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We were both middle aged at the time and we had talked about wife sharing a few times without ever really doing it but After her admitting that it sounded hot she and she agreed.

We ran an add in the Adult mag at the book store and it was not long after the add came out we had several answers and we had fun going through the pictures sent to us to out e-mail.
Trish had mentioned several times that she was not interested in a guy with a huge cock but when she saw Allen she looked at his picture for a long time so I asked want to try him??/.
I was excited watching her she was obviously impressed with his cock and she said laughing god it is big but it is beautiful look at his cock head how perfect it is but I don’t know if I could take something that big.
His add said 8 1/4 inches so I got out our 12 inch ruler and she laid it in between her legs at her entrance and 8 inches came up to above her belly button so we looked on the internet and they claimed that a woman’s vagina was only about 6 inched deep but I knew that was wrong because she really likes her 7 inch dildo so we agreed to give t a try .
I was really excited I had been wanting her to do it so we agreed to meet with him to just talk at first in F airfield so we picked a Saturday to do it Mom agreed to watch the kids for the day so both of us talked and laughed on the way over and Trish was kind of nervous and several times she would burst out laughing and say I cant believe we are doing this.
Well Allen was there before us so we picked a table far back so we could talk and Linda sat between us Allen was in his fifty’s and he was divorced for several years but he was also a very interesting guy and in just a few minutes Trish was talking to him comfortably and she was curious about how many women he met this way and he answered her calmly .
I sat back and let them talk and now Tris was getting into it asking how it went and he told her several story’s and I could see that she was enjoying it then she asked the big question did any of the women have a hard time taking his cock and he laughed and said no none a woman can take a much bigger cock than his without a problem they just have to relax and the guy cant just jam it into her .
Now Trish wanted to see it but in the restaurant that was not a god idea but I suggested that she reach under the table and feel it and Allen said OK but don’t be surprised it is already hard I get hard all the time when I meet with a woman and Trish giggled but she scooted over closer to him and she reached under the table and she said OMG and her eyes got big around and she looked over at me and laughed saying holy fuck it.s huge then she asked again are you sure that a woman can take a bigger cock than that still fondling his cock and he just nodded his head and to my surprise Tris asked where do you live and he said just a couple blocks from here and Trish said I will ride with you and Larry can follow and I called the waitress brought the bill and we quickly left I was no longer in control and Allen drove an older Chevy pick up and Trish sat beside him as we took off then her head disappeared and his pickup swerved so I guessed she was opening his pants to get a look at his cock but she stayed there so I finally figured out that she must be sucking his cock and she only raised up as he pulled up to his Apartment and he had to zip up his pants before getting out.
Trish’s lipstick was smeared and her lips looked bruised her hair was mussed up but she looked excited and inside she quickly went into his arms as they tore at each others clothes kissing and Allen mauled her breasts as she was trying to undo his pants they staggered into the bedroom throwing their clothes all over the place and Allen picked Trish up and tossed her onto the bed and Trish looked slightly demented now as her hand reached out for his rigid cock and she mewled harshly and sucked him into her mouth and Allen groaned in delight as he parted her thighs and started to finger fuck her
Trish growled and her body began to respond to him then she gasped fuck me Allen and he rolled on top of her and Trish grabbed his cock guiding him into her I watched as his cock head parted her pussy lips and he rubbed his cock head up and down her slit and it glistened with her fluids as she tried to capture him with her pussy she sounded disappointed as he rubber her slit with his cock head and her ass would wiggle around trying to get him in her then with a quick thrust his cock head was in her and Trish moaned and thrust her body off the bed and his whole cock disappeared god Trish went wild clawing at his back ad moaning in a frenzy her body thrusting upwards with each of his own thrusts meeting with a wet smacking sound and I could even smell their excitement and it was intoxicating kind of like and out of body experience watching my wife that had never done anything like this before fuck a complete stranger like a street slut.
She came very quickly then she came a second time and Allen steadily fucked her for about 15 minutes before he came again.
Tris was not through though she rolled him onto his back with his cock semi hard and she impaled herself on it and began riding him like a cowgirl fingering her clit until she came again.
This went on for a couple hours before Trish was ready to go but ever since we have been talking about hiw she felt bout what happened and How I felt about it to and we agreed that we should try it again to see if it is something we want to do .

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    Sounds like a good start. We were in the swinger lifestyle for twenty years and I have to say it was great. I loved watching guys fuck my hot wife and seeing her on her knees sucking off total strangers. We mostly had mfm threesomes. But also swapped with other couples, had a few gangbangs, as well as me sometimes watching her fuck & suck guys when the guy had no idea I was there. And most of the couples we were with had bi wives and my wife learned she liked being with women too. So I hope you two have as much fun as we did.