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Black Friday

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My husband decided to do all the shopping online this year.

Of course with all the malls closed. He says I’m a little obsessed, and he can get the best deals, but it’s still not the same as the thrills I used to get. In the store, and finding the perfect gift for everyone.

Then, I had to take my oldest, and youngest to school. Because they missed so many days that spring, they used the snow days, but there was 1 case at the middle school. So, I only had one waiting at home, for her lessons.

I sighed, and stopped bye the gas station to fill up. There, a little girl bought a box of condoms, and I was shocked out of my daydream. Just looking at her, she was short, skinny, and not very developed.

I don’t mean to judge, but I have a daughter about her age. Maybe 12, or 13, so after she left. I asked the cashier “You didn’t even card her?”

He shrugged, “Better they have safe sex than get pregnant. Besides, she probably doesn’t even have a license.” I was stunned, but back out in the parking lot, I caught her walking down the side of the road.

Alone, carrying a handle bag with the box, and a little bottle. Of hand sanitizer, she wore a mask, but I hoped she wasn’t thinking about using that as lubricant. I was also worried about her, when she turned, and picked her way down the bank, but there was a sort of concrete ramp.

No street name, just a break in the curb, and a dirt road down the bank. So, I shifted into low gear, and coasted down on idle. At the bottom, it turned sharply back to a creek, and a bridge over it. Like an overpass, only instead of a highway, there was a suburban street, and a narrow creek she crossed. Carefully picking her way over the stepping stones, I pulled up, and saw another car.

Parked underneath the road, next to the creek, she leaned over the window like a prostitute. She wasn’t dressed as one, she looked like she’d dressed for school, the dress code, and of course not all of the schools were open on Thanksgiving Weekend. It’s possible that her father wouldn’t let her go out dressed like that, but it’s not as if you’d have to, I imagine. For all I knew, she was, but I had suspected there might be some sort of underground. Of illicit sex, and other debaucheries. I’d just never gone looking for it.

Soon enough, she went around the passenger side, and got in. I couldn’t see anything, through the glare on the windshield, but eventually, I think I could make out the suspension rocking. I wondered what could be going through her mind, that possessed her to do something so risky. I could practically hear the excuses, “But we used condoms!” Or whatever kids are calling them these days.

Yes, but you got in the car, with a stranger, in the kind of place that serial killers dump bodies. After they’ve been abused, tortured, and raped. Then again, there haven’t been all that many serial killers lately. The psychos seemed to have switched to shooting up schools with assault rifles, and yet I take my children to school.

They’re not going to get pregnant, from a psycho, with an assault rifle. Merely wounded, traumatized, or killed. It might be hard on me, to deal with children being traumatized by a terror attack, and I’m sure that’s what it is. What it’s for, why else would the do that if not to strike terror in the hearts of their children? Is it a protest against the school system that failed them?

“Huh?” Somebody knocked, and said something. At me window, someone of African decent judging by the dark skin over his knuckles. Making the wind down the window sign.

“What?” He said something else, and leaned down. In a mask thankfully. “Just leave me alone.”

“What?” The mask pulled tight, with his mouth wide open, so I hit the switch to crack the window, and stopped it before it went all the way down automatically. “You come here just to watch?” He stood up, and for a moment, I didn’t understand.

I shook my head, “She’s not my daughter.” As much to myself, as anyone else.

“Who?” I just looked back at the car, still rocking as far as I could tell, and picked up my sun glasses. Put them on, but he leaned over again. Peering through the crack in the window. “Well, you do have this whole schoolmarm.” Who says schoolmarm? “Thing going on, it’s hot.”

“You couldn’t afford me.” I really should have given some more thought to what I said, before they came out of my mouth.

“Oh yeah?” he fished in his pocket, and brought out a roll of bills. Like a drug dealer, or a pimp, only he didn’t dress like either. He dressed like a normal suburban youth, his ballcap was even on the right way around. “I bet I could.” He thumbed past the ones, the fives, a ten, and started counting off twenties.

“Uh, I didn’t bring any condoms.”

He stopped counting, and plucked one out of another pocket. The small one, sewn in above the regular pocket, with a rivet on the corner, and (Levi Straus) around the stud, like a copper nipple. Of course, he just wore jeans and a teeshirt. With his pants pulled all the way up, and a ballcap on the right way. A white mask, and no hooded sweatshirt. After all, he could be shot just for that.

“A hundred?” He held out 5 twenty dollar bills, and I just nodded. Shook my head at myself, but then waited expectantly for the big reveal. I was a little disappointed. I mean, I’m not a size queen, but I am a grown woman, and I have seen pornography. I wouldn’t call myself a connoisseur, but enough to have a certain expectation.

It wasn’t enormous, it wasn’t even fully erect, but it was a penis. A young, uncircumcised penis, flopping practically in my face, and while he shook it with one hand, he held the bills up to the window.

“I don’t need your money, keep it, but you better put that condom on. Huh, who knows what kinds of diseases a whore like me could have.”

“My money’s too good for you?” He just folded them in half, and tucked them back in his pocket. “Why don’t you show me some tittes, or something?”

Titties. I even giggled, but I must say that was the first thing he said, that sounded. Well, what’s the word, Ebonic? Immature, perhaps he was just barely a teenager, 13 and well endowed for a middle schooler, but what else are kids supposed to do with the school out.

“Huh!” It must take, a lot of blood, to fill that up. “You like what you see?”

“Yeah, take off that jacket, and make yourself more comfortable. Huh, big ass titties, you got kids at home?” I’m a little flattered that he cleaned up his language for me. I suppose, he took me as a Schoolmarm, as he said. So naturally, he spoke as properly as he could, and he did a good job of it. “Fat nipples, roll down the window, you got kids?”

“Huh, yes. Three wonderful children, and a husband.” I held up my fingers, to push out my wedding set, with my thumbnail, but then he finished rolling down the rubber ring. It came all the way down to the bottom, but I retracted the window the rest of the way, and didn’t hesitate for a minute to pull his scrotum out of the waistband of his Tommy Hilfigir boxer briefs.

“You want to try sucking on it?”

“Oh,” I shook my head, but then he released my breast, and slipped his hand out of my bra cup.

“Go on, don’t be shy, it won’t bite.”

“My mask,” I shook my head, “It’s not safe, and have you washed your hands?” I even fell back to the passenger seat, but I already had my blouse open, my nipples sticking out of my bra, and if not the largest priapus I’d ever seen in his dark fingers, the biggest I’d seen up close.

I’d touched his balls, but I don’t. Do that, even for my husband, I’m not a cock sucker. It’s disgusting, I don’t even want to think about it, but I’d much rather have it in the other end. if you get my meaning, I thought I’d never get something that thick inside me, without a gallon of lubricant, but then I got my underpants down, and I was in heat.

I barely had to check with my fingers to find that I wouldn’t need lubricant. I was drenched, rolling over to get up on my knees, and he touched me. My buttocks, and pushed the skirt up over them, fondling them, and even running a thumb down the crack. “Spt!” It landed in a hot wet spat, and then I felt it.

The thick rubbery spongey end run up my thighs, and wiggling around to find my hole. His strong hands on my hips, gripping them, and sinking in. “Uh!” I tore off my mask just to breath. “Uh, fuck!” His legs slapped the door, hard enough to shake the whole car, and it was loud. Brutal animal rutting in the woods. “Fuck!” Between thrusts. “Me! Fuck. Me! AUGH!” My glasses fell off, and fell next to the seat, but I didn’t care.

“Ah fuck, huh!” He sank in suddenly. Pressed against my cervix, and I stopped. I even held my breath, trying to feel his hot wad splashing up against it in the rubber nipple. “Huh!” I had to breathe, “Huh!” Momentarily regretting it being in the way.

Of course, it was necessary. If he was the kind of young man that did such things on a regular basis, Corona was the least of my worries, but he held it in, softened, and shriveling up. “Ihn, hm!” Finally it slipped out, and he let me go.

“Man, you’re one hot mom, and you’ve got a pretty face.” He backed up, zipping his fly, and sticking the button back in the slot.

“Thanks, you know it.” I joked, “Mother fucker.”

He laughed, and even snorted like a nerd, but then he was gone.

“Whew!” That was amazing! Fixing up my clothes, and leaving off the mask so I could breathe. I rolled the window back up, but the other car was gone. My was full of the stench of sex. “Huh!” I fixed my hair, and the rear view mirror to back out, but I couldn’t help imagining my husband’s face.

When the baby came out, dark, with curly hair, and of course he’d leave me. If we hadn’t practiced safe sex? I’m sorry, but that wasn’t safe sex. It was so much more exciting, and in spite of what they say.

Once you go black, you never go back? Well, I’m ashamed to say that I did, once I found the dogging spot, I went back again, and again. The next time, I brought rubbers.

It’s better than shopping, I’ll tell you that!

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  • Reply Suzy

    I agree with you. Once you enjoy black you can’t enjoy what’s at home. Sure I still have sex with my husband but I enjoy the black guy I meet.

    He wanted me to get pregnant but I wouldn’t stop using pill. Some how he hooked up with my daughter who was 15 and get her pregnant.

    • Psiberzerker

      TBPH, the “Black” part was mostly to make a pun in the title. What she went “Back” for was the thrill of Exhibition, Cheating, and sex acts with strangers, in public. It could have been a white, asian, or latino. It could have been another woman. (Though they would have had to have done other things, of course.) The “Black” part was just to make it “Black Friday.”