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Amy Tale/s – Party Time Pt. 2 (Interracial Foursome)

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I begin wondering how many times this housewife has fingered and licked her own pussy juice fantasizing about a day like this.

The husband of the white married couple at the party wanted to see his wife blacked. Unbeknownst to him, she had a secret lesbian fantasy which she revealed to his surprise. See, Amy Tale/s – Party Time Pt. 1, for details.

The wife laid me down on the bed and kissed my breasts. She worked her way down across my stomach and pussy hair to my wet pussy lips. I looked back, and Janet had removed her shirt and was naked, and she was stroking Anthony’s big 10 inch. The wife buries her face in my pussy, turning her head all around, and she runs her hands under my ass and pulls it up. She spreads my ass cheeks and licks the shit out of my asshole, and then back to my pussy. She moves up to my head and kisses me, and rotates her face on my lips and mouth, as if to make me lick my own cunt juice off her face. The wife looks at Janet and says, go find another cock as big as that one. Janet disappears, and the wife returns to my pussy and gets serious about bringing me to pleasure.

The wife turns around and sticks her cunt on my mouth and rubs her wet pussy all over my face. We are in a 69 free dive, and I open my mouth for her pussy and her smell is inviting. I lick and kiss and began moving in a rhythm upon her clit to match her hunches. I am getting aroused too because she is a freak starving for pussy. [I begin wondering how many times this housewife has fingered and licked her own pussy juice fantasizing about a day like this]. Janet is back, and she has James, and I see his big 12” cock swinging. The wife has me dialed in and I know it’s not going to be long. So, I press into her with more, and she explodes. She keeps eating my pussy, and she is shaking violently from her own orgasm I am so excited, that I get off too.

We both relax, and the wife lays on my pussy. She plays in my pussy with her finger, continuously kissing inside me like my pussy is her new toy. She sits up, still with her pussy all over my face, and she looks at the two black cocks. The wife turns me on the bed never moving her pussy from my face and points James to my pussy. She tells Anthony to get behind her, and she leans over with us still in a 69. The wife takes hold of James’s cock, and she guides him into me, and I feel that big cock make entry. Janet asks the wife if she wants a condom, and she says no, and Anthony starts to go into her. I am watching Anthony penetrate her pussy with his big 10” cock and she is tight, and she starts to grunt. She lays her head flat on my hip as James gets deeper in me, and I start to grunt as well. James is pumping, and with each thrust I feel a little more, and I roll my hips up to take it all. I feel him get deep and his pelvis touches my ass, and I know I have his complete cock.

I am breathing heavy and grunting and I look up, and Anthony is still going in. The wife spreads her knees a little more and Anthony gets all the way in, and she lets out a few oh gods, softly. James is steady in me now, and Anthony is making this girl moan, and she gets verbal with oh god, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, but softly. I am grunting hard too with my hands around her waist and I feel her bite me just above my thigh. She gets loud and both guys are pounding and after about 15 minutes James cums. I feel the throb as he holds his cock in me, and I try and catch my breath. About 2 minutes goes by, and I can tell by Anthony’s stride, that he is about to shoot this girl full of cum too. Anthony gets off to a choir much louder than before as the wife cries out, Oh fuck that’s a big dick, fuck, in rhythm, until movement and chatter basically stops. James has pulled out of me and after a minute Anthony withdraws from the housewife.

The wife raises up to her elbows and looks back at me and says, eat my pussy and she starts eating mine. She presses her pussy down leaving me little choice, and I lick and taste the salt of cum and smell that chlorine like smell. It disappoints me in flavor compared to the sweetness of her taste before, but I lick to bring her pleasure. She smears her cum dirty pussy on me and licks with purpose, as I do the same to her. I start to feel pretty good from her efforts. She reaches her finger down and rubs on her clit, and a few minutes later she gets off again. She masturbates me and rotates licking and rubbing her face in my spunked up pussy and I focus, and I get off. This girl is a freak, and that is the first time I ever had to eat cum out of a pussy. She turned around and kissed me, and I was thinking, she has some kind of fetish with bodily fluids.

The wife stands on the floor, and she takes her right hand and rubs it all up in my pussy, then she does the same thing to her pussy with her left hand. She walks over to her husband and rubs his face with both her hands, even running her fingers in his mouth. Janet was fingering herself, and she orgasms. I noticed that the husband’s pants are pulled down, so I assume he jacked off, but I was not watching. The wife grabs her panties and cleans my pussy with them, even sticking her panties inside me. She reaches for her purse and sticks her soiled panties inside, and I look at Janet and she is smiling. Janet asks the wife if she is done? And the wife says, yes. Janet falls on me and kisses my cum and pussy juice covered lips and whispers in my ear, thank you baby. I am feeling kind of nasty, and I watch the wife get dressed, and I get up and the couple is whispering and soon they leave, and Janet takes me away.

We go to the master bedroom and she locks the door, and she cares and cleans me as usual. She dries my hair and hers, and she takes me to the bed and rubs me down with lotion and massages me. I start to wonder if I am now another attraction at Janet’s best little whore house, as she treats me as her favorite pet. So, I asked her, and Janet says, no baby, I am just trying to please you, and she says, did that bother you, what they did to you? I thought about and said, no, not really, it was different, but what would bother me is if you are using me. She embraces me, and whispers in my ear, baby, if I had my way, it would just be you and me, the rest is just for fun. I only do those things because I think you like it too. [Janet was partially right, but I saw her get off on what the wife did to her husband, that was Janet’s true kink, seeing humiliation occur].

I tell Janet she is right (to pacify the situation), and that I am just tired, and I was tired. Janet rocks me to sleep in a manner of speaking, and I know that none of those people will be here when I wake up, because that is part of their deal, no overnights. So, Saturday will just be us and our friends. I asked Janet about her party hosting fee, and why she does not charge thousands for such and experience. Janet said, this is not a brothel, and the fee is advertised as cost for food and refreshments. They got sued one time by an angry husband, but because it was just a “party” where the guy’s wife went wild, they were not held liable for what the wife did at their “party.”

Janet said, charging more would make it seem like a sex service, and increase their liability. Janet showed me the website, and their parties are advertised as adult fun, food, drinks, etc., non-specific. When people apply, they ask Janet or Max what happens at the party, and Janet tells them that it is not unusual for guest to have sex at their parties. If they ask about a fantasy, Janet will just say, I have seen that happen before at parties. In other words, there is no direct promise to someone that they will be granted a sexual fantasy, and since money is not exchange for sex, it is not prostitution. Of course, they no longer do this anymore, but at the time it was interesting and explained what happened to my ex-husband.

I wake up in the morning and I feel Janet behind me, and her hand is rubbing my breasts (perhaps that is what woke me). I look at the clock and it is after 9am, and I roll over to face Janet. To my surprise it is not Janet. It is another girl, and she says, good morning Amy. I think I am asleep, as I try and make out her familiar face. My eyes widen and I look at her and say, Sherry? Sherry says, yes, it’s me. She says, I could not come last night but Janet told me to come by this morning; Janet wanted to surprise you. Now, I am naked, and Sherry is naked, and I tell her that I need to go to the bathroom. I go pee, and I brush my teeth, and I come back and tell Sherry I am gong downstairs. Sherry gets ups and puts her clothes back on, and I put on some shorts and a t-shirt. Sherry follows me downstairs and Janet fixes me a plate of food and I sit down. Janet says, did you find your surprise baby? I said, yes, what’s up? Janet says, well I could not leave her down here, she is just too cute, and I did not trust myself, [and Janet said that looking at Sherry and with a cute voice]. Janet brings Sherry some food too.

Sherry asks me, are you mad? I said, no, I am not mad, just waking up, and you did surprise me. In walks Clair, who apparently is just getting up as well, and Janet brings her a plate. I asked about the guys and Janet said they all went to the lake and probably would not be back until after dark. Apparently, Max has a yacht. There was more small talk, I finished eating, went to the bathroom again, then to the living room and sat on the couch. Clair and Sherry came in too. Janet does kitchen stuff then comes to the living room and moves Sherry sandwiching her in between Janet and myself. [Personally, I am feeling drained, and almost sexed out, and Janet is pressing for me to do something with Sherry now]. Janet puts her arm behind Sherry and fiddles with my hair and says, Sherry told me she missed you baby, and she would do whatever you wanted. I say, whatever I want? Janet says, yes, just ask her? I say to Janet, and what about you baby, will you do whatever I want? Janet says, always baby.

I make Sherry move to the end of the couch, and I lay my head in her lap. I tell Janet to put my feet in her lap and rub my feet. I tell Sherry to rub my head and they both do it. I close my eyes and I stay like that for about 15 minutes as Sherry and Janet rub my head and my feet. I start feeling pretty good from the attention, and I run my hand inside Sherry’s shirt and rub her breasts. I open my eyes, and I look at Clair and I say, do you want to see some beautiful tits? Clair says, yes. I pull Sherry’s shirt up revealing her busty white boobs and bright red nipples and areola. Clair says, damn, those are really pretty, and your hair color heightens the look (Sherry has strawberry blonde hair btw). I look at Clair and I say, you should see her pussy. Clair says, well, I look forward to that. I say, I will think about, Janet said she is my surprise, and I lean my head up and look at Janet who is rubbing my feet and she raises my toes to her mouth and kisses them watching me keenly.

I am starting to get in the mood again thinking about Sherry, or more to the point, thinking of Janet’s pledging of Sherry to me as a surprise. All of the sudden I have a brainstorm, and I really want to mess with Janet, a little payback for the mystery shopper with the big black cock. I tell Janet to kneel on the couch in front of my feet, as I lean up on my elbows and Sherry continues to stroke my head. I use my right leg and rub on Janet with my toes even pulling her bottom lip down. She kisses my toes and sucks one into her mouth as she fondles the ankle bracelet she gave me. Our eyes never waiver, and we stare at each other, and toy enjoying the tease. I clutch the collar of Janet’s shirt with my toes looking at her and saying, don’t you want to take that off baby? Janet runs her fingers up my ass and the back of my thigh, and traces behind my knee and up my calf to my foot and toes, and she moves my foot in between her spreading thighs and places it on her pussy staring at me.

Janet removes her shirt, and I work my toes into Janet’s pussy, as she rubs on her breasts and waits in anticipation of what I do next. I look at her tilting my head down revealing more of the white in my eyes, and I peer at my Duchess. I ask real sweetly, am I in charge baby, with my surprise (referring to Sherry)? Janet never waivers in her gaze as she replies, she is all yours baby. I continue, and you baby, will you do what I want too? Janet rubs my leg to my toes in her pussy and pushes them in more, and she raises my foot to her mouth and licks my toes, and she replies, whatever you want me to do baby. I look up at Sherry and lay my hand on the back of her head and pull her down and we kiss. I had turned my head downward so I could watch Janet watch me. I release Sherry and curiously glance in the distance, as I playfully move my toes in Janet’s pussy again. In a contemplative tone I remind Janet of the night we met Sherry, as I express a concern; I may be Sherry’s main course, but we have no male stripper for her dessert?

Janet pulls my foot up from her pussy again, and we have returned to our stare. She slowly licks my toes and replies, if it is cock you need, Anthony is in the maintenance garage servicing our utility vehicles. I ponder this development as I look up toward the ceiling and reply, that is a lot of cock for Sherry. Janet rubs my toes across her breasts as I clinch them on her nipples. Janet asks, why don’t you ask your surprise baby, maybe she is game for some big black cock? I lay my head in Sherry’s lap and look up at her, as I rub her soft strawberry blonde curls, and I ask, would you like to try a big black cock Sherry? Sherry caresses my cheek and the side of my head and asks, is it too big for you? I reply, no, but it will be almost two inches longer and thicker than the male stripper you fucked, and this cock is black. Sherry replies, I want to try it if you want me too. I ask Sherry, have you ever had black cock? Sherry says, no, and that the stripper was her biggest.

I look at Janet and say, you better tell Anthony another party is starting, and to be ready in an hour, because I want to play with my surprise first. Janet looks at Clair, who has been sitting silently watching us play, and she ask Clair to get her phone off the counter. Janet makes the call as I close my eyes resting in Sherry’s lap. When Janet is done, we go out to the pool house apartment. See Amy Tale/s – Party Time Pt. 3 (Sherry Surprise), for the rest.

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