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Adventures of me and a friend with my girlfriend Angela

Me and Angela went to the heath and I was sitting leaning back against a tree and she was in front of me leaning back against me between my legs. I had my hand down her top feeling her tits; well she had no tits but I was getting a good feel around and could feel her nipples getting hard. We heard a noise and she told me to stop but I saw that it was my mate Ernie so I told her it was OK. “No, take your hand out I don’t want him to see me like this”. I ignored her and grabbed her hands that were trying to pull mu hand out.
“Hello Sandy getting a good feel there I see. Nice pair of knickers Angela” said Ernie.
“Stop it Sandy, and you Ernie, don’t look” she said trying to get my hand out but wriggling as well so that her skirt went even higher giving Ernie an even better view of her knickers.
“Nice legs too Sandy, you lucky fucker I bet you’ve been up there haven’t you?”
I carried on groping her chest as she tried to stop me and kept yelling at me and Ernie but her wriggling meant her skirt was right up now and Ernie could see the bulge in her panties and asked me what she’d got in there. “Have a look mate” I said as Angela screamed at me to stop him; but Ernie ran his hands up her legs to her pantie covered pussy. As he stroked it she told him to stop, that this had gone far enough, but Ernie wasn’t going to, having got this far and with my OK he eased her knickers to one side.
“Fucking hell, look at that snatch, so much fucking hair.”
Angela was livid begging me to stop him as she was really embarrassed by how hairy her pussy was. “It’s OK babe Ernie will love it just let him have a look”.
“You fucking pervert, stop him and let me go”.
We both ignored her and Ernie managed to get her knickers down and off gazing in awe at the sight before him. “You lucky fucker having a cunt like that to play with”. I told him that he could too so he forced her legs apart and kneeling between them started stroking it. Angela was pleading with me to stop him and I knew the real reason and Ernie was about to find out. Ernie started running a finger along her slit easing the hair apart so he could get to her pussy lips bringing a groan from Angela as she begged him to stop. He looked at me and I gave him a nod that it was OK and he eased a finger in. “Fucking hell, she is so wet” he said as he got another finger in and started a slow finger fuck.
That did it, as I knew it would, Angela has the most sensitive cunt I’ve ever known and despite her pleading for him to stop her hips were moving now and in no time at all she was cumming. Ernie couldn’t believe it, his hand was soaked as he carried on fingering her until she collapsed in a heap. He took his fingers out and said how amazing it was, kneeling there gazing at her wet cunt. “Can I have a wank mate?” he asked stroking the front of his trousers. I just gave him a nod and he unzipped and pulled out his rampant cock. When Angela saw it she shrieked and told me to stop him. “It’s all right babe he’s only going to have a wank, you’ve got him so horny, I told you how hot it is when you cum like that and now Ernie needs to cum as well, I bet he shoots loads just for you”.
I still had my hand on her nipples and they were as hard as rocks as we both watched Ernie stroke his cock. “Imagine that inside you Angela, that would fill you up and make you cum wouldn’t it?”
“No, don’t let him do that” she shrieked, petrified I was going to let Ernie fuck her but just then Ernie shot his load and boy what a load. When he’d finished he thanked me for letting me do it and zipped up and left us.

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