My dirty wife Namitha part 1

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My name is govind. My wife name Is NAMITHA got married when I was 30. My wife is slim type with perfectly maintained body. He boobs always bulge outward when she wear tight dress. As her belly is perfectly maintained . So her boobs bulge pointing out wards can be easily seen . Due NAMITHA slim nature which ever tight dress she wear she look hot When our marriage my wife age is 25. Our marriage was a arranged marriage.I felt lucky to get a beautiful wife like NAMITHA . But it only last till our first night . During the first night NAMITHA told she got married with me due to family pressure. She told me she doesn’t even liked me single bit on the first day itself when I went to her house to see her . NAMITHA told me she onlly agreed for marrying me due to her family pressure. I was getting very sad on hearing this . For me On the first time itself when I saw NAMITHA I feel like I am lucky to have beautiful girl like NAMITHA. But it only lasted till our first night when NAMITHA told me every thing. My eyes started to fill with tears. But I noticed NAMITHA getting happy and smile on her face on seeing my sad face with wet eyes. NAMITHA even told me she have many friends whom with she have sex in night party or in pubs or in trips. NAMITHA told me she could not count how many times she had sex with them and NAMITHA told me she doesn’t like love or marriage life as she onlly like living together having sex enjoying life and leave when get bored and find some one else like that . NAMITHA even told me no to touch her body as she doesn’t want a loser and bad looking fat person like me to touch her body . NAMITHA told her body onlly belong to her friends and good looking persons . I burst in to tears 😭 😭😭😭 on hearing this. But NAMITHA was only laughing at me and pushed me out of the bed and asked me to sleep on floor as a punishment for marrying her . But even after she did like this I still love her. But when ever I told I love you NAMITHA tell me ” I hate u dirty pig”. I went to sleep on floor and NAMITHA was on bed. NAMITHA was wearing marriage saree as her mother told her to wear it which I gave her during marriage to wear during first night. I was laying on floor and there was still tears from my eyes . I really wanted NAMITHA to love because I love her so much. In bed NAMITHA was sleeping . Next morning when I got up NAMITHA asked me to get her coffee and she told me she have reach office at 10 and order me to drop her. I still love NAMITHA so I made coffee and food for NAMITHA . My wife NAMITHA does not like my food so NAMITHA slapped my face and order me to prepare it more nicely and order me to wash her panties and dress. When I opened NAMITHA bag there was a used condom full of cum in her bag . When I asked about this to NAMITHA she told she had sex with her friend in car 2 days before and forgot to throw condom away. And she asked me to throw out that used condom in dustbin . My eyes filled with tears on seeing some other person condom with full of cum which used to fuck my wife NAMITHA before 2 days of marriage . Then NAMITHA laughed and said ” seeing this u cry , then what will u do when I have sex with others in front of u “. When NAMITHA told like this to me I got shocked. I prayed to God for making me not to see or happen that kind of situation. Then NAMITHA told me to drop her in office. NAMITHA was wearing sleeveless shirt which is transparent at shoulders which show her red bra and white shoulders. Shirt neck was very low which show her cleavage . When she bent her boobs can be easily seen. And she was wearing a tight jeans. We got in to car. NAMITHA got in to back seat and order me to stop car in junction to take one of her friend.
From junction one of her friend enter in to car . He was also sitting with NAMITHA in back seat and I was driving like a driver. As soon as he entered the car he kissed NAMITHA on her lips and said happy married life. For showing me NAMITHA hugged him back and kissed him and said thanks . NAMITHA introduce him to me as he was the owner of that used condom which I found in NAMITHA bag which he used to fuck my wife NAMITHA 3 days before in car. I got very disturbed and feel bad that I am welcoming and riding the person to his office who used to fuck my wife NAMITHA. And my wife NAMITHA openly told that the person in car is the person who fucked her 3 days before . He and NAMITHA was sitting very closely as there bodies was touching each other and his hands were on NAMITHA laps. When I looked at NAMITHA . She shout at me and asked what am I look at fat pig πŸ–πŸ–πŸ–πŸ–. And order me to drive straight. He was laughing and kissed my wife NAMITHA neck and Said u r naught bitch hearing this NAMITHA laughed and asked to him do u want to see what all dirty things this dirty bitch can do Infront of her husband . I was shocked on hearing this and was afraid of thinking what will I do if she do something bad with him in car in open place. But lucky he told we can have later. After 20 min drive we reached the office. NAMITHA told me she will be late or maybe she won’t even come at night as she have to attain a party with her friends. Before saying anything NAMITHA closed the door and went. Before I leave I saw a person coming to NAMITHA and taking my wife NAMITHA in his arms and kissed her. My NAMITHA also hugged and kissed him publicly . I thought they would stop immediately. But they continue kissing each other in public and he started to press my wife NAMITHA ass. NAMITHA was moving her body more close to him. I was getting angry on seeing this that my wife and some other person is kissing publicly Infront of me and He is pressing my wife ass. I got out of the car and went towards them and pushed NAMITHA . As soon as I pushed NAMITHA from him he got angry and kicked in my dick. I fell down due to pain as it was so strong kick. He told me my wife NAMITHA is his girlfriend and he told me he will do what ever things with my NAMITHA in public. NAMITHA came towards me I thought she came to help. Instead of that NAMITHA slapped on my face and told me don’t disturb her when she is with her boyfriend. NAMITHA told as punishment for this that I pushed NAMITHA when she kiss her boyfriend. She told she will get fuck with him Infront of me and she went inside with him with looking back at me . I was laying there on floor with pain .

To be continued

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