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A Side of Dick

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There was just this boy, and always came around my work for lunch. One day he brought his mother.

This isn’t the kind of thing I would ever do, which is probably why I was a virgin until college. Even then, I went to some parties, found some guys with beer goggles on, and got a room. I guess you could call that slutty, but that’s where I met my boyfriend, so I guess it kinda worked out.

Likewise, cheating: I never had a steady boyfriend to sleep around on, but this boy. Like most of them, he didn’t really look at me. He mostly texted on his phone, and ate his burrito, then left. I even thought that he must not be like those guys that know they’re good looking, and act like douchebags to flaunt it.

I saw her there before, too. His mother, it’s not like they came in together, or sat together, but she waited until I clocked out. Then, she walked right up to my table, and asked “So, you wanna fuck my boy, or you racist?”

“Huh?” She chucked her head out the window, and there he was. Looking away shyly when he saw me turn. So I bit my lip, and shook my head. Standing up, his jeans weren’t that tight, but he’s what she might call Light Skinned. A little darker than me, but that could have been a deep tan, and his hair was cut too short to really curl.

I’m trying to avoid cliches here, like Tall Dark, and Handsome, or the Strong Silent Type. Our eyes met across the crowded room once when I brought up his order. I smiled, but he didn’t smile back.

“Well?” She shook her head, and threw her bag in the booth across from me. “I’m on break, so I don’t got all day.”

“Sorry, no. I didn’t even know he was black, or.”

“Well, he don’t mind you bein’ Mexican.”



“Sorry, but I’m well. My family’s Druze, that’s kinda Zoroastrian, but.”

“Mhm?” She frowned at me, doubtfully. The way some older black ladies do. “Whatever Zorafarian, you can tell him all that, if’n you just go talk to him.” She jabbed her thumb out the window, and he looked away shyly again, when I turned that way.

“Okay,” I grabbed my tray, and started scooting out.

“You engaged?”

“Oh no.” I held up my hand, “This? This isn’t an engagement ring, but.” I bit my lip, and let it pop out. “Huh! I’ve got a boyfriend.”

“Well, looks like my order up, so can you let me out?”

“Huh, yeah.”

So, I went out, said hi, finally told him: “High, my name is..”

“Koura, yeah.” He pointed at my apron, wrapped up in the strings, but working the line, we don’t tip-share, and I’m trying to think what to tell him, what not to. I don’t want to bore you either, but I’m so nervous, my mind’s all over the place like a pinball in my skull.

“Uh, Koura, but you can call me Olive, if that’s easier.” My middle name, yeah I’m named after Koura Olives.

“Oh, I’m Tim.”

“It’s so nice to meet you.” We shook hands, and he didn’t squeeze mine, but I felt how rough his callouses were, and I was drooling at both ends. “Um, you want me to follow you, or.”

“Well, huh! Like you’ve been stalking me. That’s a joke, I’m joking, but no. I don’t have a driver license yet.” He didn’t really have an accent like his mom, but if I really looked for it. He had his mother’s eyes, and I always liked those too, but “I don’t even have a learner’s permit. I guess I should tell you I’m 13, but I’m almost 14, and I’ll be a freshman in high school next year!”

My eyes went wide open, and I barely kept my jaw from dropping, but he finally let go my hand. “So, you can drive.” He went around to the passenger side, and I went “Oh!” Fished my keys out, but I barely made it around the block before I had to pull over.

He just sat down, slouching, with his legs wide open, and didn’t bother with his seatbelt. I mean all the time, I even laughed to myself that we’re lucky there aren’t any kids around to see it sticking out one of his pant-legs, or another but I put it in park, and popped my seatbelt. Turned and put my hand right on it, just to feel if it was real, or he stuffed a sausage down his pants. “Oh!” It wasn’t even hard, but while I was turned sideways like that, I stuck my tongue in his mouth before I closed it.

He went right for my top, and pulled it out. A uniform top, navy blue, spattered with refried black beans, and guac. (In retrospect, it probably wasn’t racist of her to assume I’m Mexican with Buritto Shack on my apron.) “Oh, god!” I looked down, and he said “Oh.”

Let go of my bra, and pulled his hands out to start undoing his pants. I took my top off, and a glance around the alley, before I popped my bra strap. but he had to pick up his butt, and push his pants down to get it out of his pant leg. His boxer shorts bunched up, so the head stuck out, and I grabbed it.

Frantic to stuff it in my mouth honestly. Even when his mom came in, and asked if I wanted to fuck him, I thought maybe suck him off, biting my lip, but he pushed me away. “Hey hey. Someone’s coming.”

“Damnit!” I looked back, but sure enough the door opened, and thank god that kitchen crew threw out trash bags before they came out to put them in the dumpster. “Fuck, fuck.” I put my shirt on, and fumbled for the keys to start the car, but they blocked the alley with the doors. The dumpster door rolled out too, and I bet I could push them out of the way with my bumper, but I’m trying to avoid attention here, and freaking out.

Hyperventilating. “Hey,” he rubbed my shoulder, “Hey relax, try to breathe.” I nodded, gulping for air, and having a panic attack, but it wasn’t almost getting caught that was the worst for me. That just snapped me out of it, so I realized what I was doing, how it wasn’t like me at all to jump some guy’s bone, in the first 10, or 15 minutes since he actually started talking to me.

“I’ve just never done anything like this before.”

“Me neither, you Christian?”

“Oh, no. Druze, actually.”

“All right, well why don’t you tell me about that?” He reached up, and pulled down the sun vizor. And then when that didn’t work (The vanity mirror was missing before I even got the car,) he turned the rear view mirror so he could watch the kitchen crew take out the trash, and recycling.

I just babbled on, and on about my beliefs, and lack of beliefs, or whether or not I want to put in the effort to move up from Juhhāl to Uqqāl, and explain to him that’s just the members who’ve studied all the scriptures, until they finally closed up the dumpster cage, and went back inside the kitchen.

“Well, I didn’t get all that, but we better find somewhere else to go, you live around here?”

“Oh, no. My room-mate’s home,” and technically still my boyfriend, “but your mom’s at work?”

“Yeah, probably on her way back from lunch, if you don’t mind meeting my dad?”

“Oh, no.” It’ll answer a lot of questions I’d rather not ask, but ever since I got my hands on it, and the head in my mouth, I knew I’d never be satisfied until I got it inside me. It’s not huge, it’s maybe a little more than half a foot long, but when he got hard in his pants, it just got thicker.

So, I sped all the way to their apartment, and he gave directions. Thank God nobody was in there, but I got my pants open right in the door. He pulled my shirt off (I left my bra in the car) and I bent over the back of his dad’s recliner to drop my pants.

“UH!” He filled me completely, and just held it in to feel me up. Get a good grip on my tits, before he started to fuck me. “Ah, yeah! This is what a dick feels like!”

“Uh!” He bottomed out, and let go. Fell heavy on top of me, and pumped me full of jizz after only a few thrusts. “Huh!” I just crossed my arms, and put my head down. My eyes closed, feeling him shrink inside me until he pulled out soft, but he wasn’t done yet. Before I knew what he was doing, he pushed me up, and I had to catch the walls in the corner, before the chair toppled over.

Then, his nose split my ass crack, and he started licking all around my pussy. No technique, just around and round, so it smeared my labia with his spit until his cum started coming out. Then, he stopped to catch it, and I humped the back of the recliner. So, the tip of his tongue pushed my button, and triggered an explosion of rapturous pleasure.

“OH GOD! I’M CUUUUUMMMMMIIIIING!” Before I even caught my breath, he pulled my hips back, and filled me with penis again, and again! “Arh yrh!” I couldn’t unclench my teeth, so I just growled, and hissed through them. After his first impulsive climax, he had a little more staying power, but he pounded into my cervix, making it quiver like a water balloon, or something, but I couldn’t think.

I could barely gasp in half a breath when he pulled out, to ram it in again, forcing the air out in grunts. His boney hips dug into my ass cheeks, and he slipped out. “UH!” He grabbed my ass, and pulled it wide open. “UHHHH!” Jamming it up my back, and humping it, forcefully. “UHHHH! FUUUUUUCK!”

“Huh!” I just crossed my arms, and put my head down. Caught my breath, and felt it splash hot and wet. All the way up my back, some of it got in my hair, and a lot of it on my ass, but when he finished, he helped me put the back down. With the legs rest out, I could even sorta lay with my back arched, my legs spread, and try not to pass out.

“Huh!” He lit a cigarette, and my nose wrinkled, but I didn’t want to turn over. Afraid to leave the evidence on the furniture, or even wash it off. I wanted to wear it as a constant reminder of the best fuck I had so far, but then his dad got home from work.

“Oh, shit. You better get in the shower while I explain it to my old man.”

“Yeah,” I swallowed, and wiped the drool off my arm. Walked funny down the hall until I found the bathroom, and figured out how to hand douche with soapy water, since they didn’t have a take down shower-head, and he didn’t use a rubber.

I really didn’t want to get pregnant, now. Once I got my sexual fit satisfied, and washed my hair, but in the moment I wanted nothing more that to be filled with a million babies. Drop all my eggs at once and get them fertilized, it was absotively, posolutely insane.

I met his dad, he was tall, white, straight blonde hair as far as I could tell, and polite? I left my clothes out in the living room, which was a bit of an ice breaker, and he wasn’t rude enough to ask me my age.

23, I just cheated on my boyfriend, with a boy 10 years younger, and now I had to swing by the clinic for a Plan B some time in the next 48 hours. Of course, I had an affair with him, all the time. He lived right there, so I could always stop by to get pounded after work, and sex with my boyfriend just wasn’t the same.

It wasn’t his dick, I mean. Okay, Eric fit me perfectly, and he still had to outgrow that thing where he blew his wad before I was even close to orgasm, but he always ate me out to get it up again for round 2, at least! Sometimes he licked it up off my body, and I love that. I swallowed more than one, or split it between us in a sloppy kiss, but my ex.

I finally yelled at him enough to break up with me. His problem was he loved blowjobs, but you had to practically negotiate with him to return the flavor, and he didn’t like it. So I was never getting off on it. I knew he’d never even put in the effort to learn cunnilingus, because it was disgusting to him. That made me feel disgusting, and that’s the last thing I need more of in my life.

Eric, on the other hand, his parents took me in almost as soon as I hit the streets. I didn’t have any furniture, just a laundry basket, and a hamper I’d scooped up a lot of grass, and dirt with my clothes off the lawn. (No washer drier, but the apartments had a laundromat) At least he never found out why he couldn’t satisfy me in bed any more. I never went black, he’s not like that, and honestly, that’s racist as fuck.

If anything he got his size from his dad, and I thought Eric was big. Von Utrecht (That’s Dutch for From Utrecht) Also, the boxer shorts, and the habit of kicking back. In the living room, in nothing but a pair of boxer shorts. So, I could see it peeking out of the pantleg like a worm only blonde. And circumcised, and at least 2″ longer. I could only resist the urge to jump his bone in his recliner for so long.

I thought Eric was good in bed too, but all right. I guess a big dick goes a long way too, but not if you don’t know how to use it, and passionate oral sex went a whole lot further. Of course I got pregnant. I couldn’t stop by the clinic every time we had unprotected sex, and at some point I was getting it at least 2 times a day. When they weren’t fucking me together, or taking turns letting me suck one while the other one fucked me. Eric even ate his father’s wad out after he left to pick up his wife, and I saved it for him.

Don’t you worry about her, she got plenty at home, and on the side. They had an open marriage, too. I don’t know about how Kouma von Utrecht sounds, but as soon as he’s old enough, he’s gonna marry me. Hopefully some time before I have the baby. Well, our first one (Crossing my fingers it’s actually his, and not his father’s.)

“Who you been with?” He stopped, and licked his lips, but I just bit back a giggle. Shoot my head, and patted him on his.

“Don’t worry about that.” Now, I have to find another guy to fuck me while he watches, but I don’t mind. If it makes him happy, it makes me happy too, but you know what I never tried? An Asian, I mean an East Asian. My first boyfriend was Omani, but I mean more like Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, or Japanese? Something like that, just to see what they’re like in bed…

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