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My first time was with my virgin cousin!

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My name is Thyago, I am 16 years old, 1.69 tall, I am a little skinny. I have a cousin of 15 years, her name is Luara. She is 1.61 tall, is blonde (natural), short hair, fair skin, clear eyes. She has always been a very beautiful girl, since I was a child, I was kind of in love with my cousin.

So I’m from Brazil and this is my first erotic story here in “sex stories 69”, and, how my english is very bad, probably you will not understand all the story, but I hope you understand and that you like too, enjoy

Since when we were kids we used to play, we used to be and we are very friends, my first kiss was with her, when we were 8 years old, and we were kind of a sweetheart, and even though our cousins ​​did not see our parents No problem at all, because we were kids. Then time passed, and our cousin relationship grew stronger.

When I was 13, she was 12 and already was very good, even young had a beautiful little body, was thin, small breasts, but had a big butt and stubborn. I have never looked at her with other eyes, but as they say: a spark is enough to light the fire. Luara had an innocent face, but she was very naughty, and even a little naughty in me, whenever we were alone in my house or hers, or even in school or in the park, anywhere she stayed me looking, blinking at me, and biting her lips, I myself very young already understood those signs, she sat next to me, almost in my lap, when she was in skirt she pulled her skirt up showing her thighs, took my hand and put it well in her pussy on top of her panties (that’s when she wore panties) sometimes she would not have panties on and I’d make some fondling in her shawl.

We did it kind of in the innocence, but we already knew that it was wrong, but it gave us wonderful sensations. Sometimes my cousin would sleep in my house, and sometimes I would sleep in her house, and we would always sleep together. One day I went to sleep in her house, we used to sleep naked, more because of the heat, and also because we were very intimate, and on those nights that we spent together she would be doing “carinhos” on my cock, I liked it very much and also he would be caring for her.

Once I woke up and I had a hard time, but I did not try to disguise it because my cousin had seen it so many other times, I said: – He is like that because of you … Hit a little for me? She: – Alright. Then I said, “A jerk and a fucking cunt?” She: – No, you just said the punch. Me: Yeah, but now I want the blowjob too. She: – No, just the punch Me: – Then a jerk, and let me cram in your ass. She: – Alright. Me: So how are we going to do it? She: “I do not know, what are you going to start?” Me: – First let me close the bedroom door. Then I got up and closed the door so nobody would see what we were going to do, and I said: Okay, come here I think I’ll start with your hot ass. She: – Okay, just will not cum and dirty my shorts. Me: – All right.

So I laid her down on the bed with her pretty little ass facing me, I kept stroking her butt and her thighs. Then I grabbed her by the waist and got a bundle in it, and while I rubbed my penis on her ass and thighs, I caressing her pussy lightly, making her give a beautiful little grooves, I also caressing her beautiful little tits, I smelled her hair and kissed her neck, felt her skin shiver, she said nothing, just moaned softly and squirmed in the bed. I kept rubbing my cousin for a while, I even tried to stick my dick in her pussy but she pulled away a little. After about 5 minutes, she said, “It’s already a good cousin … you already had a lot of it on me … Let’s have a snack now.

Then last year we lost our virginity, I was 15 and she was 14, and she was in our cousin’s bed, during her 8 year anniversary party. We were the party of our cousin, Luara was very hot, dressed in a short black outfit, black tank top half transparent and also with a black boot to the knees, I was taradinho in her rsrs. We exchanged glances as if we had wanted each other. Then I went to talk to her, both of us already horny, we looked for a place to be alone, then we entered the house and we sat on the sofa and began to kiss, she put her hand on my stick and realized that it was hard, she He smoothed my dick over his pants.

So I gave the idea of ​​going to a fourth because we could be caught at any moment. She said, “And we go where?” Me: – Let’s go to a room? She: – Which one? Me: – I do not know anyone. Then we left the room, and went up the stairs, and entered the first door, was our cousin’s room, had a very small bed but was the only room unlocked. As soon as we entered, I locked the door, my cousin was grabbing me and kissing me, then she pushed me in that little walk and began to undress, took off her blouse and her skirt, I took my clothes I was in only underwear, then she lay down above me, and as she kissed me, she began to rub herself in me, and she kept rubbing her pussy on my cock.

We took some time rubbing and kissing, then she took my dick out and got pissed, my dick was great for a boy my age, was about 15 cm, and was a bit thick, was straight and had a few hairs , soon she started to lick the head of my dick, and dps was sucking his head, then she made a slight effort to fit him all in his pretty little mouth, and already sucked him all. Then I lay her on the bed facing me, I took off her panties, then when I saw that her lusty little pussy, all wet I did not waste time and I gave a seal on her, my cousin squirmed and said, – That’s tickling cousin. She squirmed all the time, moaning quietly and closing her legs and saying, “Aaaah, my cousin, how delicious, it goes on, it’s still a cousin.

I was sucking and licking her pussy for a few minutes, then I felt a liquid dripping from her pussy on my tongue, the rascal had enjoyed it, I loved to taste the bitterness of the taste of my beautiful cousin’s milk. Then I asked her to suck my dick, she started to suck, and she sucked like a little slut, she licked her head and made fondles in my balls, until I felt I was ready to cum, and I said: – I’m enjoying my cousin. Then I came and she took my cock out of her mouth, even so I squeezed my milk inside her pretty little mouth, then I got pouting and wrapped all her pretty little face.

Then I kissed her, it was a long, wet and very delicious kiss, until I could taste my own cum in her warm tongue. Then I started rubbing the head of my cock at the entrance of her pussy, she moaned softly and squirmed. Then I started to shove, even her pussy being all wet, I just managed to stick her head, she squirmed again, and moaning this time she moaned very loud, I soon saw that her eyes filled with tears. I tried to shove him in one go, but she moaned a lot and closed her legs. So I stopped for a minute, I left my dick inside that little gruel of mellow, ours was good to feel my dick inside her, it was warm and very yummy inside.

A few seconds later I went back to the back, I started very slowly, dps I stretched and put my whole dick, she uttered a loud cry and almost crying she said: – AAAAAAAHH, take off, take off your penis, cousin sucks it hurts very take off. I stopped and said: – You want me to stop Luara, I do not think you can handle it. She said: – NO, continues cousin I can handle, it hurt a lot but I want to continue, leave it for a few minutes and dps still? I said: – Okay, then I’ll go on, just relax, cousin, I’ll go slowly with you … Do you trust me?. She: – I trust cousin, I love you very much and I know that you will not hurt me. Me: – I love you too, cousin.

Then I kissed her in the mouth, and after about 5 minutes, I started going back and forth very slowly, because she complained of pain, my cousin moaned very loud and seconds later I saw blood dripping from inside her pussy by the head of my dick, her little cape will just be ripped out, I kept on with the slow pumping, she would sayg – Aaah, now, eat me with a cousin, I can handle it. I started to punch faster I felt my cock catching fire inside that cock, I was pounding hard, then I felt that pussy tighten and let go, I was ready to cum together with her, seconds later she, moaning much said: – Aaaiinn, I I’m having a cousin… Oh I’m gonna cum!… Ooohh, I came my cousin… Aaaah, that’s a good my cousin.

Then I grabbed her on the shoulders of her, pounded all my dick deep in her pussy, and I joined her, I felt my body lose all strength, I fell on my cousin’s body, almost fainted, after a few seconds I took my dick out of her and squeezed her breasts and belly. We spent a few minutes in bed both of us very sweaty. Then we left the room still naked, and we ran to the bathroom to clean. Then we dressed and went back to the party as if nothing had happened.

When it was 1 hour, we went home and as soon as we arrived, we went straight to the bathroom to take a shower. Then we got under the shower, as soon as I saw naked in front of my hot cutie naked too, I got very excited, then I started rubbing my cock in his wonderful ass, I was rubbing my dick between his thighs. Then I brushed my little head at the entrance of her ass, as she said nothing, so I just put the head of my cock inside her ass, she said: – Not cousin in my ass not. I said, “Relax, cousin, I’m going very slowly. She: – But will it hurt a lot? Me: – Just a little bit but soon the pain disappears and you will like it. She: – Not cousin, hj is not. Me: – Good cousin. In that I was annoyed, but since I would have other chances, I decided not to insist, I just caressed her pussy, and I’ve been rubbing my dick in her cute anûs.

She moaned and squirmed, could not stand it for long, I soon felt her soft body in my arms she had enjoyed, I saw a lot of fucking dripping on the legs of my little blonde safada. She moaned a lot, she said: “Aaah, I’ve had a little cousin … Aaah, what a hot little cousin, now put it all on … Go cousin, put everything inside my ass … Ooh, go cousin fill me with your milk, my little cousin. Then I did not waste time, I did not want to mess around with the bad luck, I shoved everything and I was punching hard on my little cunt, I got fucked by my cousin’s hot and naughty cousin for a few minutes, then I felt like I was going to cum and I pounded everything inside and I squeezed it in her ass, then I took out my dick, I hit a wad until I enjoyed it on her beautiful thighs and her wonderful rabe.

Then we finished the bath and went to the porch, lay in a hammock, and we talked for hours, she said: – Thanks cousin I really enjoyed having my first time with you. Me: – I also loved cousin, it was wonderful. Then when it was almost dawn we fell asleep.

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  • Reply Glory peter ID:1ah770le209

    I wonder when my frist time would be like (still a virgin)

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  • Reply Cool ID:30rzx5nnqi

    Got me so hard same happened to me i was 13 my two female cousins were same age when we started fucking and sucking we would do threesome,we stopped wen we were 17.the last time we fucked i fucked them in the ass for the first time.

    • Random ID:38avgy2m4

      When I was around that age I used to dry hump my czin sister. She had a nice fat ass and she’
      rubbed her moving ass on me while I would rub on her. It all started with a back massage and then I started touching her ass with my elbows. She questioned what I was doing but then ended up asking me if I wanted to sleep on top of her. Her ass was so big and soft for me as I was very young at the time. I humped my sexy hot aunts feet once and moved up her leg to her ass once when she was sleeping too. After that she would spread her toes and show her feet to me rarely
      And my czin who is just in between being a pre teen and teen used to tease me by pressing her jelly like ass on my dick. She is just so cute I know she’s gonna end up getting fucked by some one one way or another. She used to sit on my lap when I used to play last of us because she got jealous at me staring at Ellie and she must’ve got angry I liked a game character while she was right there. Some of my F close relatives have the best asses I’ve ever seen in real life.
      I just regret not taking it further when I was younger. Now my aunt is married but my cousin sister got divorced twice so maybe il get lucky one day🤫

  • Reply Shawn Gayle ID:vuf1mmsz

    I used to kissed my cousin and saw my cousin pussy?????

  • Reply Fuck u ID:gjzrtaed0

    I love my casun too but i will not fuck her

    • Govind ID:7ezgku1fia

      No no no,. Fuck her onr time at least

    • Govind ID:7ezgku1fia

      I love my cousin too,. She is too hot. Her boobs always touching my hand. Once i decided to ask her n she said no but later dat day i gave her a pil. She slept. I opened her bra slowly sucking her nipple n came down to pussy. She has pussy hmm hmm i love it. Her lips r awesome. I took my penis inside her mouth n i took her pussy in my mount.

  • Reply Shitty Buttocks ID:44zsrtuj6id

    Was this written by a machine??? Fucking crap!!!

  • Reply John_B. ID:7bteitaed2

    This story reminds me a lot of my adolescence… my first time was also at age 13, but it was with my sister who was 11 years old, and we did those “things” until I was 16… good times those.

    • Fh ID:2t4anoxv4