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Slitting a Spliff

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I was niccing on lunch, but Bujold always has smokes, so I met him out by the cafeteria doors, and we went out through the side gate. They’ve got a rusty old chain up, but somebody, I bet Bujold took bolt cutters to the lock, and just left it so you couldn’t tell. We looked around, and twisted it off, then snuck out the fence.

They got some high wires back there, and a couple of those towers that look like the Eiffel tower in France, but it’s safe enough. Just don’t want to get busted smoking at school, and Bujold dug in his pocket. “Hey man, I brought a spliff, you want to split it with me?”

“Yeah, “I laughed, “Split the spliff.” He pulled it out of his pack, but I was really niccing, so I took a drag off his smoke while he straightened it out. “Snh.” Then, I smelled how skunky it was, and told him to “Light it up.”

Then, we didn’t say anything while we passed them back and forth, until it burned down to a roach, and he didn’t have a paper clip to hold it on him.

“Be right back.” He put it out, and rolled it up in the plastic from his pack, but he gave me another smoke to hold me until school let out. Then, he went across the dirt road behind some trees, and I thought he was probably taking a leak back there, but then he was gone, a long time. I finished half the butt, and put it out to save it for later.. Then, I thought maybe he was taking a dump.

“Dude,” nope, he was beating it. “What the fuck!”

“Sh, check it out.” He pointed between some trees, and I saw the girl’s school, down the hill. A bunch of girls crowded around the fence, and one in the corner. She pushed out, and another one stepped back. Bent over, and lifted up the back of her skirt. She pulled her underwear down, and picked up her legs to slip them off, over her socks.

“What the.”

His belt clinked, but he was just buckling it up, and said, come on.

“Dude, they’re like.” Lesbians? One of the girls took the underwear, and sniffed it. “Christian, so they’re not going to give you any.” I shook my head, and realized. Well, I was stoned, that was some pretty strong stuff, but the buzz just made all this hard to believe.

“Sh, someone’s coming.” I felt it give, under my foot, and then it snapped.

They giggled, and someone else asked “A boy?”

“Boys,” Bujold turned around and waved me over.

“Oh, it’s you.” So, they know him.

“Come on, man. It’s cool, girls.” He turned back, so I licked my hands, and slicked back my hair. “This is Jonny.”

“Hey, Jonny.”

I looked around a sec, and then realized he was talking about me. Oh yeah, it’s probably not a good idea to tell them our real names, especially with a name like Bujold. He was the only Bujold at our school, that’s for sure, and you know. They’re Christian girls, so one of them would probably tell, eventually.

They giggled looking back and forth, then one said. “I hope you’ve got a bigger penis.”


“Sh! You want to yell loud enough for the sisters to hear?” I think she ment the nuns, that run the place. It’s also a convent, but they have classes for girls, too.

“Oh, I was just kidding, come here.” A long skinny arm reached through the bars. There not like prison bars, more like square ones, but painted black, and bent out on the top, with sharp looking points, to keep you from climbing over.

They really need to cut back the trees, though. I mean, not just on this side, it looks like you could just climb up, and find a strong enough branch to hang over the other side. Then just let go, but over there, it was just a bunch of little ones, a couple inches thick?

“I bet he’s hard huh?”

Then, I heard his belt buckle clink, and it’s rude. To look at another guy’s dick. In the bathroom, or the locker room, but it’s not like he was showing me it. He was just spanking it with a good view down into the school yard, and here I am with a bunch of girls right in front of me, but all I can think about is his junk?

“Oh yeah, big and hard. I was just teasing you about that.”

“Well, what about his?” I shook my head, and blinked. “You who. Earth to Johnny.” I smiled. “You been doing drugs?”

“No? I got it right here, you want to see?”

“No, bring it over here. If we wanted to just look at one, we’d just get out all the dick pics on our phones.”

“Yeah, but that’s not as good as the real thing, cause you can look, but you can’t touch.” A bunch of hands reached through, waving me over like sirens, and most of them had sweaters on, but some of them had their blouses open, and their bras pressed up against the bars. There sure was a lot of him.

“He’s not a bad boy. Are you Jonny, you’re a good boy.”

“Good booy!” They laughed, when one said it, like you’d call a dog that, but I didn’t care.

“Ooh!” Finally, they caught my pants, and stuck their fingers in the pockets. Pulled me up, and started fighting over my fly. My belt, and the giggles got so loud.

“What’s wrong,” then some of them started wiggling in my zipper.

“Hold still, let me get the button.” One looked down, with this look on her face, like she was trying to answer a tough question, but then they popped open, and more hands reached in to feel my butt.

“Don’t you like girls?”

“Yeah,” I looked over at Bujold, but he just let go of one of the bars, and gave me the thumbs up. “Maybe if you showed me a little.”

“Ihihnihnihn!” A bunch of let go, and reached up to pull their tops open, and shake their bras. Jiggling in there. “No, over here.”

“Check this out.” Another pushed her way in, backwards, and flipped up her skirt. “Woo!” I couldn’t tell if it was the one that we saw taking off their underwear, but then I sniffed, and smelled them. A lot of them, all girls, and all hot, and horny. Wet too, when two of them pulled my hands in to hump my fingers between their legs.

“Hey, what are you?” A bunch of hands let go, and then they pushed her. The girl that turned around, but then i felt her warm but cheeks rub my junk.

“Ah, shit!”

“Oh, let me catch it.”

“No, you already hogged it.”

“Out of my way,”


“Uh, huh!” I just put my head down on the bars, and if they weren’t all holding me up. By the pants, the shirt, and my arms, in the fence, I probably would have fallen down, but when I could crack my eyes. I could see their fingers, playing with the mess on her but, and the back of her skirt. Flipped up over her back, she held it up there, and bent way over. the girls let me go, so I could even see a little hair, and the bottom of her bra under her shirt. Hanging down like that, she lifted a leg carefully. Her butt up against the bars, and stepped back into her panties. Then the other leg, and then she pulled them up.

The girls rubbed them in, so they stuck to my wad, but Bujold snapped me out of it.

“Dude, pull up your pants, and come on. Before the bell rings.”

“Yeah, you better come back, after school.”

“Yeah, that’ll give your balls a chance to recover.”

“Yeah, I didn’t even get to touch it!”

“Holy shit!” I shook my head, “That was real? Really, uh.” I didn’t even know the word. Even awesome, or epic sounded pretty lame compared to that.

“Yeah, they’re Christian virgins, but locked up in that boarding school. When they get their hands on a boy, they just go nuts!”

“Yeah, huh!”

“Now, you know, we shouldn’t be back here, let alone perving around the boarding school.”

“Dude, you brought a joint to school, and I never got you busted with that. Who’m I going to tell. Who do you think would even believe me, and even if they did, I’d be in as much trouble as you, at least.”

“Okay, just be cool, and try not to get busted down there after school, neither. I don’t want this blowing up.”

“All right, yeah. But you going back after school today?”

“You know it. Every day, if I get a chance. The weather’s nice, and I still got that roach.”

“Yeah, you got a paper clip?”

“No, but I can probably rig something.”

Then, the bell rang. “Dude.”

“Forget it, let’s skip.”

“Yeah, let’s skip, and split a spliff.” He laughed, too.

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    stop fucking chuffing

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    I whad let my little sister watch me go pee in this woods we hung out in that was not owers but in the area of ower home . I whade just hold it tell we got thare if I didn’t have to go I whad just drop my pants and underwear down my cock and ball hang out for her to see .