I love my granddaughter

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Taking care of my granddaughter for three weeks was an absolute pleasure. In more ways than one.

It was really cold, standing on the step at my open front door drinking my freshly made cup of tea, it was so cold you could see the steam off my cup, it had stopped snowing a few hours ago but had already dumped about a foot of snow, it was nearly 4 o’clock in the afternoon and I’m stood here as always waiting for her to come trotting down the street.

I heard the familiar screech of her voice coming from the top of the road, “Hi, Granddad.”, I looked up and there she was, trotting through the snow, her school bag digging out a trail in the snow as she dragged it behind her, she was wearing a pink bubble coat and it was about 2 sizes too large for her, she looked like a giant marshmallow, “Alright, kiddo.” I called back to her.

She started to run and when she was a few feet from the garden fence she slipped and fell ass over head in to the snow, “Hahaha. You silly sod.” I laughed out, I put my cup on the wall and went over and picked her up, her entire front was covered in snow so I bashed it all off and eventually got it off her face, “Boo.” I joked when her eyes became visible, “Get in the house, come on.” I said, and she rushed inside and I followed her in.

“It’s freezing.” She said, her voice shaking from her shivering, she dropped her bag on the floor then took off her massive coat and dumped it my the heater in the hallway, then she dashed to the toilet.
I picked up her bag and coat and hung them up properly then sat in my arm chair in the front room waiting for her, the toilet flushed and she ran in to the room and put her arms around my neck from behind the chair and kissed me on the cheek, “Hi, Grandad.” She said, “Hi, love.” I replied.

Her parents, her dad was my son, were on a anniversary cruise and she was staying with me for a few weeks, we had a really special bond, a bond not many of granddad’s have with their granddaughters.

She sat on the sofa and pulled off her boots, then she rolled down her black thermal leggings from under her dark blue pleated skirt and placed the boots and leggings by the fireplace, she sat back down and removed the bobble from her hair allowing her braided ponytail to open and her shiny brunette hair to flow out, then she stood up and pulled down her white panties, she took one foot out leaving them dangling on the end of her other foot, then she raised her leg towards me, “Present for you.” She said, jokingly, I took the panties off her foot and pressed them to my nose, inhaling her sexual scent.

Then she took me hand, “Humpty dumpty time.” She said like she was singing a tune, as she walked me off in to my bedroom, she dove backwards on the bed and laid there with her legs apart and her knees raised, she was rubbing her inner thighs teasing me, I unbuckled my belt, pulled down the zip and let me jeans fall to my feet before kicking them off, then I crawled on to the bed, through her legs, I licked up the crack of her pussy as I moved forward, then I was on top of her and I kissed her while rubbing the curves of her ass cheeks.

After helping her remove the rest of her clothes I held her legs and slid her down the bed, further underneath me until my cock pressed firmly against her pussy, we kissed and felt each other passionately and my cock teased her pussy until it blossomed and her petals opened and my cock slipped inside, her instant groans of pleasure was like hearing the angels sing.

We’ve been having sex for over a week now, every single night, sometimes two or three times a night, she has such a big sex drive and even though I’m now 61 years of age, she manages to get me hard every time, she liked it best straight after school because she said she spends all day in class thinking about her old gramps big cock and gags for it and it gets her so wet and horny.

Unusually as I got older it took longer for me to ejaculate, but neither of us complained, it gave us more time to enjoy it, after about 40 minutes of amazing passionate love making, I pinned her arms down on the bed above her head, just as she liked it, I pushed my cock deep inside her, my old wrinkly ball sack bounced against her ass, and I ejaculated hard, her toes always curled up in a fist when she felt me come, and she’d always stare me right in the eyes and smile when she felt it fill her up.

She liked to lick the last couple of drops off the end of my cock before we got dressed, then we’d head back in to the front room to watch TV and have some food.

We’d have sex again when it was time to go to sleep, her parents normally read her a bedtime story, I preferred to tire her out with sex instead, she enjoyed that and went straight to sleep afterwards.

Tomorrow we’d do it all again. Night, night.

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    How old is she


    Great story do part 2

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    Details, details. Don’t forget to proofread.

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      I keep forgetting that not everyone has the same privilege as me! Please forgive me.

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    more stories like this please!!