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Little Girl’s Night Out

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My daddy kicked me out, but my next door neighbors took me in.

My father is a bully, and a wife beater, but mom just lets him hit her. Finally, I got sick of him yelling at me, and telling me to do impossible things, so I said “No!” I yelled it out loud, and he got up. He usually just sat there in his chair, like a throne where he could see down the hall. At my room, his bedroom, and the boy’s room. So, if we even got up to use the bathroom, he’d see us.

Usually, it was “While you’re up…” Get me a glass of water, or something. This time, he hit me so hard, I forget what the fight was about, but it doesn’t matter. He yelled “Get out of my house!”

I yelled “Where will I go?” back, but he said he didn’t care, and I should have thought about that before I mouthed off, but he wouldn’t even let me grab any clothes, or put my shoes on. He grabbed my arm, and mom just ran down the hall to slam the door on their room.

I don’t blame her, for not standing up for me. She can’t even stand up for herself, but he just threw me out barefoot, and I fell down crying on the walkway, between the apartments. He never hit me before, but I never told him no, either. I started blaming myself just like mom, and knowing that.

I know she can’t just leave, then he’d just have my brothers and me to beat up, and do his bidding. Finally, Owen asked me “He kicked you out, eh?”

I sniffed, and wiped my eyes before I looked over, and saw him. Smoking in front of his door, but my face hurt where dad hit me. It hadn’t started bruising yet, but he didn’t slap me. He punched me so hard I fell down, so I tried to cover it with my hand. Ashamed, and not wanting him to look at me, I just put my head back down, and cried in my hair.

My brothers knew Owen, and his little brother Lewis. Owen was a teenager, so too old to really play with my brothers, but Lewis came over to play video games a lot. Owen flicked his butt in the pool, and went in to ask his mom if I could stay the night.

“Oh,” she came out and picked me up. She didn’t say anything about me being heavy, I had just turned 10, so the relatives said that when they picked me up. How much I’ve grown, and so on. She just put me down on the couch, and said “Owen get her some bedding, while I get a look at you.”

She pulled my hair back, and I let her slowly take my hand away from my cheekbone. “I’m already dressed for bed.” Was all I could think of to say, because she just had sons, so she obviously didn’t have anything for me to wear, but when Owen got back. She sent him to get some ice, and I got up to help her make up the couch.

I passed out, pretty much as soon as my head hit the pillow, but Owen stayed up. In the living room, the last thing I saw was him sitting there. In a chair, watching me. Almost like daddy, only he looked worried for me. Then, the light went out, and I think I fell back asleep.

I don’t know really, I was half awake, and thought I was dreaming when I heard him whisper ‘so pretty.’ I was turned away, so my bruised face was off the pillow, but next he touched my hair, and pulled it back in the dark. He kissed my cheek gently, and moved his hand down my neck, to my shoulder.

He didn’t shake it, to see if I would wake up, and I knew what was going to happen. He was going to molest me sexually, and sure enough. It didn’t take long for his hand to move down my arm. His fingertips rubbed the side of my breast, through my sleep shirt, and he never looked at me that way before.

I’d started growing last year, a little body hair. I started shaving my legs, and under my arms, but I was afraid to get between my legs, where there were wrinkles, and folds to catch the razor blade on. Ever since I started showing through my tops, I noticed men looking at me. Dirty old men, with creepy eyes that looked away when they saw me notice them staring at my chest.

Especially when I wore tight tops, without a training bra, but I didn’t know I was going to get kicked out, and invited in to spend the night, when I got ready for bed. His hand stopped shaking, and he slipped the sheet down my arm. Then, he felt inside the covers, and rubbed my bare leg. I only had on the shortest yellow shorts.

I didn’t even put on underwear for bed, I just couldn’t walk around the house naked, with my brothers around. What if they see me, naked? They wouldn’t do anything, would they? They wouldn’t gang up on me, and corner me, so they could feel me up, like this? I started sweating, it was so hot even under the light sheet, so I finally pushed it off, and Owen let go of my leg.

“Huh!” I rolled over on my back, and tried to grab his hand in the dark, but when I opened my eyes. There was a little light on the TV, and a clock on the VCR. “Don’t go,” his back was turned, “You really think I’m pretty?” I felt the aching side of my face, “Even like this?”

“I’m sorry, I.” He wouldn’t even look at me, “Please don’t tell anyone I tried to touch you.”

“It’s okay, Owen? Look at me.” I nodded, “It’s okay, I liked it, and I think it’s making me horny.” I finally got brave, and sat up. Pulled up my top, and looked at the dark hallway, but I couldn’t see anything. It was too dark, I guess Lewis was too old to need a nightlight any more, but Owen finally got up off the coffee table, and turned around.

He sat down next to me, and picked me up, in his lap. Already topless, he felt my tiny titties, and I could smell the stale smoke on his hands. He kissed me, and opened his mouth to lick my lips. I opened my mouth to suck his tongue, and taste the nicotine on his spit. “Snh!” I was scared, but also feeling something strange between my legs.

Not wet, nor tingly, nor anything else I could describe, but deep inside, I felt something. That was always there, but I could never feel it inside me before. It felt like it was growing, somehow. Finally, it wasn’t courage that led me to taking his hand, it was lust. I put it between my legs, and crossed them to hold his fingers tight against my crotch.

“Oh!” I moaned out loud, when he rubbed the thin fabric of my shorts in between my folds, and they were so plasticy, it didn’t soak in, but I could feel how wet I’d gotten when it slipped slickly through my crack. I grabbed the pillow to hold up over my face, and moan into when he pulled his fingers out. Stretching the elastic waistband tight, he felt my little patch of pubes, but rubbed deeper, and deeper. “OhHHHH!”

I started shivering, and shaking so hard. I thought I shook right out of his lap, but he got up, and put me back down on the couch. Pulled the back of my shorts down, and rubbed my butt, to feel my twitching pussy, and touch my virgin hole from behind. It kissed at his fingertip hungrily trying to suck him in, and I hugged my knees tight. Clenched my jaw, with my eyes squeezed tight, bracing myself for the stab of pain I knew was about to cum.

“Huh!” It was almost a relief when it popped through. “Hhuhuhuh!” I tried to take deeper breaths, but the air just puffed in and out. It was hot, and built up in a cloud, in the corner of the couch, but I didn’t care. “Inh!” I squeaked, but he just popped his knuckle in, past the bloody ring where my cherry was just a moment before, then popped it back out. “Ihn! Inh inhinhininin!”

I covered my mouth with both hands, when I started shivering again, and tried to breathe through my nose, but salty snot blew out all over my fingers, and I think I passed out? Again, the next thing I knew I was cold. Naked on the covers, except my shorts were still just pulled down in the back. So, I pulled them back up, and rolled over in the covers.

Curled up, and looked at the clock on the VCR. [02:28] It wasn’t even blinking, because their dad could be bothered to get up, and fix the VCR. I blinked, and shook my head, at such a weird thought. I mean, my father, he’s so overbearing, it took me years to get over the abuse enough that I could go a full day without thinking about him, and this was just the first night, where I felt safe.

Even though I’d just gotten sexually molested, I told myself that at least he didn’t rape me, and I fell asleep wondering what his dick looked like. Owen’s for some reason, he didn’t even unzip his pants. I remembered that he still had his black jeans on, when he went out to smoke, and saw me crying there.

I shook my head, but my face ached, and I flashed back to my father’s fist. My head snapping hard, and the back of it right before I hit the floor. He hit me, I always knew he would, and I tried to be good, so he wouldn’t hit me, but it was only a matter of time. “Where can I go?” I asked him.

It turns out, I didn’t have to run away. I didn’t even have to run at all. His mother picked me up, like I weighed nothing, and. I’m not a virgin any more. Good, if my father only knew that he drove me away, only to get sexually abused, and give up my virginity, at ten. It’s all his fault, but he doesn’t have to know.

What he doesn’t know won’t hurt me.


Denouement (gM Cheat)

There was a thump, down the hall, and I woke up. Clutching the covers up over my face defensively, until I realized where I was. I wasn’t home, I relaxed, and even let out a sigh of relief. “Huh!”

Lewis flushed the toilet, and came out. Rubbing his eyes, in nothing but a pair of tightey whiteys. “Hm?” He blinked when he saw me on the couch. “What are you doing over here?”

“My dad kicked me out.”

“What happened to your face?” I felt the bruise, self consciously, while he went in the kitchen, and pulled out a carton of OJ.

“I fell. When he punched me, right in the face, for saying no to him.” I sat up, but as soon as I said that. I fell, I decided not to make excuses for him, ever again.

“Oh,” he dropped the orange juice when he saw me sitting up, topless with the sheet bunched up across my lap. “Uh, I better.” He shook his head, and looked around, mumbling something to himself, but he came back with a roll of paper towels to mop it up.

I smiled, when he looked up, out of the corner of his eye. Blushing bright red, and going right back to cleaning up his mess, but I leaned back on the couch. Put my arms up, and took a deep breath, so my nipples stood up hard, and proud in the cool morning air.

“Huh, Lewis? It’s okay, you don’t have to be ashamed of yourself. You can look.” He got up, with a little stiffy tenting out the front of his underpants, but then the door opened down the hall. So, I had to pull the sheet up, before his mother came out in her nighty. Her hair a wreck, and she went in the kitchen to start a pot of coffee.

Lewis ran back to his room, with a boner to beat off, thinking about my little tits, instead of his mom’s impressive big rack. “Huh!” I pulled my nightshirt on, but then their father came out, in boxer shorts. He took me gently, and patted me on the back.

“Maude told me what happened last night, but you better wash up in our bathroom, before the boys see you.”

I giggled, “Owen already saw me last night.” And that’s not all!

“Well, I don’t know how long you can stay, but let me get you a robe.” He dropped it, when he came back to the bathroom door, and looked down at me, naked.

“Sh,” I covered my lips with one finger, and ran my other hand up his bare hairy leg to his shorts. “I really appreciate it, and I just wish there was some way I could make it up to you.”

I know, I turned into a slut, literally overnight, but what else was I going to do? He turned on the water in the shower, so his wife didn’t hear us. Him moaning while I gave him my first blowjob, even though he’s way too old for me. Honestly, Owen’s too old for me, I’m way too young to even be thinking about having sex with him, and both his boys, but Lewis.

On the other hand, he’s only what 8? Maybe 9, so he’s probably shooting blanks, and he can’t get me pregnant, and he’s kinda cute, and judging from the boy bulge I saw in his underwear this morning, not much bigger than his brother’s finger last night. No knuckles, either.

“Uh, huh!” Finally, Mr. Hollis grunted, and pulled out. Beating it frantically in front of me, he pulled the shower door open, and pushed me in. Held onto my shoulder, and blew his wad all over my chest so the hot water washed it down immediately, then shut the door. He just pulled his shorts up, and dried his arm with a towel on the way out, but I couldn’t stay there.

I had to go back home to get my clothes at least, but I told them it was safer if I waited for my dad to leave for work. “You should call the cops.” Mrs. Hollis suggested, but I shook my head.

“What good would that do? They only keep him for about 3 weeks at the most, but then when they let him go, he comes back even meaner, and more resentful. I know he loves me, and he hates me too. Mom, and the boys too, he needs help, and the police just won’t help.”

And so on, and so on, she kept trying to tell me. I know she means well, but “NO! Listen to me, and shut your smart ass mouth for one goddamned minute, woman! Who the fuck do you think you are butting into My life!?”

So, she kicked me out, but thank god Dad had already left for work, so I could go get dressed. Mom helped me put on makeup to cover the bruise, but I missed the bus. So, I had to take the city bus that just gave me time to think.

When I don’t want to think, not any more, but when I got to school, I went to find Lewis. To talk to, and maybe talk into letting me come over. To play, fool around, get naked, and maybe see how his little dick feels in my sore horny pussy…

What? I’m 10, it’s not like I can get a job, or steal a car, and live in that. All I have going for me is this body, and what men will give me to get it. I know what I am, I’m a whore. I was born a whore, and I would never be anything more than a dirty little whore.

3 guesses who told me that? I know, I take after him, my father. That’s where I got my temper from, and even lying on the couch. Where I could see down the hallway, and into the kitchen. I could feel a little of the Control he had there, for the first time. He’s inescapable, anywhere I go in that apartment, he’s always watching. Waiting for one of us to fuck up, just for an excuse to tell you how stupid, and worthless you are.

But I can see a future with Lewis, and that future is me, wearing the pants in the family. He’s not a man, he’s just a boy. A little boy, so even if he tried to hit me, I’d just hit him back. He’s not even a teenager, and a child molester. Yeah, Owen took advantage of me, and I let him. He made me feel so good, and he didn’t even try to rape me, but he took my virginity.

He wasn’t a virgin, though. I bet I wasn’t even the first little girl he molested. That wasn’t the first cherry he popped, and I can keep letting him molest me, but Lewis. Lewis was a virgin, and I had years to manipulate him. Now that I know how it was done to me, I can do it to him, before he becomes a man. I can make him into the exact man I want him to be, starting that afternoon.

Owen came to pick us up, and took us for a ride. I told him what I wanted, Lewis, but he doesn’t know what to do. How to touch a girl like me, and of course he agreed to show him. Good, I got to see his dick too, but he just got out to watch us have sex in the back seat through the window, and beat off. That’s another thing about Owen. He’s just a child molester, and he’s afraid to fuck a little girl like me. Afraid he’ll hurt me with his big dick, when it isn’t even that big.

Compared with their father, at least I could get more than the head in my mouth if he just let me suck him off, I bet. Nothing doing, he’s still too much of a dickless little wimp, so I had to make do with Lewis’ prepube weenie.

“Huh!” He couldn’t keep it up, but I hugged him when he started crying. “It’s okay, you did great for your first time. I know you’ll get better, you just need more practice.”

I wonder, if Owen’s father taught him how to molest girls, and Lewis was just too young? Good, maybe I can get a father/son threesome out of them, but Lewis is mine, to do whatever I want with him.

Finally, I had something to hope for, a future, away from my fucked up family, so maybe one day, I can start a fucked up family of my own with Lewis, and our children…

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