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What do i do

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Im 13 years old my names callie and my uncle keeps touching me

My uncle jas recently been laid off from work so hes stays with me my mom and dad and little brother

sometimes when my brother is with friends and were alone he makes me sit in his lap and i feel his thingy and he !makes me grind it makes my parts really wet and i like it and sometimes he finds a way to shower with me and his thingy is really big so he picks me up and rubs it on my part until sticky stuff comes out of my pee hole and it feels really good and i get to lick the milk that comes out of his pee hole

If he can he sneaks in my room and we kiss and rub are parts together until his milk is on my boobs and he licks my sticky stuff and when i sits on his lap he rubs my part and we watch sex videos and i like what we do but he says since im turning 14 he’ll be able to put his cock in me

It feels wrong but i like when we kiss and he lets me suck on his thingy and sometimes.before school he lets me suck his thingy and we kiss i like it when je sucks on my boobs and gropes them and i like it when he called me babygirl

Is this normal?

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  • Reply Wanton frog

    Thank you 🤣😌i was wondering why a 13 old would call a vagina pee hole does she think we got mud paste for brains 🤣

  • Reply Opps

    It’s not normal, tell the police

  • Reply Anonymous

    You don’t have to be 14 years old to have your uncle put it in your pussy. I was only 12 when I started to have my grandpa’s dick in me. Also, if you like what he’s doing to you. Don’t be scared and have fun with him!

    • Mommy

      You’re such a good girl for letting him stuff your little pussy. How long have you been a playful kitten? Did you hump your teddy at night? Do you rub that sugar pussy until it squirts?

    • Anonymous

      @Mommy I’ve been a horny girl ever sense if you want to read the story look up the author @Jane.

  • Reply Rylee

    I’m a 16year old bi guy so my down for anything, my Instagram is d3rkling if you want to hit me up

  • Reply I. Want pussy

    I’m really horrny hmu on ig my @ is stephenmcivorpriv I’m 14 btw😉 I will send nudes to anyone

  • Reply Wil.E

    Call the cops

  • Reply Mommy

    It is normal for him to want to play with your girl parts and for you to get wet and sticky. If it feels nice keep doing it

  • Reply buck naked

    It’s perfectly normal you don’t need to wait until your 14 to have his cock inside you just tell him you want it and I’m sure he will

    • Fuck off pedos

      Fuck off pedo

  • Reply Your not a girl

    No 13 yr old talks like this and no 13 year old would go online and ask if this shit is normal

  • Reply @meme.sfunnyaf

    Hmm, this is an issue that needs to be resolved. Dm me on insta @meme.sfunnyaf

    • Your not a girl

      Fuck off pedo

  • Reply Psiberzerker

    I know it’s hard, but tell your mom, or dad. Especially whichever one he is their brother. If he’s your uncle, then either your mom, or dad knows him, as a brother. He’s probably lied to them all their lives, or tried to, but if anyone who’s how sick he is, it’s them.