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Amy Tale/s – 6th Hour Ago

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Courtney has lost control, I had caged her desire to ravish me, and turned her loose with my approval to devour me.

It is 8pm on Sunday. I am in the kitchen fixing supper wearing a nightie. Courtney has been asleep in the bedroom since 2pm after we returned from Ethan’s apartment [see Amy Tale/s – Sunday Asshole Pains, for details]. I laid beside Courtney for a few hours pondering my ordeal with Courtney. I took a nap and woke just before 8pm. Ken and Greg left shortly after we came in for some outdoor games, and recently returned (maybe that woke me).

Courtney is up and rubbing her eyes as she approaches me only wearing a t-shirt. I say, do you feel alright love? Courtney says, yes, I guess I was tired. I walk over to Courtney and I hug her and kiss her, and I bite her ear lobe and say, go find my wine-red nightie and put it on (I was wearing a black nightie). Courtney returns and I put the last thing on the table and tell the boys its ready. Courtney was not familiar with the convolutions of Ken and Greg’s relationship, or why Greg was still here (she did not know they were bisexual). I did not want to spoil the surprise of seeing it for yourself, so I just said, they do everything together, even me, and left it at that.

Clair emerges from a guest room she uses and wearing a sleep shirt, and apparently, she is waking up too, and she sits down to eat. Clair asks Courtney if she is feeling alright, there is some small talk, everyone finishes eating, and the guys turn the game console on again. I ask Clair to hang around and watch the boys or do something in her room while I talk to Courtney in my bedroom.

I remove our nighties and I lay Courtney on her stomach and start rubbing lotion on her and messaging her, especially her nice thighs and hot ass. I say, Courtney, I am just a phase you are going through, you will get tired of me. Courtney says, no miss Amy, I won’t. I say, only call me miss Amy when you are wearing my collar? Courtney says, okay. I say, when you are wearing my collar you are forbidden to have sex with anyone without my approval, even if you remove the collar without my knowledge. If I put the collar on you, and you go home and take it off, you are still wearing my collar until I take it off, do you understand? Courtney, says, yes, I understand.

I lay down with my breasts on Courtney’s back and I embrace her, and I kiss her bruised neck. I whisper, when you are not wearing my collar and we are like this, we are lovers, and you can do whatever you want with me, and I will return your passion in kind, do you understand? Courtney turns over forcing me on my back, and she mounts me and kisses me, and she kisses my neck, and she bites my ear lobe, and she whispers, I am going to fuck you now, do you understand? And she kisses me hard and deep, and she straightens her legs and lays in between my thighs and begins to hunch her pussy on top of mine while we kiss.

Courtney pulls my arms and hands together above my head and holds my wrists with one hand as her whole body huddles against mine. She kisses down my neck and across my shoulder to the inside of my upper arm, and back down to my armpit. Courtney rubs the inside of my thigh with her free hand. She kisses my armpit hard and long smelling me, and she rubs her lips madly against me as she breathes lustfully. I fucking feel good, and I am aroused. She moves down my side to the sensitive area under my armpit, and then over to my breasts. Courtney is lust drunk over my body and my pussy is getting wet. She is trying to consume me as she moves her hands to my armpits and messages them deep with her thumbs, and she goes animal on my breasts orally.

Courtney has lost control, I had caged her desire to ravish me, and turned her loose with my approval to devour me. I lower my arms and grab her and devour back, and we kiss intensely and roll around grabbing frantically to hold the other. We wrestle for supremacy to consume each other wildly. Courtney moves to my breasts and I turn and suck her breasts, and we are grunting and breathing heavy as we pull at each other’s body and descend lower. We grab the back of each other’s knees, and we wrench our bodies together on our sides, and we bite and suck each other’s thighs and tighten our grips, and we get our arms behind the other’s legs.

We twist each other down tightly and move our mouths to pussies and we are so wet, and our pussies are spread so wide and stimulated as we sink tongue and lips into each other. It is so stimulating and tempestuous that we orgasm in less than 5 minutes virtually simultaneously. Our pleasure only makes us more determined to squeeze the living shit out of each other, as we continue to swallow pussy until we are tumbling in orgasm after orgasm. I surrender and tell Courtney, stop. I lay my head against her thigh and kiss the hair next to her pussy lips and she continues to lightly kiss my pussy too.

I release her and move back, and we kiss and catch our breath for about 15 minutes. I reach for my phone and lay back on the pillows, and I make Courtney lay on my breasts as she caresses me with her hand. I say, do you want to watch Clair, Ken, and Greg in a threesome? Courtney says, yes. I call Clair and ask her to bring Ken and Greg to the bedroom naked. I tell Greg to lie on his back and Clair to get in a 69 over him and she sucks his 9” cock while Greg eats her trim hairy pussy. Courtney watched Clair give Greg a blowjob and says, Greg has a pretty cock, and big. I say, yea, but Eric has a bigger cock at almost 10”. Courtney says, yes, but Greg’s cock looks good. I ask, is it because Greg is circumcised, and Eric is not? Courtney says, I don’t know, maybe, I just think Greg’s cock looks good.

I ask Courtney, do you want to fuck Greg’s cock? Courtney says, I definitely want to suck it. I say, some other time, I want you to watch. I tell Ken to get a condom and lube and fuck Greg just like his is laying. Clair sits up while Ken eases his 8.5” dick into Greg’s ass missionary style. Courtney says, are they gay? I say, bisexual. Courtney says, I have never seen two guys fuck, I mean, porn, but not like this, not someone I know. I ask, does it turn you off? Courtney says, no, but the guys in the sports league act so macho, and workout, and put-on a manly show, and this is so different. I say, is it bad? Courtney says, no, it is intimate, like they have the ability to be romantic in an undemanding way.

Courtney says, I like the way Greg’s cock is swinging around as Ken fuck’s him with his arms wrapped around Greg’s thighs, and Courtney starts to finger my pussy. I tell Clair to move and Ken to kiss Greg as he fucks his ass. Courtney sees it and says, oh my gosh, I think that is sexy in a way, and Courtney starts rubbing my clit faster. Clair starts to eat my pussy as Courtney continues to rub it. I tell Ken to stop and to get in a 69 with Greg. Courtney says, shit, they even suck each other’s dick. Courtney says, how did they let you know they were bi? I lift my head and look at Clair who is smiling at me and I say, me and Clair went on a double date with them and had sex in this bed afterwards, and they just started kissing each other and before you know it, they were sucking each other’s dick.

I say to Ken and Greg, make sure you two cum. Courtney watches and they get each other off and swallow and finish. Courtney moves up and kisses me and says, that was so hot, but I do want to suck Greg’s cock sometime. I say, everybody does. Courtney asks, do you think Eric would do that? I say, I don’t know, but I don’t want to get involved in a threesome or group sex with Eric. I don’t want Eric to see me as someone he can fuck on the regular. I want you to understand; now that Eric knows about you and me, he is going to pressure you for a threesome. Also, Eric does not know Ken and Greg are bisexual, so don’t tell him. Courtney says, okay, but how do you know Eric will want a threesome? I say, because all men want a threesome with two women; I am telling you now so that when Eric asks you, you can say, no. I don’t want to fuck your boyfriend to make him happy for you.

Courtney understood my meaning and said she was just going to keep the two relationships separate. I said, okay, but eventually, that will not work, and you will decide that you no longer need one of us if the other does not accept a group relationship, and I am already in too many group relationships. Courtney says, I will never leave you Amy. I say, we will see, you will hate me, even if I pander to your transitory crush. Courtney was convinced she was in love with me, and it would last.

Courtney and Clair got each other off and the boys went back to video games. We eventually went to bed and got up for work. I asked Courtney, do you want to wear my collar or see Eric and talk, because he wanted to after the game? Courtney said, I better talk to him, you are right, I need to decide what to do. We left for work Monday, so stick around for the next tale.

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