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Lesbian turned straight Pt 2

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Part 2, Ava stops being a lesbian. She becomes the school whore.

The next day was a Monday. Everyone at school had seen her video. She went to school in the sluttiest clothes she could find. She wanted some boys to see her and rape her again. She wore a see through white shirt with no bra and the tinniest skirt with a thong. She went into the bathroom at the start of the day and the tall boy followed her in. “Nice clothes today. I will be taking that though.” He knelt down under her legs and pulled her thong down. He told her to step out and he took the thong. “Good girl” he said as he shoved his fingers in her pussy. He took them out and rubbed the juices on her shirt.

Her first class was science. The science teacher had always been a perv and she had a bad grade in that class anyways. He asked her to stay after class and see him. She walked over. He locked the door after the last student and stood just inches from her face. He pushed her down and unzipped his pants. She knew exactly what to do. She sucked his cock as quick as she could before the next class and swallowed his cum. She ran to her next class with her skirt bouncing up and down as she ran. As she was in the hallway, she felt several different hands grope her ass. She didn’t look to see who they were. She didn’t really care.

At the end of the school day she saw her ex-girlfriend Leah in the girls bathroom. All of the stalls were closed. She tried to walk out but Leah blocked her entrance. “What a whore you’ve become huh? Wearing these slutty clothes, getting banged by 6 guys at once? You’re such a little bitch” Leah pushed her down and ripped her tight shirt open. Leah lifed her skirt, pulled her panties aside and ordered Ava to lick. A few random boys came out of the closes stall. Ava was embarrassed but Leah knew this and laughed. She kept raping Ava as the boys watched. After she came she said “I heard you liked piss in your mouth” Leah pissed all over her face and it dripped on her shirt and skirt.

Ava walked out of the school in shame. She was hoping nobody saw her. The tall boy from earlier pulled up in his car and told her to get in. She was so grateful. He unzipped his pants and told her to suck his cock as he drove. She did exactly that. He dropped her at home but not without telling her “ Oh by the way, I made you an account on a porn website. It has the videos from last weekend and from you getting raped by Leah today. People love it” she ran inside horrified and looked for the account. She cried as she rubbed her aching pussy while watching the videos.

The next day all she could think about was cock. She skipped her history class and ran into the men’s bathroom where she got naked and spread her legs right next to the urnals. There were 10 boys that came in and even the principal. One boy pissed in her mouth and left. Another boy pissed on her body. The principal came in alone. He was shocked to see her. He said nothing but he whipped out his huge cock and first stuck his cock in her pussy and fucked her. Right before he came in her pussy he pulled out and fucked her ass instead. He came in her ass. He then rubbed his smelly cock all over her face and made her suck it. He pissed in her mouth and left. That whole time she had put her phone in the corner and recorded it all. She went to her next class reeking of piss and cum.

She went home and recorded another video for her account. She wanted to degrade herself and help other lesbians. She got naked, started rubbing her pussy because she only felt happy when she was being a slut and started recording. “Hi, my name is Ava. I’m a reformed lesbian. After being gangraped I realized what I’m truly meant for. As a woman, my only purpose is to serve men. If a man wants to use me or fuck me I will never deny him. I will do whatever men want. I can not say no to any man no matter what. I will only fuck other women if it’s what a man wants. I am an object. I am not a person. I am a set of holes. I’m just here to pleasure men and breed with men like a cow. My only thoughts are of cocks filling my slutty holes. I want cum in my pussy. I will swallow any cum shit or piss that comes from a man. I am a woman. I am a slave. I am a cumdump.” And she ended the video.

Obviously this story isn’t real. I’m the writer. My name is Anna, I’m 14. I’m a virgin but I’m superrr horny. I’m also really kinky as you can see by these stories. Does anyone have any tips on how to find a boy my age who will degrade me and treat me like I should be treated as a woman? Thank you!

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