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I fucked my sister’s bestfriend

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This is the story of how I fucked my sister’s bestfriend

So I am 17 years old virgin boy and my sister she’s 11 and her bestfriend is 10. And my sister she knows about porn already so she told me that her bestfriend watches porn alot and after hearing it I thought of taking advantage of it and every night I fantasized About her and wished to fuck her soon.

And one day I was lucky that she came to visit my sister and our parents also wasn’t home and I was so excited for it and in the living room both of them were watching tv and then I started getting boner by looking at her …she was skinny and had smaller body than my sister and she looked like 8 and after a min my sister she went to washroom to poop and I sat nearby her and started to ask her if she watches porn then she replied yes and I told her that I also do watch porn and then I asked her if she wanna see my cock and she said ok and I told her not to tell to anyone about it.

And then I took out my erect cock from my pants and she wasn’t shock to see it and she asked if she can touch it and I said yes and then I told her to suck it and she did… And then I asked her if she wants to fuck and she said yes and then I heard my sister coming and I had to cover my cock and act like nothing happened… And then my sister she said that she will go to have a bath now (and in my mind I was jumping out of excitement).

And after she Went to have a bath I directly took her bestfriend to my room and locked the door and I told her to undress and I undressed myself too and I could see her little pussy and small tits and I asked her if she was virgin and she said yes and she asked if I was going to take her virginity but I said no because I had no condoms and I was afraid because it was my first time too and I told her that I will fuck her in her asshole and she agreed and then I started licking her pussy and rubbing it and then after licking it was wet now and without wasting any time I put oil on my cock and in her asshole and told her to lie on bed and I slowly thrusted my cock into her small tiny asshole and at first it seemed hard coz it was tight but then I tried again and I was inside and slowly I pushed more inside and she was moaning and I cover her mouth with my hands and I started doing it harder now and ignoring her cries and we changed our position now and I lie down and told her to sit on my cock and I fucked her hard again and I told her to jump up down on it and she did and then I hold her body and came off the bed and picked her up on my cock fucked her harder She began crying louder now but I was ignoring it but I had fear that my sister might hear it so I started playing songs in the background and after so much of intense fucking I laid her down again on bed and pushed my cock harder inside and cumed inside and I licked her little tits and kissed her little stomach and took out my cock and I cleaned up myself and her too and told her that we will do it again but next time I will fuck you in your pussy.

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