Sucking dick for the first time

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Hi. I’m not an author but I’m quite turned on by my one and only experience with a penis, so here it goes.

My parents didn’t allow me to go to big or mixed parties with a lot of boys growing up but when I was 17 I decided that I wanted to be wild and party and drink, smoke weed, do the fun stuff everyone my age was doing and maybe even have my first kiss. I’ve thought about loosing my virginity and that age and even younger but I was always too scared to go through with it. I was so desperate to be kissed I could’ve even kissed another girl. I was horny and I didn’t have anyone to take my sexual frustration on.

At the party, I drank a lot, smoke a little but it made me cough and I felt like my lungs were gonna explode if I took one more hit of it, and I danced A LOT all over the place and all over everyone. I was getting felt up left and right. At one point I didn’t even know how many people were even touching me but it was my first time going wild and I decided to be scared or care. At one point I even caught one of my girl friends feeling me up but I kind of got chills and started to get uncomfortable at that point.

It was too much for me and for some reason my first time drinking alcohol made me so emotional that I bursted out crying on the dance floor and my friend (who felt me up and touched every crevice of my body without my permission) took me aside and sat me down on a couch outside by the front porch of the house we were at. She apologized to me for touching me and said that she thought I would like it. She hugged me and left, she said she would go say bye to her boyfriend at the time and come back to take me home so her mom could sober me up before my dad come and pick me up.

While i was sitting there alone an older guy approached me, there were college guys at the party and I think he was one of them (to this day I don’t know who he is). He came up to me and asked me something along the of “are you okay sweetie?” I can’t quite remember what he said exactly, I was still very intoxicated. I mumbled something, I couldn’t get the words right and I was all rambly. He figured out I was too drunk soon enough and picked me up on his shoulder without asking and took me to his car. I was too drunk to fight and even if I wasn’t drunk he was about 3 times my size. At the time I was ( 4’11 . 99lbs ) I think. He opened the door to his car and sat inside with his feat on the ground. He sat my on my knees on the ground. He did it al so quickly it seemed like he knew what he was doing and that I wasn’t his first rough throat fucking I guess.

He opened my mouth and unzip his pants and shoved his whole big dick in my throat right away. I started choked and sobered up so quickly. I was pushing him away but he was holding my head in place and shoving his dick deeper in my poor little inexperienced throat.

He started fucking my mouth slowly. Slow thrusts and I was gag every time he interned my throat I started to taste his bitter pre cum and it made me nauseous. He started going faster and faster and faster and fucking my throat so hard and fast and I was gagged hard and trying to push him away but he was getting more and more aggressive. I was trying to talk and tell him I’m gonna throw up but with his cock in my mouth and penetrate my virgin throat I couldn’t and when he pulled his dick a few inches away from the opening of my throat so he could go in even deeper with next thrust I threw up. He had no mercy on me and continued fucking the living shit out of my little throat not giving a care in the world about how I felt being abused like that.

He fucked for a few more minutes and I passed out, woke up on the floor beside him covered in cum and puke all over my mouth, face, and my little cute dress.

I ran back inside and I met my friend by the door where she told me that she’s been looking for me and she asked me who did that to you and I bursted out crying and we hugged.

We took an Uber to her house where she gave me a bath and cleaned me up, dressed me in one of her pjs and we convinced my parents to let me sleepover. We told her mom and her mom came to her room and told me that what happened was wrong and that not every guy is like that and that I deserved better but I shouldn’t have worn a the dress I was wearing because men would mistake you for being a slut if you wear something like that. I was wearing a short yellow dress. It was tight and had a tiny spaghetti strap and barely covered my butt so when I bent over or tweeted everyone could see my thong. I wasn’t wearing a bra because I didn’t have that much tits but I looked really cute. If you saw me at the time you would’ve thought I was 12-14 years old not 17. I was really cute but guys back then were mean and we’re just trying to use me for sex because I looked young and fresh not like other girls who had bigger more developed bodies. I was actually really sad that my tits never grew and that I was physically small but soon enough I realized that it’s what men want and I attract way more men that my curvier friends.

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  • Reply Mike ID:hecz4ja8j

    You got to smoke your first dick the hard way. I bet you liked the taste of cum.

  • Reply Joey ID:1cwbya6cubw4

    I would love to learn how to suck cock. Snap me jose222356

  • Reply Brad ID:7z8b6fz20j

    My first time sucking cock changed my life. I loved it and know I can’t get enough cock

  • Reply Will ID:1ek7pw4m9k

    Are there any men here that smoke and love getting bjs while they smoke? I can give smokey bjs but be ddf and clean

    • Will ID:1ek7pw4m9k

      I do enjoy that. You smoke too? I’m in NC

  • Reply Hansfield. ID:y4k3nl1yudo

    Taking advantage of a drunken girl is something I never did and never would do, never, there should always be full consent.

    • hot cop ID:1cxte1qgdhno


  • Reply I LOVE SUCKING DICKS ID:1dod7v00lbvi

    I COULD READ THIS ALL DAY! I personally love sucking my boyfriend’s, Hudson, dick. Every night he comes and sticks his dick up my ass and sucks my cherries.

  • Reply skimofkr ID:7xsdkem4

    I hope you learned to enjoy sucking cock

  • Reply Keepingucompany ID:22lta3noij

    Nawww … the dude was a turd like you

  • Reply Hardblkcock ID:3zxisybx20i

    Sounds like you enjoyed sucking cock

  • Reply Chris ID:fzq60i2d0

    Nice story..I remember my first time it was with a older man that lived across the street from my grandma who I went to live with at age 13 he suduced me pretty much with some booze and pot and porn either way I wound up on my knees between his legs with his very thick and long cock in my mouth his hand holding my hair pumping my mouth up and down on his cock that day I became a cock sucker and cum swallower he taught me how to suck swallow and how to take a good throat fucking he even put me out to two of his buddies that’s where I learned that it was ok to suck off 3 guys at one time they took turns using my mouth and made me swallow all there cum

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren2qrc

    “one and only experience with a penis” “and I attract way more Men”
    Please make up your mind girl, is it penis or pussy. well, or both that’s even better.
    Good story though the guy taking a puke blowjob is really sick and needs help.

    ii agree, huge boobs and areola’s are disgusting to me loving smaller more perky pink and sensitive nipples.

  • Reply Proud to be a degenerate ID:3u8hgapg499

    You should have put the tag abuse man

    • Author ID:3eeyjyc1d9c

      I’m very sorry I really should have.

    • M ID:5m8awiqm

      Abuse? Calm down snowflake

  • Reply Chrissak ID:2ruinkmql

    Really like your stuff man, thanks for sharing

    • Author ID:3eeyjyc1d9c

      Thank you!!! Glad u enjoyed as much as I did

  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

    Really good for your first story. I appreciate the formatting, and this turned out a lot easier to get into than a lot of “Authors” post here. A little proofreading, and indentation goes a long way. So, we don’t end up going back, and reading the same line over, to remind us we’re reading a story, instead of experiencing something.

    This was abuse, you know that. Depending on your definition, borderline Rape, and potentially triggering for readers who’ve survived something like this. Fairly common with the party, alcohol, frat boys, and so forth. You foreshadowed well enough that I hope most girls have the sense to get out, before they flash back.

    In future, I suggest you keep writing, but also use the trigger Warnings/Story Codes to avoid real survivors flashing back. Other than that, you can share your fantasies. You’ll only get better…

    • Author ID:3eeyjyc1d9c

      thanks, apologies.

    • M ID:5m8awiqm

      No. The story was fine. No trigger warnings needed. Ffs