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Girls night out

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My new friend at work turns out to be more than she seems.

My husband and I had just moved to a new city. I was 36, and he was 40. 2 years earlier, he had gotten a vasectomy so we wouldn’t have to worry about any kind of birth control. I had gotten a job at a great manufacturing company, in the accounting department. One of my coworkers was 40, and almost immediately became extremely helpful and friendly. Over the first few months, I thought we had become very good friends. I did find it odd that she never wanted to meet my family, and always seemed to disappear if my husband came in to my work.

One night, she invited me out with her to a friends birthday. Her friend was quite a bit younger than both of us, so it was at a dance club, which I had never really been to anywhere like this before. I was nervous, and a little scared, and it showed. After everyone else had danced a few times, Sue, my friend, came over to me and asked about my behaviour. I explained that I was nervous and scared, and suffered from social anxiety. She smiled, and told me she had just the answer. She handed me a pill, and when I asked what it was, she told me it was a type of anti-anxiety medication, and would just help me loosen up enough to enjoy the night without the crushing fear I was experiencing.

About 30-40 minutes later, and a couple more very strong margarita’s, I was finally feeling pretty good. In fact, I was feeling beyond good. Pretty soon, this 20-something, very tall and muscular black guy came over and asked me to dance. I agreed, and I had a lot of fun dancing with him. As I said, I was feeling beyond just good. The dancing, the music, and this hot young guy, were really getting me going. Between dances, we went back to the table where my friend and her friend were at, and we had a couple of rounds of tequila shots. By now I was really feeling the affects of the alcohol and the ‘anxiety’ pill.

My young black friend came back to me and asked me to dance again. We made our way to the far side of the dance floor. As we danced, he guided me towards a dark corner of the dance floor. He was behind me, his hands on my hips, grinding against me. I could feel his hard cock press against my ass, and I was soaking wet. I was getting extremely conflicting messages from my mind and body. My body was craving his touch, and wanting much more. But somewhere in the back of my mind, I was still remembering that I was married.

After that dance, we had another round of shots, and I said something about needing to go outside and get some air. Of course, Michael, the guy I had been dancing with, offered to escort me outside to make sure I was ‘safe’. I agreed, and we headed out the door. We walked for a bit, until we got to a little alleyway. He pulled me into the alley, pushed me against the wall, and started kissing me. That’s when my body took control, and even with that little voice in the back of my head telling me this was wrong, I gave into Michael’s advances.

He was kissing me, and his hands were roaming my body. Soon, his hand was under my dress, and he was moving my panties to the side as he began to finger my sopping wet pussy. He commented on how wet I was, and I just moaned back. He soon pulled his cock out of his pants, and took my hand and guided it towards his cock. He was huge! Longer and thicker than my husband by far.

No matter what my mind was screaming, my body had fully taken control. I immediately sank to my knees in the dirty alley, hungrily taking his cock into my mouth. I devoured him. Taking him deeper into my throat than I had ever taken anything. I was insatiable. After a few minutes, he picked me up, and sat me on some crates near by. He spread my legs, and moved in between them, kissing me hard as he guided his cock to my pussy. I knew I should stop him now, before things proceeded any farther, but between the alcohol and the pill, I wanted nothing more than to be fucked hard by this young man.

He pushed all the way up into me, filling me more completely than I had ever been filled. I started cumming almost immediately. HE fucked me hard and deep, and I was begging for more. As he started to near his orgasm, and I could feel him holding back, I did the last thing my mind would have ever expected or allowed. I began to beg him to fill me with his cum. And he did. He pushed deep and hard, as far into me as he could, as he began to empty his cock in my womb.

Once he was done, I slid back to my knees, and quickly cleaned his cock, before he pulled up his pants and we went back inside.

My friend was there at the table still, smiling wickedly as I came in from outside. She gave me another drink, and another pill as well. I accepted both without thinking. By this time, everything was starting to get hazy. I was still feeling euphoric. I could feel the cum running down my legs, and the thought of it turned me on that much more. I’m not even sure what happened on the dance floor, or what was said, but after a couple more dances, I was taken to the restroom by my newest dance partner. I don’t even remember his name or what he looked like. But I do know he took me into the restroom, and we headed into one of the stalls. He sat on the toilet, and had me ride him. I came 4 times like that, before he pulled me down onto him by my hips, and filled me again.

I was pretty dazed by this time. And the only reason I know what happened next was because of the video I received of the rest of the night. Apparently, I slumped down to the floor after the second guy pulled me off of him, and he left me there in the restroom. Soon, my ‘friend’ came looking for me. When she found me, I was bent over the sink, being fucked hard from behind by a third guy. Instead of stopping things, or helping me, she decided to start recording me getting fucked hard. Of course, I was so far gone by then, that I had no idea of what was really happening. Apparently 2 more guys fucked me in the bathroom after the club had closed, all cumming deep inside me.

Once they were all done, my ‘friend’ got me cleaned up. She managed to get me out to an Uber, and the Uber driver managed to get me to the door of my house, where my husband came out to get me.

A month later, I was 2 weeks late. That’s when my ‘friend’ sent me the video. That’s when I also found out who she was, and why she had avoided my husband. Apparantely, Shannon was my husband’s high school girlfriend. They had dated for three years in high school, and she had expected him to marry her. But he had other ideas and decided to move out of state to go to college. She had later gotten married, and when her husband left her, she had kept his last name, which is why my husband never connected the two names at all.

It turned out she was extremely vindictive and hateful. After sending me the video, she told me how she hoped I had a black baby, so my husband would know what a ‘slut’ I was, and how he deserved better. I soon quit that job, and went back to being a stay at home mom for the next couple of years.

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