay? She really doesn’t think you’re ready so you’d get in so much trouble if she knew.” He seemed genuinely concerned for me and I nodded eagerly.

“I won’t tell mom, I promise. I don’t wanna get in trouble.” I agreed and that smirk was back on his face but I didn’t see as I was busy watching with a flushed face as he unzipped his jeans, staying seated at the end of the bed. I set Teddy down on the bed and inch a little closer to get a better look curiously. It was pretty big, at least I thought so.

“Go on, you can touch it. I don’t mind.” He shrugged casually like it wasn’t a big deal so I figured it wasn’t a big deal, reaching out and curling my little hand around it, feeling it twitch in my grip and almost instantly it was looking bigger.

“What does it feel like when I touch it? Does it hurt?” I asked curiously, squeezing a little bit and looking at my brother’s face, watching it contort in pleasure before he tried to mask the reaction, clearing his throat.

“W-well, it’s kind of hard to describe. It definitely doesn’t hurt, though.” He breathed out and when I looked back down he was even bigger in my hand, clearly having grown to full length. I let go of it, giggling a little bit because it was standing on its own now, my cheeks still flushing.

“Okay, well, what is.. uh, sex then?” I asked finally as this was obviously what ‘the talk’ was all about and really the only question I knew how to ask.

“Sex is when a boy puts his thing in yours. It also doesn’t hurt though, don’t worry. It feels really good even.” I was relieved to hear it didn’t hurt as I couldn’t possibly imagine that thing fitting inside of me or anyone in general but I trusted him so I believed it didn’t hurt.

“Is that what you were doing with Teddy?” I asked after thinking for a few moments and he grinned, looking entertained by the question as he reached for my bear that was still on the bed.

“Mmhm, do you want to see?” I nodded immediately, really curious about what sex was like now. I watched as he pushed his fingers into a hole underneath Teddy’s tail that I had never even noticed, my eyebrows furrowed as I wondered when he did that to my bear. He used his fingers to keep the hole open as he pushed his thing inside of the hole, wrapping his hands around my stuffie as he pushed every last inch inside of it. He started to move Teddy up and down slowly but his eyes stayed on me as I blushed furiously.

“Does it feel good?” I asked softly, scooting even closer on my bed to get a better look.

“It does.. Here, you try.” He let go of my bear and I hesitated but reached forward to hold him just how my brother had, starting to move Teddy up and down slowly. My hands looked so much smaller on my stuffie. When I looked up at his face to see if I was doing it right his lips were parted with a moan and he was breathing much heavier.

It only took me doing this slow pace for another minute for his moans to start getting shakier and his hands suddenly covered mine, gripping Teddy a little tightly and increasing the pace as he started to almost even slam into my bear. His eyes were on me still as he cursed and threw his head back, holding Teddy all the way down on his thing. I didn’t really know what was going on but he looked like he felt so good I was a little proud, I had never seen anything like it. My hands were still under his as he slowly lifted Teddy up and off, white sticky stuff dripping out of the hole. I soon realized it was also coating my brother’s thing and I tilted my head curiously.

“What is this?” I asked as he let go of Teddy and I held him, taking some of the sticky stuff on my fingers to get a better look.

“I-I can tell you but that’s one of the things mom really doesn’t want you to know so you can’t talk about it, okay? It’ll be our secret.” He said as he zipped himself back up and this made me nod eagerly, loving the idea of us having our own secrets.

“I promise I won’t tell mom, please tell me. I wanna know so bad.” I blushed as I practically begged, watching a smirk play on his lips.

“It’s called cum, that’s how you know you did a really good job.” He paused to pat my hair and I giggled, pulling away and backing up against the headboard again. “Most girls really like the taste, you should give it a try.”

“Really?” I asked naively, of course trusting my brother and bringing my finger up to lick it off, swallowing and tilting my head. Honestly, it didn’t taste that great but he said most girls really like it so I chose to lie. “It’s yummy, do girls do that?” I asked curiously.

“Girls cum but it’s not the same. I’ll teach you some other time about that, okay? Go to the bathroom and clean Teddy up so mom doesn’t notice while I get started on dinner.” My brother said with a smile as he stood up and I hugged my bear to my chest as he gave me one last headpat before he left the room, adjusting his jeans like just seeing me hugging the bear he had just used had him struggling again already. I couldn’t help but be excited to learn more, and especially to keep our secret.

~Stay tuned for part 2 and leave any requests for future parts in the replies~

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  • Reply zandy ID:16oihueov9c

    Loved it will read follow-ups later

  • Reply Anon ID:mzgdgchi


  • Reply Makehercum ID:cq0ue0d9c

    Loved this story to the max. I have so many fantasies. Thank you so much for sharing, looking forward to reading the second part which I’m about to do.

  • Reply Older guy ID:pvkvh4k0b

    To ….tinylittlegirlie , lets chat more through email / gmail , I had a real life experience very similar to your story

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg20d

    How about a few details regarding the siblings, like ages, hair color things of this nature. Otherwise a good believable story

    • tinylittlegirlie ID:21c90te209

      I tried to avoid including ages cause of the rules regarding stories with age gaps but could definitely include some more physical characteristics 🙂 I also haven’t really included ages because in my fantasy my brother is 23 and I am anywhere between ages 9 and 15 so it’s hard for me to commit to an age for the story lol

  • Reply OHMclub ID:1zfupa9hrc

    What if brother fucks sisters friends or brothers friends fuck sister

    • tinylittlegirlie ID:21c90te209

      Ooooh I like that idea maybe will include both even ;3

  • Reply TJ ID:7pqjf5vxia

    Oh yessss, please continue!
    Make sure to have sister get jealous of Teddy. Sister wants to be Big Brother’s real life Teddy!
    (heh heh)

    • tinylittlegirlie ID:21c90te209

      Hehe cute! Teddy will definitely be staying in the story so I can definitely get a little jealous of the attention my brothers giving my stuffie ;3

  • Reply Cumminginsiderher ID:4glvgwov3

    Very very hot story. This is going to be awesome. As excited as I am to read a good story, I am more excited and interested to see where your mind and imagination takes us. As they say, the brain is the most erotic organ we have.
    Keep up the good work and thank you.

    • tinylittlegirlie ID:21c90te209

      Awh thank you! I have way too many fantasies regarding this story so my imagination will definitely be running wild hehe I am very glad you enjoyed reading my fantasy and part two is posting right now 🙂