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Morning Wood

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TERRIBLE SPELLING ALLERT (this was copied and pasted from discord so there was no caring for grammar or punctuation and was only uploaded as a meme)

Chapter One:
10 am
Summer break, day 1
Kylie gets up and walks across the room to her twin brother Tyler
“tyler wake up it’s summer”
she tries to wake him but to no avail
she rips off the covers to try and wake him up
she does this and she sees a bulge in his pants
she thinks to herself what is that
she bends down and thinks “wait- it can’t be- does he have morni-”
just then tyler wakes up
he asks
“what are you doing kaylie”
kaylie responds by saying oh nothing just trying to wake you up
tyler says “by staring at my morning wood”
kaylie says “it’s not my fault it’s just poking out there for all to see you indecent child”
tyler says well it would be covered up if someone didnt rip the covers off of me
they continue to argue and there younger brother callum walks in and tells them to be quiet as he is trying to sleep in
they look down on callum as if he is a peasant just said something rude to a king and queen
he pussies out and shyly walks out the room and leaves them to their arguing
he goes to his bigger sister gwen
he tells his sister about the twins fighting again
she goes down there in her bathrobe as she just got outta the shower to yell at them
she gets in and shouts at them to shut the fuck up
and asks about what the argument is about
they both blush up and say nothing

gwen says kylie did you see tylers morning wood
kylie sheepishly says yeah
she says man up he can’t control it you 2 share the same room you have seen each other naked plenty of times now come down for breakfast

as gwen leaves callum apeares behind her with a smirk grin on his face and the twins look at him with anger and growl but gwen shouts GET YOU ASSES DOWN HERE
gwen gives them their breakfeast as there parents are out for a buisness meeting
they eat but she senses somthing is off about the twins
kylie wispers to tyler “sorry i was just trying to wake you up”

tyler responds with “dont worry its fine its not like its anything bad were sibilings right were bound to see stuff like this”

kylie says “yeah i guess so”

both the twins remain embarressed as their teenage minds and hormones go wild imagining different senarios involving kylie catching tylers morning wood
callum finaly speeks up and says so what is morning wood
all 3 of his sibilings look at him stunned
callum says “gwen said kylie was looking at tylers i want to have some”
the three of them burst into laughter at what a ridiculous thing the youngest (14) said to them

callum says whats so funny

gwen says its when your penis gets hard in the morning
the twins and callum look uncomfortable as gwen goes into great detail about what morning wood is and how to get rid of it
gwen says anyways give me your dirty dishes and go do whatevcer just dont do drugs

the twins go back to there room and sit on the opposite sides of the room akwardly on their phones slowly looking at eachother and when they make eye contact they swiftly look away embarrased of what occured minutes earlier
tyler finaly speaks up and says “s-s-s-sorry if you felt uncomfortable by it”
kylie responds with “no its not that its just like i was surprised, ive never really thought of you ever dealing with sex and puberty stuff like that…”

tyler says “huh ive never really thought about you and that stuff too”

kylie sheepishly says “so have you ever did any sex stuff”

tyler shocked and embarrased says” welll um- l-l-like nothing with another person”
kylie says wdym by that
tyler responds very quietly and almost ashamed like with” like ive only did things by myself…”

kylie all of a sudden seems very perked up and with a sluttly face with a lip bit looks over at him and says “oh yeah what kind of things by yourself” in a very suggestive tone
tyler obviously shocked at his sisters sudden change in character pauses for a second then says”w-w-well like masturbating………………………………”
there was a long pause
tyler asks kylie if that was too much

kylie says no and somthing was just on her mind (little does she know that same thing will be in her lower body soon enough”
kylie says sheepishly “y-you know i kinda like to masturbate, i found out about it about 6 months ago”

tyler shocked at what his sister said gets a uncontrolable boner and he quickly trys to hide it to no avail

kylie looks at where his hands have gone to and see he has another boner
she imidiatly blushes and says sheepishly and jokingly “heh guess you liked hearing that”
tyler feels extreamly embarrased about what kylie just said to him and says “sorry sorry i cant controll it”

kylie says well maybe just act like it isnt there and sit normal maybe
tyler agrees and tries it
imediatly his boner pops up and she cant stop staring at it
tyler says “you ok there sis you look like youve seen a gohsty”
kylie shakes out of her cock trance and says sorry i just didnt expect it to be so big

tyler says umm thanks, and lets out a nervous laugh
kylie asks can i measure it i wana see how long it really is
tyler says well wouldnt i have to take it out for that
kylie says ofc you retard now pull it out i wana measure it
tyler pulls it out while kylie goes out of the room to find the tape measure
when kylie returns with it he has his huge cock out and kylie just stops and says WOW
tyler blushes and says jokingly “you like it”
kylie says ofc its the perfect shade of white just right ammount of hair nice foreskin everything seeing one upclose is better than the ones in porn

saying that got tyler harder than before and kylie just gasps at how big it is
tyler says anyday now
and kylie says sorry and quickly measures it
6.46 inches exactly

kylie says wow thats so huge
tyler blushes again and asks is since she saw him maybe he could see her
kylie blushes at the thought of the 2 of them masturbating looking at eachothers bits naked in the same room toghethet
kylie says yes but then
knock knock

they quickly get dressed with tylers boner quickly decipating at the thought of his messy little brotherthey get to the door and angrily ask what and callum says that he needs help with his summer project
they tell him to piss off but he says it requires 2 people in his family
its a family biography about himself and 2 other peopl
they angrily agree with tylers balls having a very sore feeling due to the sudden entrance of his brothe
they go and help him with part of it and save the rest for the next day
callum then asks
when we were at the table
and gwen said you can get rid of morning wood by masturbating
what did she mean
the twins suddenly blush up
and say to ask gwen
callum pouts about them not telling him but he finaly agrees to go ask his older sister

callum goes downstairs to find his athleete sister he cant find her and needs to use the bathroom he goes in there but sees it closed he thinks crap gwen must be taking a shower he sees theres a openingin and that it wasnt closed all the way he looks and sees his fit tan sister in the shower through the glass panels washing up he suddenly doesnt have to pee and feels a weird sensations and feels his pants getting tighter

he thinks about his sexy sister and feels his pants getting even tighter
but then
the shower stops
callum thinks oh crap shes getting out
and books it out of there little pecker in his pants and all full sprint into his room
Back to the twins

they are finaly in their room and playing videogames ashamed of what happend and not talking to eachother both blushing at the thought of what happend and what could have happend if callum didnt inturupt them

suddenly tyler says “you know i love you sis and i hope we dont drift apart because of what happend”
kylie responds with “welll… wouldnt it make us closer?”
tyler says “huh maybe your right”
they continue to play video games and at the end kylie says hey tyler um i was wondering if you would wanan help me masturbate im really horny right now and wana try it with another boy
tyler shocked at his sisters confidence gets a boner at the thought of it and says uhhhh wont you get pregnant
kylie slaps her face and says why are you so fucking retarded dumbass
masturbating isnt sex dummy
tyler says ohh right right sorry
kylie says look you dont have too if you dont want too but Im really horny and want to masturbate in my freaking room whenever i want so i just want to make it not weird between us so we can masturbate whenever we want in our room wheather the other is here or not
tyler stunned by his sisters words says uhhh i think id like that
kylie then proceedes to take off her booty shorts revealing no panties underneath and a nice shaven pussy with a little hair poking through suggesting she shaved a day or 2 ago
kylie then goes on the computer and searches up porn
she starts to masturbate and tyler stands behind her with his cock out slowly stroking it to the porn playng on the scree
kylie asks if she can touch it
tyler says yea sheepishly and kylie then proceedes to stroke his wet cock lubricated with precum and what looks like spit and gets extreamly turned on my the sight ant touch of him
tyler then reaches down to her and asks if he can touch which kylie abruptly shoves is hand 2 fingers deep in her pussy and says 1 thing make me cum
the 2 of them masturbate feeling eachother kylie feeling the fullness of tylers 2 fingers and the soft pleasure of his thumb on her clit and tyler feeling the amazing soft wet pussy of kylie and the great sensation of the handjob
tyler says that he is cumming and with no where to bust into he busts onto his sisters t-shirt while his sister cums and has the most intense orgasm of her life
the 2 of them lay on tylers bed
naked and exausted
brimming red with extascy
they look into eachother eyes and kiss eachother on the cheek and just fall asleep listenign to music
the next day

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