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New step dad

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In my younger years mom got married three times, I had 3 dads

Back when I was ten, I started climbing into bed with mom and dad. Started off when there was a big storm one night, I ran to their room, they had me lay between them. Neither of them wore anything to bed, and I remember so well feeling dad’s hard cock rub my side, and arm. I was wet too. I asked about it, mom told me to go ahead and hold it in my hand, telling me that is how guys got when hard and had put there cocks into other people. I grabbed dad by the cock, it was kinda shimmy and sticky. As I had my fingers wrapped around it, he started moving it, making it slide between my fingers. That was all that night.

Throughout the following nights, I was right in bed with them. Dad let me hold his cock all the time, even if he and mom had not made it shimmy. It got shimmy a few times in my hand, and dad would moan and say he was cumming … which I learned is what it was , the hot, shimmy and sticky stuff that came out of the end. Many times dad pushed my hand away and did it himself, squirting the white sticky cream all over me. He asked me to taste it if I wanted, I did, but really did not like it, it was kinda bad tasting.

Well, mom and dad broke up, and mom married a new guy, which I learned was my step father. To me it was just like always, and I just was climbing into bed with them at night. And just touching step dads cock made it shoot out that white cream all over. It had gotten all over my face and chest, i just went and liked some of it that was on my face. His stuff tasted real good, like sweet like. He started to have me rub is cock with my hand, which I really liked, and had me hold my mouth at the end so all his good tasting cream shot right into my mouth. Mom showed me how to just suck away on his cock, which awkward shot his cream off onto my mouth.

My step dad started to play with my pussy when I sucked him. My pussy would get really wet. After I had sucked on him, he started to rub his hard cock over my wet pussy, many times he shot more of his cream onto my pussy.

It was not long after my eleven birthday, that mom broke up with my step dad, but I got another new one. I was right in bed with them all the time, and mom had told him all about the things he and I could do. Now his cream was not good sweet like, but I still loved the taste. He started to have me suck on him, but he did not cum in my mouth, he rubbed his hard cock over my pussy and started pushing it inside me. He ended up shooting his cream on and inside my pussy. Mom liked that, she liked to lick his cream off my pussy, saying it tasted better to her that way.

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    Thats a nice story about you. I liked that.

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      Hi Emily how are you going love to hear more email [email protected] if you want.

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    I would love to be your step dad and fuck you in our bed next to your mom

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    Maybe the best story ever in a long time

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    That’s so hot I didn’t want it to end thanks for sharing

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    What a lucky girl to always find a willing daddy

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      Ikr I wish I had a daddy to pump his cum into me love your stories btw

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      Right not just one but 3

    • Deb ID:161rios88rc

      That’s hot not only did she find one but 3 daddy’s and a mom