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My girlfriend, Sofi. She wasn’t much of a romantic, and she always said she went out with me for “Steady dick.”

That’s what she loved about me. “I don’t want to go out, sit through a movie, watch the sunset, and I hate long walks on the beach.”

She just wanted to live her life, and have sex, but she hated dating to get laid. She didn’t want to go out to single bars to pick up men. She just wanted to fuck, when she was horny, and go on with the rest of her life after that.

So, I guess we started out as booty calls. Then friends, but the day we met, I was just walking in the park, and she came right up to me. Somehow wound up sitting in my lap, kissing me, and putting my hand up her top. “I’m horny,” she took me home, put on a rubber, and fucked me.

Hard, I couldn’t believe my luck, but then I didn’t believe that women like that actually existed. Yeah, I heard stories, but I never thought that something like that would ever happen. I’m not a particularly good looking guy, I’m not tall dark and handsome, I don’t work out, and I don’t even have a hairy chest. I guess I’m fairly average, 5″ and some change fully erect, and I never had all that much luck with the ladies, but after she got off, she asked me for my number.

I knew where she lived, because she took me over to her apartment, but I guess I stalked her a little, until she called me. “You enjoy the show?” She sounded out of breath, and husky.


“Who’s that?” A woman’s voice, close to the phone, and then a kiss on her cheek, I guessed

Then, Sophia held the phone away, so I could just make out her saying. “Just some guy that’s been following me around lately.”

“Why are you calling him now?”

“To see if he watched.” She said, as a matter of fact. As if it was obvious, but then I heard the bed shake around.

“No? You called me at home, so if I was watching you, I would have had to’ve run straight home for you to call me.”

“You’re sick!” The other woman yelled, loud enough to hear her, and then I heard the door slam, not long after that.

“You’re bisexual?” I asked, but then she answered with a deep ragged breath.

“Huh, no. Honestly, I satisfied any curiosity I might have had in high school, but I’ve got this friend. She’s gay, and she got me so turned on, I gave her a chance. So, now I just want a dick even more.”

“Well, I’m not busy, if you want me to.”

She interrupted with a word: “Hurry,” and hung up. So, I hopped in my car, and got pulled over for speeding, but it was worth it. I even told the cop I was speeding, because I had a girl waiting for me, horney, and she told me to hurry. So, the cop finished writing the ticket, and told me to “Keep it down to a dull roar.” But she grinned.

I managed to get to her apartment without getting pulled over again, but when I knocked, she just said “Come in” over the intercom, and yelled “Lock the door” when I got inside. Then “I’m back here.”

I found her in the bedroom, naked, and fingering herself furiously. I’d never seen her, or any woman so red hot, and wet before, but she pulled out the drawer, and threw the rubber on the floor before I even got my pants down. “Hurry up, and put it on.”

I got it unwrapped, rolled it on, and inside her, as quickly as I could. She egged me on, “Harder, pound me harder!” Grabbing my ass, and pulling me into her with every thrust. “Uh I’m almost there, keep going keep, up uh, huh!” She came with a long low moan, shaking under me, and clutching at the rubber with her strong vaginal muscles.

Now, let me just say that she’s not promiscuous, nor insatiable, she just has needs that I’m more than happy to satisfy. She did a lot of Kegels, all the time just sitting there reading a book, or in class just to keep her PCM supple, and strong. Then, she was so wound up from basically being teased by her lesbian friend, who stopped wanting to hang out with her after that, that it was easy. She was right on the edge when I showed up, so I held onto her.

Still trembling with a full body orgasm, I just stayed inside her. Feeling her ripple, and spasm inside until she caught her breath. I slipped my arm under her neck, and rolled over to hold onto her. “Huh!” She felt down my tummy, and took hold of my cock. “You’re not going to get off?”

“I’m not in any hurry.” I was just happy to have my arm around her, so I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath of her sex sweat. Filling the whole room, I’d left the bedroom door open, and she pulled the rubber off. Empty, she just laid it out on my hip, and started stroking me. Lazily.

“Huh, you know, I can’t remember the last time I got to give a hand job?”

I shook my head. “I don’t, really know that much about you, but I want to. You like them?”

She shrugged, and cuddled even closer. Moved her head to my shoulder, and nodded. “I guess, better than giving head, honestly.” She kept talking, asking me questions, and telling me about the first time.

I won’t write out the whole story, it’s not my story to tell, but there was this boy, and she’d seen Fast Times at Ridgemont High. That scene where Judge Rheinhold masturbated in the bathroom, looking at Phoebe Cates in the backyard pool?

“Huh, yeah. There he was, looking at me bye the pool and he got a boner. So, I wanted to see it, since you never really got a chance to, even in the R rated movies.” Like Fast Times at Ridgemont High. You could tell what he was doing below the screen, but she couldn’t actually see it. “Huh, my dad had porno mags, of course, but none of them had any pictures of dick. Just naked ladies, and sometimes a little bush.

So, got out of the water, just like Phoebe Cates, and went behind the pool house. Looking back to see him get up, and follow me. There was this corner in the fence, and a little alley way back there were I could pull down the top of my swimsuit. I barely had any tits, but he felt me up anyway. I stuck my hand down his pants, and pulled it out. He started cumming immediately, and he pulled me in to rub his cock on my tummy and shoot it up my chest.”

“Uh, huh!” I couldn’t hold it any more, just imagining her. I guess, looking like Jennifer Jason Leigh, because she didn’t say how young she was at the time, but JJL was in that movie too, and I’d whacked off a lot, looking at her little tits. Especially in Flesh+Blood, when she had a full frontal nude she, and she got in the bath with Rutger Hauer, but she never stopped stroking me. Slowly, she didn’t speed up, or slow down the way I usually did when I jerked off, but she shot it up my tummy, and milked the last of it out when I started going soft.

“Huh, that was the best hand job I ever had,” She played with my jism, rubbing it all over my body with her fingertips, while we talked. “Thanks.” About all our sexual experiences, and I didn’t have, all that many to share with her. She had more, but she mostly just told me her favorites. Most of them started with her getting horny, which told me that.

She just gets horny, and needs sex. “Dick, I knew that I needed dick, and I couldn’t wait. So, I fucked him in the car on the way to the movie theater.” On her first date, her first real date. He was in high school, and he had a job. A car, and money to take her out to watch Edward Scissorhands. They missed the whole movie, and she “Got another hand job, when he got it up again.”

She says that, she got a hand job. She got to perform a tugger, because she loved it, and she always had. She loved to get fucked too, but “There’s something about a hard dick, right in front of me, and his balls too.” She felt down, and played with my balls, with her tit practically in my arm-pit. The other one hanging right over my chest, and face. So, I just had to grab it. Hold the nipple up to my mouth to suck until she got me hard again. Put the same rubber back on me, even though I knew that you’re supposed to use a new one, every time. It was her last one, and she said “It’s better than none.”

I didn’t argue with her, rolling over, and climbing on. Straddling me, and fucking me for the first time. Slowly, “Huh, you know, I love that. You don’t mind taking it slow, and enjoying it.” More so than her, when she gets horny, she’s really in a rush until she gets some satisfaction. It just turns out that I was the first one that really wanted to stick around after. I like to cuddle, and while most guys don’t, she never really got the chance to enjoy it before. So, she didn’t realize she liked it too. Cuddling after sex.

“I really enjoy it slow, so it lasts.” I almost don’t want it to be over after we’re done, and I definitely didn’t want to be just another quickie, and a 1 night stand. I was happy with being a booty call, but of course, I wanted even more.

“Huh, you don’t mind if I pick up the pace?” I closed my eyes, and just let her fuck me. Holding my hands up to her tits, and rubbing her fingertips between mine. Stroking me with her lose wet cunt, faster, and harder, but going at her own pace. Working her way up to another orgasm, then climbing off to rip off the rubber. Literally, she pinched it away, and tore it with her nails, which felt amazing.

Then, she got down where she could rub it back and forth on her tits, shaking them, and stroking me faster that I thought possible. Really bouncing her right tit on her wrist so I couldn’t keep my eyes open to watch it, but my balls clenched up, and broke loose, shooting all over her tits, and my panting tummy again.

She let me go, and took me in the bathroom. So we could watch each other off, and make out, standing in the hot water, with the suds all over us, making our hands, and bodies slippery until the hot water ran out.

“Huh, that was amazing, you want to stay, tonight?”

“Yeah, I want to stay forever.” she frowned, and shook her head. “I’m sorry?”

“No, I. Huh, I don’t know, how to feel about that.”

“About what?”

“About this, uh!” She rolled her eyes, and threw herself on the bed. Buried her face in the pillow, so I sat down next to her, and rubbed her back. Just to enjoy her fresh clean skin, and the view of her body from behind.

“Sophie?” She rolled over, and looked down, disappointed.

“You’re not hard again?”

“No, but. What’s wrong?”

“I don’t want to, develop feelings for you.” She rolled over, and curled up. Turned away from me, I lay down beside her, and held her. While she cried, quietly, but she sniffed.

“Huh, it’s all right. If you just want me for sex.”

“I know, but I don’t.” She wiped her eyes, and rolled over again. So, I could see her without her makeup.

“Here,” I reached over her, and pulled a tissue from the box, on her bedside table. I wiped her nose for her, and kissed her. Then, we pulled the covers over us, and turned out the light. Cuddled together until she calmed down, and fell asleep. I slowly fell asleep with her, realizing that she was afraid of commitment.

Okay, well I knew guys like that, and I was starting to learn that she was like that too. She told me later, the next day when she just got up, and got dressed to go to work, “Huh!”
She shook her head, “If you’re still here when I get home…”

“I can go,” I started getting up.

“No!” She tensed up, and almost ran out the door, but she looked back. Rolled her eyes, and shrugged. “Huh, I guess it might be nice, to have a steady dick, for once. If you want to stay.”

So, I lay back, and got some more sleep. Before I got up and left, because I didn’t feel comfortable waiting in her apartment all day, alone. Then, she called me when she got home from work.

“I just don’t need the complications, right now. Between work, and school, and everything, I don’t really have time for lovers, but. I can’t help the way you make me feel, when I said that?”

“Lovers?” I liked the sound of that.

“Huh, yeah. I like the sound of that.”

“Okay, well you know I’m patient. I can wait, and you have my number, so whenever you’re ready, you can call.”

I stopped following her, pretty satisfied with that 1 night, when I had her all to myself. Not counting that quickly, the afternoon when I met her. That was pretty much “get out” as soon as I put my clothes back on, “But give me your number.”

She had second thoughts, and bit her lip. “Mhm?” Nodding as she wrote it down, but then she confessed to me, that she didn’t call for weeks, because she was scared. “I never even wanted to believe in love at first sight. It’s stupid, silly, and childish, but. I don’t know why, from the moment I saw you, at first it was just lust, but then. I knew that if I ever even saw you again, and why do you have to complicate my life so much?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Huh, don’t be. I love you.”

“I love you too.” She just hung up.


Nathan (MF Date…)

I told her all this, that first night I got to sleep with her. We stayed up late, but she had to go to work, and I had the day off, so I could sleep in.

I guess my first sexual experiences made me the peeper I am today. I know, the word Voyeur even sounds better, but I’m a little more ashamed of being a creepy peeper, and Sophia likes it too.

That’s why she was attracted to me that day at the park. I was walking around to watch the college girls running. Since it was downtown, and over bye State, a lot of them liked to go out for runs in the park, but not alone.

Honestly, it wasn’t safe. I wasn’t the only creepy guy that knew about the trails, and there were some sexual assaults. At first, she thought that was me, but it turned out that it wasn’t even a Serial rapist on campus. It was just a lot of college guys that couldn’t control their impulses, and a convenient place for girls to go out for some exercise.

She was cutting through from work. (She was a barback on the strip. Basically a busboy, only in a bar, they didn’t serve food except for bowls of peanuts, and chips.) I was college age, but I couldn’t afford tuition, and I didn’t have good enough grades for a scholarship. 19, and 20, I couldn’t even go in the bars to get shot down, trying to get a date with singles, but also, a bit of a pervert.

I liked to watch, and it wasn’t just girls going for runs in packs. It was also guys, and girls meeting out there for sex, right off of the main trails. Behind bushes, or fallen trees before the groundskeepers came to clean them up. Very well maintained, and even patrolled after dark by the cops, because there were a lot of sexual assaults.

So, I started hanging out in the afternoons. After classes, but before dark, when the cops started patrolling to protect the girls staggering back drunk.

Before that, my sisters used to make out with their boyfriends, and tell me about it, but before long. My eldest sister, she was 2 years younger than me, but the older of the 2 girls in the middle. She started inviting me, to follow her on dates. She turned 16, and got a car. Started picking up her boyfriend, and going out, but she said she felt “Safer, knowing you were there, to stop them if they try to go too far.”

So, I got to watch them in the back seat, until the windows fogged up. Waiting to hear her knock on the window, if she couldn’t scream, so I could keep her from getting raped. That’s how I knew that some girls had rape fantasies, but didn’t want to go through with it, for real. My sister enjoyed the risk, as long as she had me as a safety net, so she could date guys that were high risk.

Like me, honestly. Even before she started being sexually active, we had our mom, and her boyfriends. She always had a boyfriend, and dad didn’t know for years, because we promised not to tell him. She had sex with him too, fairly regularly, but she cheated on him all the time, and bragged to her friends about it over the phone.

I guess that’s when we started, all 4 for us, my brother, and both sisters. I forget who first thought of it, but if one of us went to distract her, the others could pick up the phone without her hearing. Then, she got back, and started gossiping with her friends. The other housewives, of course they would never even think about cheating on their husbands (or so they said,) but they loved to hear the salacious stories my mom had to tell.

She loved John, but it wasn’t as exciting as running around behind his back. That was my dad, and for a while, I went by “Trey.” Johnathan Smythe III. I swear to god, I’m this close to being a John Smith, but I started going by Nathan in high school, just to avoid any confusion.

So, listening in on the phone, my brother, sisters and I found out that she always had her boyfriends over during the week, while we’re away at school. Married men, mostly neighbors, who didn’t know John (Jr.) personally, to avoid any awkward moments. That’s how she avoided getting caught, for years, but she couldn’t juggle a husband, 4 kids, a boyfriend, and anyone else.

So, she only had 1 boyfriend at a time, and maybe a quickie with a third man, when she had a chance. Booty calls with ex lovers, who decided to cool it for a while, so his wife didn’t find out, but if her current boyfriend couldn’t make it.

My mom made sure she had sex, almost every day. Sometimes at night with her husband, but every school day, if she could. We even got to hear them doing it, during the summer when she sent us off to play. So, she could call her boyfriend to come over, but just like listening in on the phone.

We figured out that we could take 1 wireless, and hide it under the bed, while we listened to the other in the back yard. She always pulled the blinds, but sometimes they did it in the living room, the kitchen, or the laundry room on the washing machine while it was running. So, we couldn’t hear them through the phone under her bed, but we heard about it later, when she called her friends to brag.

I still got to see her, fucking dad, or any of her boyfriends every once in a while. They tried to keep it down, but not always. When they were doing it anywhere else but the living room, I got to sneak in the house, and watch. Peeking around the doorway, or the corner from the living room to the hall.

So, then I started going out after dark. When it wasn’t a school night, I could stay out all night, and find the best places to watch people have sex. Which houses had couples that didn’t cover their windows, and it turns out, there were a lot. In my neighborhood, I got hints just listening on the phone, but some of mom’s friends weren’t into sleeping around on their husbands.

They were exhibitionists, and it didn’t even take long to realize that they did it on purpose. I mean, once you think that you’re lucky, she spread her legs right at the window where you could see it. On the bed, but then she did it again on the couch in the living room. Met her husband at the door, in sexy underwear, and went down to blow him where you could see them from the porch.

They had a window, or 4 in their front door, with little drapes tied up around the sides. They could have just pulled the bows if they wanted some privacy, and they had kids too. I talked to them, and they admitted that they saw their mom, and dad doing it, all the time. A daughter not much younger than I, who liked me, and wanted to have sex with me, “But in private. Only in private, I want to make sure there’s no chance of anybody seeing me, or hearing me, so I don’t have to keep it down.”

She held her breath, and squealed when she had an orgasm, but moaned as loud as she could. Because she knew she could, that was the whole point of driving way out in the middle of a field. So, long before anybody came close enough to look in the windows, we could see them and put on our clothes. Drive off, but long before that, my sister had me follow her on dates. Just to keep her safe so she could go out with the scummiest ass grabber guy in town.

That’s what they called him, all the girls in school knew him as “The ass grabber,” because if he hadn’t groped them before, they at least knew somebody he assaulted, and she actually got him to stop. Grabbing other girls, even after he started grabbing them from behind by the bra cups, until they screamed, so he ran off.

To jerk off, I guessed, but as soon as he got a girlfriend, and steady sex in the back seat. Bent over doggy style, so he could hold onto her bare tits, and hump into her bare ass. I guess, it only lasted for so long. He got arrested for frotting girls in college, but that was after he left, and they broke up.

Once a sex offender, always a sex offender, even if you take a break. For a while, the right partner can satisfy your urges, but they always came back. I knew that, and Sophia did as soon as I told her. Well, she caught me looking at a waitress while we’re out. For dinner, it wasn’t really a date. More like “I don’t want to cook, so lets go out to eat.”

The waitress wasn’t our waitress, but she worked the same section, and she really worked her table, for good tips. She had tight black pants on, so tight that I could see her panty line right through the pockets when she bent over. Low enough to show plenty of cleavage when she went around the other side of the table.

“You think she’s hot?” Sophie just held up a piece of her calzone, and ate it off the end of her fork.

“Oh, sorry sweetheart, I.” Blushed, ashamed of myself.

She washed it down with some red wine. “I didn’t ask if you’re sorry. You know I’m not jealous but.” She leaned over, and lowered her voice. “Once a peeper, always a peeper, huh?” She smiled, and looked down. To cut another square of calzone, speared on her fork.

“Well, of course she’s sexy. There’s no question at all about that. She knows it, and every guy in here knows it too. Even that little boy over there.” I nodded, but he was too busy following her with his eyes. Her ass swinging with her hips, because she walked that way. Knowing full well that it shook her ass, and got her more tips. “You’re a waitress, and you know damned well how to get better tips.” (After a couple years, she moved up from Barback to waiting tables, in the same cocktail bar.)

She laughed “He looks about 8.” His mother slapped his hand, and leaned over to tell him, something. I couldn’t hear, but I could guess. Something about it being rude to stare, I imagine.

“Yeah, little horndog. 5 bucks says he has to go to the bathroom.”

“You’re on.” I lost that bet, but he just crossed his legs, and finished her dinner. I payed up, and she just added the bill to the tip, but we had a good time, and walked home. Talking about sex, but she laughed as soon as we got outside. “Huh! I don’t suppose I can understand why you’re so obsessed with watching, instead of having sex.”

“I like having sex too. Why, you getting horny watching Jodee work so hard for tips?” It said Jodee right on her apron, so we both could see exactly how she spelled it.

“I bet I could get better tips, if she worked with me.”

“I don’t know about that. She’s a lot older than you.”

“Uh!” She hit my arm, gently laughing, but I loved her laugh. “You think that experience outweighs me being younger, and prettier?”

“Younger maybe.” I pulled my arm back before she hit me, harder. “Ow!” I rubbed my ribs. “Watch it!”

“Well, take your licks. It’s not my fault you flinched. You earned it with that comment about her being prettier than me.”

“I didn’t say prettier. Maybe just as pretty, but she really knew how to work that ass!” I patted her’s.

“Fat ass.”

“Bigger tits too. Bigger tits mean bigger tips, right?”

“Hey, some guys like my little tits, you creepy peeper.” She knows I love it when she calls me that, but now we’re pushing each other’s buttons.

“You love it.” I turned her around, and kissed her.

“Huh!” She sighed, and bit her lip. Looking down, and rubbing me hard through my crotch. “I love you, even if you can’t keep your eyes to yourself.”

“Well, you’re not jealous, and I love that about you, but you ever want to see other men?”

“I have all I need right here.” She looked around, and unzipped my fly, to slip her fingertips in. “Ooh, you’re nice and warm in here.”

“Well, you’re getting hot under here?” I slipped up the bottom of her cocktail dress, but it was getting late. Late enough for traffic to die down on the street. A block, or 2 away from the main drag, on the way to her apartment, but not late enough for the bars to let out. Drink Driver hours where you might not be safe on the sidewalk, if one of them lost control, and jumped the curb.

“I’m getting there, why don’t you see if I’m getting wet, but keep an eye out.” She put her arm around my neck, and turned me around. Backed me up in a corner, and pulled the button up to clear the tip. Pushing the waistband down, so she could grip me, and stroke me. Slowly, gently, with her thump along the top, and her fingers doing most of the work.

I shook my head, “Someone’s coming,” and pulled the front of her dress down. The headlights came around the corner, and stopped at the light.

“You better be cumming soon.” She let go, and stepped to the side, to slip the straps off her shoulders. The spaghetti straps, and and bra straps, so her tits spilled out the neck of her dress slipping down. The cups hanging out, so i could cover her with my hands, and grope her until the light changed.

Someone honked, and the guy in front shook his head. Hit the gas so his tires spun out, and the car behind him turned.

She laughed, looking back, and following them drive past us. Almost topless, with nothing but my hands to cover her hard nipples. “Huhaheh!” She shook her head, slipping the straps back up her arms, and shaking back into her bra cups. “We better go, before we start an accident.”

“Yeah,” I pulled my underwear out, and tucked it in to zip up. “Huh?”

She pushed me hard, when we came around the corner of the alley. Followed me, pulling up her dress, and slipping her undies down. “I can’t wait, get it out, let’s do it right here.”

“Okay,” she backed up to the wall, and kicked off her heels. So she could put her legs up, and I bent to get my dick down between her legs. Holding them behind the knees, she gripped me, and aimed. Sighed, when she sank down, hot wet, and loose from all the dirty talk.

She got her tubes tied, long before she met me, and she only insisted on rubbers to avoid catching anything, until she had me for Steady Dick. So, there was no reason to stop, and get a rubber out any more. We could get right to it, wherever, and whenever we’re ready.

“Huh, call me Jodee!”

“Jodee?” She said it with a ditsy lilt, on the ees. “Huh, I don’t love her, I love you.”

“Uh, huh. But I bet you’d love to watch her. Yeah, taking that whole table of college guys.”

“If they can get it up with all the pitchers they got. Yeah, I’d rather watch you.”

“Uh fuck me.”

“I’d rather watch you jerk them all off.”

“Uh!” I could tell she was getting close. “Huh!”

“One by one, sitting in one guys’ lap, with a dick in each hand. Their hands all over you, and ngh! GRH!” I growled, with the image of all of them blowing their wads under the table. All over her legs, the dress, and then that little boy.

I don’t know, 7 or 8, but the moment I shot her full of dick juice. I couldn’t get the look on his face out of my head. Wide eyed, mouth hanging open, watching Sophia get covered in jizz.

“Huh!” If my knees weren’t braced against the bricks, they would have given out, but I had to let her legs go. “Huh, huh!” Hyperventilating.

“Huh,” she put her feet down, and pulled up her underwear. “Wow, you’re really, passionate about that?”

I fixed my pants, and kept my eyes down. Not on her tits, jiggling back into her bra, again. I guess I’d been holding back, but “Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it a lot.”

“Gangbangs?” She stepped back in a shoe, and picked up her heel. To slip the elastic band back up. This pair had buckles on the ankle, but cleverly concealed stretchy parts so she never had to unbuckle them.

“Just watching you, with other men.”

“I know,” She touched my face, and kissed me. “For real?”

“Of course, I never got a chance to see you with anyone else. Before we became lovers.”

“When you’re stalking me?”

I looked down, and nodded. Knowing that just made her like me even more, and she didn’t even look at another man. She was too busy looking behind her, pretending to window shop. Stopping on the street, to see my reflection in the window, following her.

“Why, when you can fuck me any time you want? You know that.”

“Because, I can’t see me fucking you. Even in the mirror in the bedroom, it’s just not the same, and I know there’s plenty of men that would love it.”

“You got one in mind?” She looked at me, curiously, but took my arm, and turned me around to the mouth of the alley.

A car pulled off, from across the street, behind us. We looked back, and laughed. Recognizing the car that drove past us after they honked for the guy at the light. They must have made the block, and pulled up when we’re too busy to nice them. Watching us fuck in the alley.

“Huh, I guess it’s not fair, that everyone gets to watch you fuck me.”

“No, I don’t know anyone, I’d like to watch fucking you. Nobody in particular, in fact. It’d be better if I don’t know him, because then I’d have to deal with him. Bragging about it, and you know he’d be a complete asshole about it.”

Just for context, this was back in the 90s. So, “Cuck” was just a keyword for a porn search, on Yahoo, or Excite. Nobody called you a “Cuck,” because it hadn’t become slang, before the rise of the incels. Just because they didn’t have a word for it, doesn’t mean that a guy wouldn’t be an asshole about it, when he nailed your girlfriend. Even if I wanted him to, so I could watch. Then, I’d have to deal with that Smugness, and I didn’t want to bad enough to give up any friends over it.

Of course, I didn’t know a single guy, that didn’t want to nail her. I just didn’t know any I trusted to be cool about it, after the fact. “Maybe you know one, you used to go out with.”

“I never went out with anyone, before you.” She hugged me.

“No, but you had booty calls.”

“Yeah, but that was before we met, and became lovers. Honestly, I don’t want to go back to that part of my life, but I guess. Huh, I like the idea of a stranger, you’re right. If I don’t know him either, then there’s no chance he won’t try to make it any more than a 1 time thing.”

“But you want to do it?”

“Huh, yeah. Honestly, I’ve been thinking about it a lot too, but it’s late. I’m drunk, so we better get to bed, and talk about it later, when I’m sober.”



I can go on, but this has gone on long enough. It really depends on how you guys like it, so feedback is always welcome…

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