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I’m 16 and want to get fucked

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I’m 16 and have always wanted to get fucked. I have always loved the idea of and older men fucking me. Ice always liked the idea of sex started experimenting with my friends. I would like their pussy they would lick mine.

I start going on Omegle and finding older men and sending them snaps of my tits and pussy and I loved it. Loved thinking about meeting them in motels and them fucking me.

And up until recently I almost did get fuck by a guy named Bob he was from my city New York we met and he was going to fuck my ass but he couldn’t get it in. We were also in his car.

But I loved having his old cock in my mouth and sucking his tounge. He told me we would meet again and he would fuck me but then he blocked me on snap. And all I can do is think about him fucking me.

I wanted to meet him again this time in a motel where we could fuck on a bed the reasons we didn’t do it in the first place was because I was on my period. Bur now that I’m not I wasn’t him to fuck me but he blocked me instead.

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  • Reply D ID:22lrenq49i

    Added you on snap

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    This 65 year old would have fucked you on your period then get you to lick and suck my cock clean of your blood and my cum . Then your arse would be taken next .

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    ill fuck the shit out of your ass!
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  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    Some of the best sex I’ve ever had is when they were bleeding

  • Reply . ID:1b3zls5549b

    U legit?

    • Bearclaw ID:fzq6k718i

      He may have blocked you cause his wife found out. Lol. Its not easy to take that kind of chance because of the age. You nothing. But him looking a years. And snap isn’t that safe to start with. May try Wickr me at least its safer. Best of luck. Next time lube and fingers to start. Then pound away. Lol

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