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South indian swingers

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a busty boobed fair looking orthodox south indian lady,even 40’s she looks like eva green and kate winslet combined.

hi this is koota again a new story of my friend who is facing challenges with incest and swingers club that changed
his life for ever.

lets dive into the story my friend’s name is harish and he is very young and attractive looking figure,his mom
shruthi a busty boobed fair looking orthodox south indian lady,even 40’s she looks like eva green and kate winslet
combined,even my grandfather will start masturbate just with her view of her body.harish father good looking typical
south indian uncle and he is very honest and orthodox person.

harish completed his studies recently and he got married with a bengally girl,she was even more hotter than shruthi
her structure was almost similar to vidya balan,my friend harish exprimented every sex position that was mentioned in
kamasutra.their experimentation went for days,then suddenly it came into a stand still ,because of her pregnency.
harish got a girl child,their life was now asusual like any other couple with childrens.with increasing responsibility
both started losing intrest in their sex life.after 15 years,the girl joined in IIT delhi.now the couple got bit releaved.
after a very long time harish and his wife alone in their home,he asked his wife get ready for the night,she was less
interested in doing with harish.without minding her mood harish started stripping saree by pulling,she was not in control
of the situation my friend fucked her pussy and sucked her boobs,but still was not happy and she expected more from harish.
harish got tired.both went to the bathroom to clean their body.

so to end this problem hairsh approached his friend mr koota,mr koota told him to do a unthinkable act in south indian family.
he told him about the swingers club in goa,where you can find a way to satisfy your wife and yourself.then harish went to home,told
the plan.his wife was bit hesitant at first,but internally she was always ready.

harish booked a ticket to the goa and paid the membership fee to the club,he didn’t told matter to his father and mother,because
they won’t agree to this because of the orthodox nature of the society.

after a week they reached the club,at the entrance both were strip searched and were subjected to medical test for HIV/AIDS,STD,ISD etc.
then after completing the test they were asked to get to room.exactly at the might night,we had a get together meeting with
other members,me and my wife were bit curious,we both reached the hut near the beach,where everyone was present with their wife
i was looking at others wife and my wife was looking at others husband.

suddenly a couple came near to us and started talking ,the couple was from kerala,the guy started pressing my wife’s boobs infront
of me,i got angry and started shouting,he told me take his wife for the night,i was relaxed by then ,i started looking at his wife
she was a diva from malluland dressed in tradition kerala style with no pallu wearing a bikini top,my mood got higher with the figure,
i stripped her lace bra and started sucking her boobs.then jumped on her like a tiger on seeing a deer.she co operated really well
her husband was in no mood,he gave my wife’s saree and panty to me and left the place with my wife.

i continued my fast and furious act on his wife.she reached a pro level satisfaction with my banging.then i left her naked on the beach
looking for my innocent wife,carying her saree and panty.i found her around a bush where she was surrounded by group of people
pressing and kissing her body brutally,she was plessured in everyway that was available,guy in the group asked me join but i said
that my wife,he laughed at me and said her assets are maintained in good condition and thanked me.

after sometime they all left the place leaving her naked.i helped her to getup and worn the petticoat around her waist and took her to
the meeting,there was a shock waiting for us me and my wife sat in hunt,now she was wearing only petticoat and topless.

i found man like my father and a woman like my mother,i got near to them,there i was shocked to find it was my orthodox mother shruthi
wearing a bikini.i asked my father what the hell you both are doing here,they both laughed and said we are here to enjoy like you.
club arranged a game were we have to select a card ,every card represents a female member,if selected we can enjoy a day with her.

club officer asked every men to select a card first my father got a card he started laughing looking at me,he got my wife name on
the card,i was bit releaved because my father is a gentleman.i took a card it was my mom’s name on the card.my father and i got schocked
i was not ready for the incest because of my orthodox background.

but my mother was stangly happy about the choice,she lauged out loud.then everyone was asked to reach their alloted room.
my father removed his under wear and made it like a bra for my wife.by seeing this i removed by underwear and kept it on my moms
wide mouth.my liked my underwear smell and texture dripped with my precum.

me and my mom both reached the room,there i asked her to dress in a typical nighty(night gown).

then started singing famous song Apudi Pipadidi Epudi Epudi
Epadi Epadi Epadi Epadi

Thalukka Vandhu Silukka
Nee Nighty Ah Thaan Maatikinu
Pinju En Nenju
Adhil Mooda Yethura
Sokka Oru Pappa
Un Kannu Pattu
Kavundhuputen Mama
Kitta Vaama
Nee Yendi Thittura

Vaa Vaa Vaa En Nejila Kaayam
Vaa Vaa Vaa Idhu Ennadi Nyayam
Vaa Vaa Vaa Kitta Illadi Neeyum
Naan Unaku Peyi Padam
Nee Enakku Bittu Padam Di
En Bittu Padam Di
En Bittu Padam Di
En Bittu Padam Di
En Bittu Padam Di…

she started dacing wearing her nighty like sunny leone,i went to the corner of the room show my rock hard dick to my darling,
by seeing this she ran towards me streching her legs jumped on me her pussy hole got exactly on top of my dick ,the force was so
high sprem gel was raining inside the room like ice fall.at only her small portion of dress was left on the morning.she ran like a
cow and i chased her like a bull bull.milked her booooobs.

on the morning we left the club like normal person as if nothing had happen.

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