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The Little Spy – Chapter 2

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Coming of age story of two sisters; one a blossoming Dom, the other a budding Sub.

The next week was very confusing for me. In some ways my sister was nicer to me than she’d ever been. She had cheerleader practice all week after school so we weren’t in the house alone together at all, but at night after dinner she invited me to her room, something she’d never done. We told our parents she was helping me with homework, but we were really talking about sex. She described a lot of things to me like how what I experienced with her was an orgasm, what people called cumming. I told her I knew some things, I wasn’t a baby, then she told me about what she did with a guy, how their dicks got hard and what happened when you played with them.

“They especially like it when you suck them and let them cum in your mouth,” she told me. She brought up a picture on her computer she’d taken from the internet.

“Ew,” I said making a face. “In your mouth?”

“Oh, don’t act like you’ve never heard of that.”

“Well kind of. My friends talk about it, but that’s still gross. Aren’t you afraid of getting a reputation doing that?”

She looked at me and laughed. “I do have a reputation. I get what I want and people do what I tell them to do. That’s why I’m captain of the cheer squad and President of Student Council. As for the guys, you know I’ve had different boyfriends, but I’m the one to break up with them. They don’t break up with me. All I’d have to do is snap my fingers and any one of them would come running back.”

I looked noticeably puzzled. “So, why do you break up with them? Don’t you like them anymore?”

“Because there are too many guys in the world to settle on just one right now, and each of them have a dick,” she said laughing again before getting a serious tone. “But there is this guy I’ve been thinking about seeing. He has real potential. You’ll get to meet him.”

Then there were other times when she was even more mean to me than she’d ever been. Maybe mean wasn’t the right word, but certainly forceful. One morning I was at the breakfast table, eating my cereal before school. Mom and Dad were still home but they were busy getting ready for work. Sara snuck up behind me and wrapped her arm around my neck. Before I could protest, or call for Mom and Dad, she thrust her middle and index fingers under my nose. “Think about my fingers being buried in my snatch, finger fucking myself until I cum. Now smell my pussy, you little slut.”

I was shocked at what she’d said but I breathed in through my nose, almost involuntarily. Her fingers did seem to have a had a deep musky aroma to them, or was I just imagining it. Or maybe it was wishful thinking. I took in another deep breath and something went off inside me, like an alarm, and I could feel myself getting excited again. Before I could say anything, she pressed her fingers against my lips.

“Now suck my pussy,” she whispered, her hot breath in my ear.

I didn’t move a muscle, trying to register what she was saying. Because I didn’t move fast enough, she strengthened her grip around my neck, choking me. “I said suck it.”

My mouth came open and she put her fingers in. When she pressed them on my tongue my lips closed around them which seemed to please her. “That’s it,” she cooed. “You’re going to be a good pussy sucker. You’ll get to love that taste.”

I really hadn’t tasted anything but what she was saying to me was thrilling and had me tingling again. She slowly worked her two fingers back and forth in my mouth, with no protest from me. Her arm still wrapped around my neck she breathed into my ear again. “Have you been working your pussy like I showed you?” I nodded my head with vigor. It was the truth. “Good.” she said.

While it’d been a couple of days since I’d first seen her naked on her bed the thought had stayed fresh in my mind. With our parents home we hadn’t done anything to repeat what happened that day but between that and the sexy talks we’d been having at night, I went back to my room with lots of the wet goo between my legs. When it was time for me to go back to my own room, she would say to me, “Make sure you finger that pussy before you go to sleep you little slut. I want you working that sweet pussy for me.” There was no reason for her to instruct me to do that. As soon as I got back in my room my fingers were busy between my legs. What we’d done that day in her room was the best feeling I’d ever experienced and I wanted to repeat it over and over again. It felt so good to rub my button just as she had showed me and I was able to reproduce it each time with ease. At the end, my whole body thrashed on the bed and it was really hard to stay quiet. There were boys in my class I thought were cute and I’d had sexy thoughts about them, just as I liked the pictures of guys with hard dicks she showed me, but it was the thoughts of her that was fueling my need to pleasure myself. The thought of her naked body, watching her rub herself, the way she talked to me and the way she writhed on her bed when she finally came made me have desires that I just couldn’t stop or control.

“I’m going to suck your pussy soon and you’re going to suck mine,” she breathed into my ear. It began to register what she was saying and I felt my body tense in the confusion. She must have felt too and addressed my puzzlement. “You know I don’t just play with guys. I play with girls too. And you’re my new play toy.” I could feel her moist lips in my ear and it made me tingle between my legs. “Get ready, cheer ends pretty soon.” With that she put her tongue directly in my ear which made me squirm, gave me neck another quick squeeze then left me. She was out the door before I could even turn around.

Her cheerleading couldn’t end fast enough for me. In addition to the encounter in her bedroom now I had the feel of her touch and the sexy words she’d said to me to think about. That day in school it was impossible to concentrate and I could feel my underwear stick to me as I walked between classes. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. About mid-day I went into the Girl’s Room and chose the last stall. I was going to be late for class but I didn’t care. I was at that age when all I had to do was tell the teacher I was in the bathroom and it was an emergency and they’d nod their head knowingly and tell me to take a seat. Once I locked the stall door, I quickly pulled my pants and underwear down and sat down. I looked down to see the crotch of my underwear was wet. Using two fingers I dragged them along my pussy. There was so much goo down there it was no wonder my underwear was wet. I put the fingers up to my nose. They smelled similar to way hers had and I let out a sigh without thinking and I jerked myself back into my surroundings. I wasn’t sure who else might be in the Girl’s Room with me so I was going to have to be quiet. I put my fingers in my mouth just as my sister had done to me and concentrated on the taste. It was tangy but kind of sweet at the same time and I liked it. I worked the fingers back and forth in my mouth like she’d done to me until I couldn’t take it anymore. I leaned back slightly and opened my legs wide. I took my fingers from my mouth and put them directly on my button. I had myself so worked up from a morning of fantasizing I couldn’t suppress a whimper when they met my clit. It was kind of hard, much more stiff than normal, like a pencil eraser. I put my other hand over my mouth to try to keep quiet because there was no way I was stopping now. Besides, it wasn’t going to take long. My fingers pressed down on my button and I worked them back and forth as fast as I could. I was so wet and slippery they glided over my aching bud which seemed to stand out begging for attention. My hips started to move on the seat to help my fingers work my swollen clit. My hand was still covering my mouth but I wasn’t sure it was doing any good as I couldn’t control my breathing or the little squeaky sounds I was making as I felt my pending orgasm start to boil over inside of me. With one big thrust of my hips, it hit me. I started to shake uncontrollably on the seat and my body felt as if it was being turned inside out.

“I’m cumming,” I whispered to myself so softly not even I could hear. “Oh Sara, you’re making me cum. I’m cumming for you.”

My head was spinning but I let my fingers continue to work my pussy to milk every bit of pleasure out of it. It took a while but I finally got control of my body and slid off the toilet seat pulling up my underwear and pants. I was going to be really late for class but I didn’t care. It would at least settle me enough to let me get through the rest of the day.

I couldn’t wait to get home to see Sara. It was Friday and there was a game that night where she’d have to cheer but I hoped to catch her before she left. I was in luck. When the school bus stopped at my house, I could see her car in the driveway. I raced upstairs to find her putting on her make-up in the mirror. She already had her cheerleading uniform on and I couldn’t help but admire how she looked in it. She’d always just been my older sister. Now I looked at her and could see how truly sexy she was.

“Hey brat,” she said when she saw me standing at her door.

“You’re leaving?” I didn’t try to hide me disappointment. “So soon?”

“Could be our last game,” she said applying her lip gloss. “But if we win tonight, we play in the championship game tomorrow.”

“I was hoping I’d get to see you,” I said fully aware my lip was sticking out.

“You’ll see me at the game,” she offered. “You and Mom and Dad are going.”
“That’s not the same. I wanted to be with you.”

She stopped looking at herself in the mirror, put down her lip gloss and turned to me, looking at me intently. “Oh my god, you’re horny.”

I still didn’t know exactly what that meant, but I felt myself blush. “I don’t know.”

“It means you want sex,” she said as a matter of fact. “Get over here.” While I walked slowly toward her she added, “I’m going to stop calling you Brat and start calling you Slut.” When I reached her, she didn’t hesitate to put her hand between my legs and rub my pussy through my pants. “Does that feel good?” she asked, her voice cooing at me.

I liked rubbing myself but her touch was electrifying and all the air in my body escaped through my mouth. “Yes,” I moaned tilting my head back.

“So you said you’ve been working this little pussy for me. When was the last time?”

“I did in school today,” she was still rubbing lightly and it was hard to get the words out.
She laughed out loud. “Oh my god, seriously? You really are a horny little slut!”

She spun me around so she was standing behind me. She kept one hand gently rubbing my pussy and brought another up to cup my breast. I could feel my nipples harden and she found one easily through my thin shirt and bra material. She rolled and pinched it lightly between her thumb and finger. All I could do was pant in response. Her breath was hot in my ear and I could feel my orgasm starting to bubble up already. She must have sensed it and stopped rubbing me down there but kept her hand in place.

“Noooo,” I breathed in protest.

“Oh what’s the matter?” she said softly, her hot breath in my ear. “You like me rubbing your little clit?”

“Yessss,” I hissed. All the sensations and emotions were so intense I felt as if I might cry.

“Well you’re going to have to work for it. You’re going to have fuck my fingers if you want to cum.”

I stood motionless and she knew immediately I wasn’t sure of what to do. “Pump your hips,” she instructed me, “like you’re on the swings.” I started to move against her fingers, first in a back-and-forth motion and then up and down as well, moving however it felt best against my aching clit. “Oh that’s it,” she said in approval. “Fuck that little pussy.” I tilted my head back against her shoulder and continued to grind my pussy against her fingers, a throaty moan was the only sound I could make. “From now on you do what I tell you to do. Forget about Mom. I’m your mommy now.”

Her words seemed silly yet sexy to me at the same time even though they only partially registered. All I could concentrate on was the feeling between my legs and the inner fire that was burning hotter and I wanted desperately for her to put it out.

“Do you want Mommy to make you cum?”

After she said that she put her wet tongue in my ear and I felt my knees buckle a bit. Another big breath of air left my body. “Yes,” I panted.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, please.”

“No! Yes please who?” she was teasing me and making me frantic. “Beg me for it.”

I hesitated, but only for a second. My body was controlling my mind. “Please Mommy, please make me cum.”

“Mmmm, that’s my girl,” she said beginning to move her fingers again in rhythm with my hips, “that’s what I want to hear. I can feel how bad your little pussy wants to cum. Would you do anything to cum right now?”

“Yesss,” I hissed again.

“Oh I like hearing that too,” she said then gave me a push from behind, “but not now. I have to go.”

I spun around, frustrated and heartbroken at the same time. “You’re so mean!” I wailed.

Sara just laughed. “I like to see my little slut sister all worked up.” Then taking in the pathetic look that must have been on my face, she took pity on me. “Oh my god, quit pouting. Here, I’ve got something for you to watch.” She pulled open a dresser drawer and tossed me a flash drive. “Take a look at this,” she said in almost a stern way. “I want to know if you like it and what you like about it. And pay attention to how they talk. The words they use.”

“Ok,” I said meekly, curious as to what the flash drive could possibly contain.

Sara moved around me and was halfway out the door when she stopped and turned back to me. “And hey, make sure you’re alone and your ear buds. It’s not a Disney movie.”

“I will,” I promised my face shining in anticipation.

“But you can’t play it now. Mom just go home.” The expression on my face fell again.

She laughed at me again. “Slut,” she said before she turned and walked away.

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