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I shut my sister up, finally

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I was stressed and she was annoying. So I fucked her to shut her the hell up.

When I got home from school mum went shopping and left me to look after my pain in the ass sister, I fucking hate my sister she’s so full of energy and always running around and screaming, she never stops.

I was in my room trying to relax after a long day at school, we had some mocks and it was really stressful, I was trying to play on my Xbox to chill and get all my stress out and she came running in shouting and screaming, first she wanted some sweets from the high cupboards in the kitchen and then even when I got them for her and asked her to be quiet and just sit downstairs watching TV until mum got home and not bother me, she followed me upstairs, dropped her sweets everywhere while running around and kept interrupting my game.

She started hitting me on my back and shoulders with one of her dolls and then I got pissed, I chucked off my headset and threw my controller on to the floor, she jumped with shock when I snapped at her, I told her to shut the hell up and leave me the fuck alone, she sat herself on the edge of the bed and sulked, having just been told off, and I went back to my game.

It was quiet for a while, finally some peace, then she snuck up behind me and rubbed the dolls head on me, tickling my back, I tried to ignore and hoped she would just fuck off on her own when she realised I wasn’t interested, but she kept doing it and doing it, I’m sick of this fucking little bitch, I snapped at her again to stop, she didn’t, I’d had enough, once again I chucked off my headset and threw down my controller, I got to my feet and told her that was it, I lifted her up and threw her on to my bed.

If I couldn’t play my Xbox to get rid of the stress I’d do it a different way, before she even bounced on the bed I’d pulled my shirt off and kicked off my shoes, I got on the bed and pinned her down, ripping the doll from her hands and throwing it across the room, I pulled off her Super Hero Girls cartoon logoed vest and her tight pink leggings, she was laughing and giggling, she thought it was a game and I continued to strip her until she wearing only her little white ankle socks.

I put her thin tiny wrists together above her head and held them both securely with just one hand, I rubbed her body with intent using my other hand and rubbed her bald pussy hard, while still holding her arms down I unbuckled the belt on my pants, then unbuttoned them and pulled the zip down, I angled myself so I could pull my pants and boxes shorts off and then I kneeled below her, her legs open wide, one at either side of my knees, she looked at my twitching cock with fascination as I rubbed it.

When I was fully erect I pressed it against her pussy and pushed with the strength in my hip muscles, she popped quickly and I entered her, she screamed really loud and looked confused and frightened as I started to fuck her little hole, her pussy felt good, I leaned down on to her and pulled her ass further underneath me, she looked small, her head reaching just under my chest, I used both my hands to pin hers down and I fucked her hard.

She started to scream even more and it was bothering me so I put one of my hands over her mouth and pressed down tight to shut her the hell up, by now I was fucking her so fast and hard her ass had started to sink in to the mattress and the bed springs were making twanging sounds, my cock was tore up her insides until I finally came, I sunk my cock into her as deep as I could and I filled her with my brotherly seed.

When I was done I pulled out and told her from now on that is what will happen if she pisses me off, she didn’t answer me back after that, I got off the bed and threw her clothes on to the bed and I got dressed, when she finished dressing she picked up her doll and slowly and more importantly, very quietly, walked out of my room, sniffling her tears, and I went back to my game.

I felt quite relaxed and destressed afterwards so at least she helped in some way, better than her being an annoying little bitch.

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    This is sick and I’m calling fake but it was a good read and turned me on which is the point of these stories…. If you get a good wank while read g it then its a good story.

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    dude what no

  • Reply Anonymous

    I hope you die a slow painful death

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    Girls should be fucked young by their brother’s and father

  • Reply Me

    How old was your sister and how old is she now?