Mommy’s Toys

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This is a true story about how I found my mommy’s sex toys a used them on myself.

This just happened yesterday to I’ll give a description of myself. I’m a 14 year old, brown short hair, 32c tits and a nice round ass, I’m not skinny, my tummy is pretty big but so are my thighs.

So yesterday, I was home alone and suppeeeerrrr horny. I had been fingering myself for a while at this point but I decided that wasn’t enough. I knew that my mom at a vibrating back massager in her room so I went to go look for it in her room.

I looked in her closet and it wasn’t there so I looked under her bed and found a box. I pulled the box out, not knowing what it was and opened it. I was shocked to find, one pink dildo, a vibrating jelly dildo, nipple clamps, a butt plug, anal beads, and two bottles of lube.

I knew what these all were because I watch a lot of porn. At first I was a little grossed out, the thought of my mom fucking herself with this stuff was weird to me. But I more I thought about it the more it became a good thing for me. I picked up the pink one first, it was about five inches I’d guess. It had a different sections too it, ribbed I guess you would say. I set it down and picked up the nipple clamps. I was very into nipple play, I would often squeeze and play with my own when touching myself so this excited me. I took off my shirt slowly. I didn’t have a bra on so my perky tits we’re waiting for me, I rubbed them for a second. Not sure if I want to try these out yet.

After a few minutes I did it, I clamped them onto my tits. It felt wonderful. I let out a moan and squeezed my thighs together. I sat there for a second before slipping my shorts off too. I had no underwear under my shorts so I reached down to find my hairy cunt all wet. It fingers myself for a while, pulling on the chain in between the clamps before my fingers still were not enough. I grabbed the jelly dildo. At the time I didn’t know it vibrated but when I picked it up, it was soft and not too long.

I thought it would be good to start with the small one, I grabbed some lube and spread it on the dildo. I eased it into my cute little cunt and it started vibrating. My god it was such a good feeling, vibrating inside of me. I fucked myself with it for a while, pulling on the chain and cumming at least two times.

I put the vibrating one down and turned it off. The clamps were still on and my nipples were so soar. I took them off and just caught my breath for a second. I didn’t really wanna fuck myself with another one right away because now my wrist hurt so I picked up the plug instead. I always loved ass play so this was a great treat for me. I grabbed the lube and spread it on my fingers and the toy. I got into a position on the floor so my head was pressed into the carpet and my ass in the air. I fingered my ad, whimpering softly. I only went 1 finger deep because I still wanted to feel the stretch. I slid it no problem with a moan.

I caught my breath and stood up, completely naked. I walked to the bathroom with the plug inside of me and washed my hands off. Before I left I turned around in the Full body mirror in the bathroom and spread my cheeks apart. I saw the purple silicone and moaned. I felt so full, walking around with a plug in. And instead of getting dressed again. I walked around the house naked and with a plug in for the rest of the day till night. At night I had to take it out and put all the toys back under the bed because my mom was home. And that’s how I used mommy’s toys.

I hope you all enjoyed my story. It was real and happened just yesterday 🥰 I hope when my mom goes to work today I can try again, that link 5inch looked like so much fun, also might use the beads. Well until next time, bye bye.

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