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Gutter Girls

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Are you brave enough to take on the Gutter Girl dares and make your dreams come true.

1 day, 5 cards, can make all your dreams come true.

If you ever wondered what rich girls get up to when they’re really bored then keep reading, I think you’ll be surprised.

Having rich parents when you’re a teenager is every kids dream, we have it all, nice clothes, fine jewellery, the latest gadgets and credit cards with no limits, friends, popularity, but it’s not always luxury, once you’ve bought everything and owned everything, what’s left to do, we get bored, tired of being the spoiled rich chicks, we like to have fun just like everyone else.

Our little club is called the “Gutter Girls”, once a month we get together, inviting a non-rich girl to join us and we issue her with dares and challenges to complete, failure means you’re cast out, you’ll be publicly humiliated, rumours will circulate and you’re life will be over, winning earns you privileges in our rich community, our respect, our friendship and unrestricted access to our credit cards for a week.

The rules of the game are simple, do exactly what the card says, at least one of us must be present to witness and verify the dare has been completed and you have 30 minutes to complete each dare, if any of these rules are broken at any time, it is an instant fail and the game is over, all dares must be completed before the end of the school day.

Lucy, 14 years old, working class background, wears off-the-shelf clothes, still a virgin, after finding our invitation secretly posted in to her school locker, she accepted and joined the Gutter Girl dares this month, she picked 5 random cards from our dare bowl and when we got to school the next day, the game begins as soon as the first school bell rings and she’s now on her first card.

Card 1: Tug a Tony

A simple dare, all she has to do is find a boy named Tony and give him a hand job.

I took out my phone, activated the timer, turned on the live feed app, and followed Lucy as she ran off down the halls while the other girls waited in the locker room watching my live broadcast on their phones.

At first she panicked because she couldn’t think of anyone in school called Tony, she didn’t have many friends and hardly knew anyone, she started randomly opening classroom doors and calling out the name “Tony”, hoping someone would answer, on opening her fifth door and calling out his name, someone answered, “Come here, quickly.” She shouted to him, the teacher wasn’t impressed and asked what she thought she was doing.

“I – uhm – the principal asked me to come get Tony. His mums on the phone, big emergency.” She explained, she was a pretty good liar, it worked and the teacher allowed Tony to gather his things and leave the classroom.

As soon as he left the classroom, Lucy held his hand and started running down the hall dragging him along with her, she stopped at the girls toilets and pulled him inside, he looked very confused, she checked all the stalls to make sure no one was here, then she pushed him against the sinks and swiftly pulled down his pants to grab hold of his cock, “Wohw – hey – what?” he protested in shock.

“Just shut up and let me do this.” She said, tugging rapidly on his cock, poor boy looked bewildered but he was enjoying it, she was tugging away for five minutes and her time was running out, “Come on, ejaculate already.” She demanded, tugging even faster and using both her hands now.

“Five minutes, Lucy.” I announced.

She couldn’t wait any longer and so she just rammed his cock in to her mouth and sucked and tugged eagerly, it worked and a few minutes later he came in her mouth, she turned to face me with her mouth open showing me his come resting on her tongue as proof of completion.

“Well done, you did it.” I said, then we headed back to the locker room.

“Wait – what about me. Is my mum okay?” asked Tony, pulling up his pants.

“Oh – it was a wrong number. You can go back to class.” Replied Lucy.

Card 2: Finger Licking Good

You have eight fingers and two thumbs, your dare is to get eight boys to finger you and then you have to lick their fingers.

She was wearing jeans so I gave her one of my miniskirts from my locker to change in to, it would make the dare easier and there’s nothing in the rules that says she can’t adapt for the dare.

First class was just coming out and the halls quickly filled up with everyone changing class, Lucy took her panties off and left them in the locker room, then raced out in to the hall with me following closely behind her, she had barely stepped in to the hall when she grabbed her first boy, she spun him around and pinned him against the wall, then took hold of his hand, lifted his finger then pushed his hand down under her mini skirt and between her legs, she gasped when his finger went inside her.

I had to tilt the camera under her skirt to capture it happening, then she lifted his hand back up and sucked on his finger before pushing him aside and finding her next boy, as the crowd of kids rushing noisily through the halls barged by us, she managed to get all eight boys to finger her, when the halls began to clear we saw some of the boys still standing still in the hall staring at their fingers and wondering what the heck just happened, we waved to them as we went in to the locker room, “Thanks, boys.” We teased.

Card 3: Hands Free

Make a boy ejaculate without using your hands or making skin to skin contact.

“You have 30 minutes.” I said, then I hit the timer, and she was off running.

She wasted ten minutes running around the school thinking about how to do it and to find someone to do it to, stopping in the halls and biting her fingernails in panic and desperation, “Have you got hall passes?”, Brian, the school nerd and teachers pet walked around the corner, he was a hall monitor, he walked right up to us, “Passes please.” He said.

Lucy looked him up and down, then she pushed him on to the floor and pounced, she straddled him, lifted up her skirt and then began to rub her naked pussy along the crotch of his trousers vigorously, Brian the girl repeller was having his first sexual experience with a real life girl, and he was smiling and enjoying the attention, he tried to touch her while staring at her pussy rolling over her trouser covered cock, her juices leaving a sticky line along his crotch like a snail trail.

She batted his hands away, no skin to skin contact was allowed, “Damn, Brian. Your cock feels long.” Said Lucy.

“Really?” I asked, moving in for a closer shot with the phone.

Lucy reached down and pushed his trousers around the shape of his cock, she was right, it did look very long, “Wow. You’ve been holding out on us, Brian.” I said, eventually she made him come, I had to laugh because he made a sound like a chicken when he came, then I pulled up the front of his trousers and put the phone camera lens down with the torch light on, there was plenty of spunk inside his pants, “Dare complete.” I said.

Then it was back to the locker room, we took a break and all went to the canteen for lunch and had a fun conversation recapping on the mornings dares and re-watching some highlights on our phones.

Card 4: Winning Streak

Run a lap around the track field…naked.

“I’ll do that after lunch.” Said Lucy.

“No. Now.” I said, we were going to embarrass her, “Take off your clothes, right here, right now, and run.” I said.

Lucy looked around nervously, “But – everyone is here.” She said.

“Clocks ticking.” I said, showing her my phone screen then pushing the start button on the timer.

Lucy was very determined to complete these dares, she stood up, “Fine.” She said, then she removed her top, her bra and the miniskirt, the canteen erupted in to laughter and wolf whistling from the boys, then she turned and ran through the canteen heading to the track, we and most of the school ran behind following her as she ran through the school naked, outside and on to the track field.

Nearly the entire school filled out the bleachers and were clapping and cheering, “Lucy. Lucy. Lucy”, as they watched her run a lap around the track.

She completed the lap with just seconds to spare and the every raised their hands and cheered for her.

We joined her on the track, “Give me my clothes please.” She said, catching her breath, but we didn’t bring them with us in our haste to follow her outside.

“That’s okay, you won’t need them for the last one.” I said.

Card 5: Team Spirit

You must have sex with someone from the school football team.

By now Lucy had spent the day doing crazy sexual things and now the whole school had seen her naked, her confidence had grown and she was no longer embarrassed about herself or anything she did, “Whatever.” She said, pushing her way through us she walked up to the bleachers, she grabbed Ricky’s jacket, the teams quarterback, and pulled him off the bleachers and down on to the track.

She stood face to face to him and pulled off his jacket, his team meets cheered for him as Lucy unbuckled his belt before yanking down his jeans to his knees, she leaped up in to his arms and wrapped her arms and legs around him and kissed him passionately.

Ricky was enjoying feeling her tight naked ass, they collapsed on the ground with Lucy on top of him, she took his cock out of his boxer shorts and lowered herself on to it, pushing it deep in to her pussy, then she rode him in front of everyone, most of the kids in the bleachers had their phones out recording it.

After a few minutes they rolled over and Ricky was on top drilling her hard on the ground, there was a lot of kissing of the lips, breasts and chest, “Yeehaa!” shouted Ricky, showing off to his friends and pleased with himself, then he forced his cock in to her and came, and they both groaned with orgasm.

They remained on the ground for a moment then Ricky got up, sorted out his jeans then helped Lucy to her feet, “You alright?” he asked, gently straightening her hair.

She nodded and blushed, “Yeah.” She replied.

Ricky picked up his jacket and wrapped it around her, “There you go.” He said.

“Thanks.” She said.

I walked over and got them both in shot, then pointed my phone at Lucy, “Congratulations…” I said, “You completed all five dares.” I shouted in celebration.

Once again everyone clapped and cheered, it was no secret in school that we did this, they just never know who will be doing them next, and Lucy was the first girl ever to complete all five.

As promised she became one of us, we gave her whatever she wanted, made things happen for her and took her shopping because she really needed some new clothes, not just because she was naked, but because the clothes she wore were pretty lame.

Bring on the next Gutter Girl.

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  • Reply Psiberzerker

    I’d love to read more. A great challenge at school would be to get a boy (Or boys) to give you an orgasm. Faking it doesn’t count. I’m not sure how I’d go about that, unless there’s a particular boy who’s notorious for getting girls off quickly.


    Great Story Do Part 2

  • Reply 6924cm

    This was actually fun to read. Pretty cool