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Her sister started to watch us from the stairs

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I saw Christie watching as my finger penetrated her sister.

I had dated Missy for about 2 weeks, she was blonde and tan, 14 and lived a few houses from me. She was 5’5, great tits and ass. I am 15 and black, about 6’1 and play on the basketball team, Missy was a cheerleader and we started dating after her family moved into the new houses in our neighborhood.

She wanted a boy that lived near her so they could hang out after school, so I got lucky. She had a sister that was 12, Christie, she was cute, petite, she didnt have the body Missy had but she was always so sweet to me.

It all started when I would go to Missy’s house after school, she wore her cheer outfit and she told me to sit in the middle of the sofa, I did, and she got on top of me straddling me between her legs. We started kissing and she would move her hips down until her pussy found my dick. She told me I could play with her ass if I wanted, so as we started to makeup my hands played with her lovely ass.

As we kissed, mostly tounge on tounge action, my dick would be fucking throbbing. I would squeeze and slap her ass hard, which made her scream a little, but she loved it. She starts to kiss on my neck. The stairs are infront of the sofa and I see Christie standing there, she waves and sits on the stairs watching us. Missy stops kissing my neck and lifts up her shirt and bra and lets me suck on her lovely tits.

She moans as my tongue licks and sucks her nipples and my hands squeeze her ass. She pushes her tits into my face before covering them up again. After about 15 minutes of making out, she leans back and kisses me hard again, she tells me thats enough for today and climbs off me and goes to the kitchen, Christie is still there, she waves again as she heads back upstairs.

Every time after that, Christie was there, watching me and her sister make out. If Missy wasn’t wearing a skirt she would take off her jeans or shorts and just be in her panties. I would watch Christie when we made out, she seemed to like it when I would slap Missy hard on the ass. I wondered if she wished she was the one getting slapped.

After 2 weeks of dating and making out on school days after school, I wanted more than just kisses. But, I was going to wait for Missy to make a move, I knew she was just as horny as I was but I was going to be patient.

It had rained that day, fall weather, chilly breeze, we got to Missy’s house and as we started our make out session, she slid off her panties for the first time. Christie came down to watch and I grabbed Missy’s round naked ass and opened her cheeks, hoping that Christie would get a glance at her sister’s asshole. I saw Christie start to suck her finger, my dick needed a suck so bad by now.

I played with Missy’s ass and for the first time I played with her ass crack, sliding a finger down the crack and when my finger found her asshole, she jumped. She didn’t said a word as we kissed and the tip of my finger penetrated her asshole for the first time. I had half of my middle finger in her ass, moving it in and out, trying to go deeper. I saw Christie watching as my finger penetrated her sister.

I wasn’t sure, but from the angle it looked like Christie had her hand between her legs. We made out longer than normal, a good half an hour, when Missy got up I had wet spots on my jeans from her pussy leaking on me. I was so ready to fuck her but I still waited, I knew she wanted it and she was going to be on my black cock soon.

Monday came, Missy looked great at school. She had her hair up and for the first time we had a quick kiss session at school. We got to her house after school, I sat on the sofa, she slid off her jeans and her panty and we started our make out session. I played with her ass and slapped it hard that day, I wanted to leave some red hand prints on it. I didn’t see Christie come out and watch, maybe she wasn’t home.

Missy lifts her shirt and bra, letting me suck her nipples while she moans. She tells me to take off my shirt, as I do she takes off her shirt and her bra, finally have her completely naked, is this the day she rides my hard black cock? She slides down to the floor, undoes my jeans and smiles as she starts to take them off, along with my boxers.

She sits back on my lap, we kiss naked for the first time, she whispers that she wants to suck my cock, she kisses me as she goes down to her knees, I watch as she takes my 8 inches in her hand, she kisses the head before lowering her mouth down, she starts to slowly move her mouth up my black cock, as I look up, I see Christie on the stairs.

She watches as her sister sucks on my cock, she walks down the stairs, motioning to me to be quiet, I was moaning, I wasnt quiet. Missy sucked and licked my cock as Christie came downstairs, Missy was busy and focused on my dick. As my dick was being serviced by her sister, Christie starts to undress. She stood there naked at the bottom of the stairs, her little tits where perky.

I was getting close to busting a nut and waved to Christie to go back upstairs, I didnt want Missy to catch her, she gets about 10 feet from us and bends over, opens her little ass and shows me her little asshole, she stayed bent over as I started to cum, Missy kept sucking as my load shot into her mouth, she stop to swallow before slowly sucking my cock again, Christie slowly walked back upstairs naked, Missy hops back on my lap. She asked if she was good and I said she was perfect, we kissed as I played with her ass again.

I could taste my cum in her mouth, wasnt the best thing to taste but I loved that my juice was down her throat and in her tummy.

More to cum….

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