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The perfect bullshit setup (Extremely dark and fucked up make believe!)

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Young new teacher sets herself up for her life dream of being a high-schools whore. P.S just test writing.

Cherry was the new teacher at a all male at risk youth high-school in a bad city. While the city was not to far worse than any other place in the US, it had one thing going for it she wanted more than anything. If you measured by race and gender, then a white women would be raped about once a month here. It was a mostly Blacks and PoCs. So after a fair amount of research Cherry found out where to move to and which school had the worst lot. Even though a high-school she found on the dark web a sloth of videos of white girls being rapped in the city and at this school. She couldn’t get here fast enough.

Cherry was small, 5″0′ and 90lbs with red hair and green eyes plus some nice firm C cups and as fat an ass as she could get while being toned. She also over the last handful of years lied to her doctors to help her get meds to increase her libido. She kept lying and asking for stronger and more items to help keep sex on her mind, even with an already high libido, she wanted more. Now with some rules laid out for herself, keep her virginity, wear as slutty as clothes underneath her outfits or just outright, always watch and read porn plus never masterbait. She was building herself up to be the best whore she could.

She got her job via lying she was a man at this high-school and after moving to the most prostitute heavy part of the city she began her setup to be raped and blackmailed by anyone at this school or in her soon to be new life.

The new day started and the principle was not sure if to let her teach. She was 24 and a well qualified teacher. But saying she identified as a man and being the only women in this school put him off. But this principle was no good man and was unsure if this was a undercover cop or someone investigating a case. But after Cherry felt he wasn’t gonna play easy she walked up to the man and hugged him making the best small talk she could. It worked when she let him touch her he started getting handsy real fast and she let him slowly play along. When he grabbed her butt she acted shocked but not mad. This gave him the go ahead she would fit right in with the other women who once worked here. So it started she was a heavily underpaid female teacher in an all male at risk high-school that was known for rapped women.

The first few weeks went by with almost no one trying anything yet, but she knew they wanted too. Her class of 30ish students would talk on socials openly about her and some people at the school were posting on the dark web about her. But little did they know the first person to leak “Interesting” things about her fantasies and asking to help gangrape her, was her.

It started by her pointing out she was now only wearing skirts and semi see though tops that would show off the color of bra she was wearing under. Then she said someone should try and take pictures and post them on socials. Once they got a good upskirt of her and the crotchless panties to post she later found it on socials, her tight pussy exposed too a bunch of teens, it made her wet beyond believe. She then stepped it up a notch and started wearing cupless bra’s, mini skirts and smaller tee’s that wouldn’t go all the way down to her hip bones but were not a cut offs or crop tops yet.

It worked kids were now getting ballsy with her and gropping her when they could. She would also try and flash anyone without it seeming like she was trying to. After her first month of taking things one step further she posted a “diary” of her online detailing how she wanted to be gangraped and blackmailed, how her dreams where to be a prostitute and not a teacher. How she wanted to be bred and broken beyond use. And how she always wanted to be fucked to the point of no repair.

It went on in much more detail, faking dates that went back years. It worked though and now kids were trying to plan out her gangrape. They decided one Friday when football practice would be over after everyone had left. Anyone would be welcome to come fuck her and break her in.

One the day rolled around she wore the smallest white skirt she could with a black crotchless panite underneath and for the first time a white businesses style button down shirt with a black cupless bra. Both already fairly see though to the point she was hiding nothing in a normally light. She took muscle relaxers and a max dose of aphrodisiacs. She couldn’t think and the all white 6 inch heels plus the 8 inch mini skirt with the 8 inch top that showed under boob. She was ready to be fucked by who ever, what ever and how ever it happened.

Sadly for her she wasn’t even touched and everyone pretended she wasn’t dressed like a total fucking slut in class. She tried playing along with them as best she could so they wouldn’t have to stretch to get her to stay after school. Once it was done and ready they just forcefully took her to the locker rooms. The full football team and more was their at the start on this late Friday. All crowed around her being cuffed to a bench while she was acting the best she could to sound like she really was being raped.

Once it started she was treated to a few full fledged cameras recording her along with all her info being shown to it first, ID phone number and all. The first student was 14 and stated it out loud so the camera could hear it. So everyone knew she was being raped at a high-school if they watched the unedited video. But it started just how she wanted; with no remorse. Pounding right into her pussy ripping her hymen open in an instant, she was in pain and bliss. but she had to keep faking it for now. It started at about 6pm but didn’t end until Monday morning. The initial few hundred kids left but got filtered by others. On Friday she was treated to every hole being dicked down only. She was gapping and bleed a fair amount after the first 6 hours. But on Saturday she was treated to toys also.

She was whipped, tased, control burned, poured wax onto and into her holes and gaped by larger and larger toys and much more. After her pussy and ass where no longer worth fucking anyone left was using her urethra and cumming in her bladder and mouth only. She was moved to a urinal at this time and was now also being pissed on in between everything. She was upside down with her head in the bowl. The amount of piss cover up to her eyes and right under her nose. The bowl was deeper but it was also clogged for this event. Her pussy was filled with candle wax just to be punch out via her stomach or fisting her cunt. Her ass was filled with random items such as nail, staples or pencil shavings from the school. She would then have a wax poured into her ass until it filled up and harden, then they would try and pull it all out in one go. Her holes were getting larger and looser by the hour. The only thing she had eating or drank was cum, ass, piss and spit for the last 18 hours. No longer even able to scream or move much they kept going more and more extreme like she wanted them too.

On Sunday they took her into the welding shop and cuffed her to the table, they stared heating up some sharp pokers to skewer her tits cleanly. Once hot enough they did just that and same for the lips of her pussy. Lifting her legs up and binding them behind her head they then started to fully gape her ass. Once both side top and bottom where ripped open on her ass they got a pump and started making her prolapse. Her rectum was almost pulled out but they stopped the pump and left it on that hole for now. They removed the skewers from her pussy and did the same to her pussy, almost pulling out her cervix. After this they put two inflating tubes down her nose and into her windpipe. Once they began to fill up she could only breath through her mouth and the put one more tube down her mouth just to use it as a valve to stop her breathing with a few pumps if they wanted too.

After all was said and down on Sunday night they brought her completely fucked up to the front doors of the school and put her legs through the handles. Making her a lock of sort for the front doors of the school. They then locker her legs together and in place with some really heavy duty chains and same for her arms. It would take a master lock pick or a powerful bolt cutter to break the chains, meaning who ever found her needed to call for help to free her from these binds, or just to get into the school.

Once fully on the front doors of the school they pulled off the pumps and made her pro lapse both holes to a crazy degree. They then skewered her prolapsed pussy and rectum and put small weights on the rods to slowly make them pull out her organs even more over the next 12 hours. They also put a inflated balloon in her bladder meaning if someone didn’t find her she could die vary fast do to not being able to fill her bladder and causing it to burst or back up into her blood. With both lower holes skewered and being slowly pulled out and her tits stilling skewered too, it would be only a matter of time before she died if left like this. They took a picture and posted it to her social medias with the caption “First of many to come.” and the last of the boys left for her house with her keys as planned.

The next day she was found at the door in a huge scene that made local news, she didn’t lose her job as no one would think a normal girl would want to be rapped so bad she would need to stay at a hospital for around 3 months. But after she healed she went back to the school and talked to the principle about going back to work at his shock. But he now knew she was a slut as she wore her mini skirt a top that only cover her clavicle, her tits, pussy, navel and tongue were all priced. She had a tat on her womb that was a heart and the word slut over it, fully visible. She had wrist restraints and ankle restrains on with a collar and leash to match. Her heels were 7 inches high and went up to her thighs. And to top it all off her ass and pussy had plugs in them with led lights. He asked why would she come back to which she showed him the unedited video of her gangrape that got sent to her. While not sitting through it all the first part with it showing them being kids gave her the excuse to say she would be called a pedophile and put on a S/O list if people found out. He knew it was bullshit but he played along. Her video was so extreme it got a lot of attention fast on the internet. Cherry was a top 100 porn-star off of one video. And she could of taken it down but all her friends and family back home seeing it made her wet when they would call her and talk about it asking her if she was ok and why would they not take the video down.

After all was said and done she walked back into class and wrote the name she wanted to be called by on the board. “Fuckmeat” When she turned around to her cleared main desk with only a large dildo on top of it. She got up on the desk took out her pussy plug and squatted down into a sitting position, with her knee bent behind her she was facing the class pussy first. A lot of pictures were taken and she began to teach a real lesson that no one was paying attention too. She asked for anyone taking videos or pictures to not show the ones with her clearly consenting, as if it got exposed she would not be able to fuck them anymore. Everyone knew if they wanted to share or post it they would need to rough her up.

P.S this wouldn’t work in real life as things that extreme would kill someone. Also this was about 2 things: 1 trying to write as dark and fucked up as possible to exercise my creativity. 2 To try and see how my word flow and choice comes across. If the story is not your vibe I get that, don’t try any of this ect… Let me know how it read more so than what was in it. Unless you feel the subject was not done well enough or could of been flushed out better. <3 If you made it this far TY and have a good day/night.

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  • Reply Vive-la-baise ID:2c3w1pct0d

    Lot of words, not much story. I couldn’t even get through it. You need some writing skills.

  • Reply heythere ID:6dn5s3f49c

    This was soo good. Please write more if possible.

  • Reply Jan Stein ID:mp1ng4spusi

    Needs part 2 ASAP

  • Reply Mr Johnson ID:19eux46xyuur

    The sex was good. The twisted fucked up shit, not to good. Love blackmail, gangbang stories. Not extreme physical abuse.

  • Reply Jan Stein ID:1e42llfmxpen

    Loved this story. I’d like to be in her position as a victim of the students depraved desires
    Badschoollady1 wickr

  • Reply Raxtus24 ID:cxsngwbqri

    Part 2 please this is probably the best story I’ve read on this site

  • Reply wild77er ID:7zv2zenw8j

    Was a very good story for the most part but honestly you asked for so honesty you’ll get.

    I kinda lost interest twords the end and think maybe you did too cuz it kinda got rushing along and kinda blah blah blah. You went full steam ahead and then you had nothing left to carry on

  • Reply WantMore ID:99wekc4z

    Great, can’t wait.

    • Bum ID:4s0ccfy44

      Beautifully fucked up and gross. We’ll done!

  • Reply WantMore ID:99wekc4z

    Want a part 2

    • SBBD ID:1ek24r1bd3

      If you liked it sure. This was mainly just test writing, but if it landed then I’ll continue it.

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    Honey fuck. I believe your writing is pretty good