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Deprived housewife

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Horny housewife deprived of sex turns …….

This story is about a house wife who was not getting her dose of sex to satisfy her lust and who was living on the same floor as me. I befriended her while at the apartment complex swimming pool and we adjourned to the sauna one day. In our conversations she always talked about how lucky some women were….sexually. I was stunned by her confessions of the lack of sexual activities with her hunk of a husband. I told that you are so beautiful and your husband is fit and muscular…..you two should be fucking like rabbits as there is no one else at home besides the two of you. What happened, I asked. She replied that her husband is always tired by the time he gets home at night. Her husband is a professional photographer and is well respected for his work. I was awed by her description of her husband s work but no mention of his sexual powers to which I was surprised. She replied that her husband has a long and big dick and is very good at sex…..maybe his models are fucking him at his studio, she frowned. I took her hand and said …let s go, where to, she asked….just follow me I replied. I took her to my apartment …directly to my room and stripped down. Both of us were only dressed in skimpy bikinis, it did not take long. I went down on her and started licking her clean shaved pussy. She opened her legs wide hesitantly, I pushed the up in the air and started swipping my tongue from her asshole to her pussy repeatedly, she cringed and let out a soft moan. I licked diligently and poked my tongue into both her holes which she liked and let out a louder moan. Then suddenly she started convulsing and climaxed all over my face without any warning…..her was sweet and smelled nice, I loved it. While she was recovering I slipped up her body and started kissing her mouth she opened her mouth and I darted my tongue deep in. and she reciprocated. After that I took her to the shower, we showered and explored each other while soaping each other. She had a beautiful curvy body and nice round boobs….like models. We dried ourselves and headed back to my room, that when we ran into my naked stepdad who was on his way to the bathroom. What s going on and who is this naked beauty?….my dad asked. She is my friend dad and when up to kiss my dad and held his erect dick, you seem excited Dad….is this for me or her. I turned around and saw my friend covering her boobs and pussy with her hands which were not large enough. I took her hand and introduced her to dad so he could have a full view of her luscious boobs. This is Lisa dad…..they shook hands and Dad went for a kiss….. then Lisa ran to my room.
Lisa felt so ashamed being caught naked like that by Dad….I consoled her and told her that Dad is a very sporting person. He was also a good lover and has a large dick……I am always satisfied by my stepdad, I told her . She looked up at me… shocked her eyes bulging out. Then an excellent idea hit me….come I said. I took Lisa to my dad s room, who was now browsing the web for porn I guess.
Dad ….my friend Lisa here has been deprived of sex by her husband for a few months now. I was hoping you could give her some advice or maybe some sex….Lisa gave me a frowned look. Dad just said….Lay her on the bed, I will have to check. I told Lisa to lie down on dad s bed and I climb up besides her. Dad came over and used his fingers to examined her glands under her chin then proceeded to slighty squeeze her breast to look for any swelling. Lisa nipples were like erasers ..hard and upright. Dad was playing doctor….smart ass I thought. She seems alright here and dad moved between her legs and opened them wide. He examined her pussy and started shaking his head….what is wrong with her dad, I asked. There is a problem here, her clitoris i swollen and her pussy is sopping wet but it is so sweet, dad replied after sucking on his finger. Lisa covered her face blushing. Dad bent down and started licking Lisa s pussy and sucking hard on her clit and letting go with a plop….Lisa jerked from the sensation but opened her legs even wider. Dad told me to hold her legs and I got on top of Lisa and held her legs wide and high. Dad went to work on her sopping pussy, Lisa was in cloud nine based on her breathing and murmurs….then to my surprise she pulled me back and placed her mouth on my pussy and started licking hastily. I grinded my ass on her face while dad prepared to penetrate her pussy, I knew that there will be some resistance and pain from dad s humungous dick for her pussy that has not been penetrated for quite a while. I nodded and dad plunged his whole dick in one go….Lisa screamed, dad stayed still for her pussy to adjust to the size of his dick. When Lisa had calmed down and started slurping on MY soaking pussy….I nodded again. Dad started pumping in and out in long slow strokes…..LIsa hastened her licking on my pussy. Then her toes curled in my grip, she stopped licking me , trembled like crazy and came bbbiiiggg time………….then lay lifeless under me. I got of her and dad pulled out leaving a gaping pussy and we let Lisa overcome her climax. I went over to dad and licked his dick clean and again tasted Lisa s sweet nectar and went up to kiss my dad. While kissing we heard Lisa mumble..that was the best and the biggest climax I have ever had, thank you so much both of you but I need more and both of you have not climaxed yet. Please fuck me again now and I want to return a deed too by licking Ella s pussy.
Lisa turned to a doggy position showing her round ass to dad and I lay in front of her with wide opened legs. Lisa started licking me while dad climb onto the bed behind Lisa and licked her pussy, again Lisa started moaning into my pussy, I could feel my pussy vibrate through her hummings. Dad tasted Lisa s juices from the source and started pumping his dick into her, this time fast and hard …balls deep. The sound of his balls clattering against her plump ass could be heard very clearly. Lisa could not lick my pussy so she just put her lips on my pussy and rubbed it up and down in momentum with dad s humping motion. After a while I climaxed into Lisa mouth and dad was on the verge of it, the signs were already showing on dad s face. I held Lisa s head to my pussy and nodded again to dad, cum inside her I signalled to him. Dad increased his speed, Lisa was moaning and cumming continously then dad let out a groan..and pumped all his seeds into her. Lisa was out cold slumped between my legs and dad on her back. All were breathing heavily and riding over each of our massive climax. Dad pulled out and came over to me to lick his dick clean, Lisa recovered and joined me doing the same thing. The bed was in a mess and soaking wet, the bedsheet has to be changed before mom gets back from work. Dad got up and left to the shower. Lisa and I got off the bed and changed the linen, dad walked in after his shower and Lisa (not shy anymore) walked to dad and gave a big and long kiss, she mashed her boobs against dad s chest and dad was squeezing her plump ass digging into her asshole at times making Lisa squirm. I finish doing the bed and went in for a group hug and a kiss from both of them.
Lisa and I showered again in quick time because mom was due to return home soon and we did not want to be caught by her.
Lisa bade her farewell with a promise to meet soon and welcomed me to her home at anytime. She thanked me and dad for giving her a good time. This was her first time cheating on her husband and she promised to continue doing it until her husband fucks her into satisfaction.

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