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Twin Step Brothers In The Country Was Hard Yo Handle

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I lived in the country, most of my life. My mother had divorced my dad years ago. She had also remarried.
He had two sons Aaron and Andrew. They were twins and they were 19 years old. They were good looking boys, actually they looked very much like their dad, Dan, my step dad. I was14, blonde hair, hazel eyes, 5’1″, about 105 lbs., cute figure an I wore a 32 B bra.

The boys were always looking at me. As far as that goes do did their dad. My step father made my mom very happy. That’s all I cared about. Mom had been through a lot with my dad, he used to abuse her when he drank. That’s why she left him. He also abused me and forced his dick in me when I was 11 when I was visiting him, for the summer. I never told mom he did that. I was afraid she wouldn’t let me see him anymore. He was my dad, I still loved him even though he did that to me.

But mom worked long hours at this warehouse and right now they were on mandatory 12 hours a day.
My step dad worked at home most of the time for his computer job. It was summer time and we had just got out of school for the year. The boys had just graduated and they didn’t behave jobs yet.

So, it was me and three men in the house all day while mom was at work. The boys room was on the same end of the house as mine. Mom and Dan’s room was on the other end of the house.

The boys were always saying sexual stuff to me and teasing me. They would grab me and pick me up because, they were big boys and I was pretty small. They were over 6 ‘ and so was their dad. Dan used to tell them, not to hurt me playing around like they did. I really liked them but, sometimes they would touch me and say it was an accident.

We had a few horses so, we had to go to the barn to feed and clean up their stalls. That’s when the boys would get the most aggressive with me. It was so hot so I had on shorts and a halter top. They had shorts on, no shirt. One day Andrew attacked me and threw me down in the hay and laid on top of me. We were laughing and he kissed me and was grinding his hard dick on my pussy. I was surprised but, it kinda excited me too, so I let him.

He spread my legs farther apart with his knees and then I could really feel his dick. It felt very big. He started rubbing my titty and pulled down my halter top and started sucking on it.
I knew I should stop him but I just couldn’t. He felt so good and I couldn’t believe he was interested in me. He reached down with his hand and slid it inside my panties rubbing my pussy. I really liked that. He stuck his fingers inside me and fingered me.
I said, “Andrew, we need to stop.” He said, “But, I don’t want to.” I said, “I know, me either but let’s stop for now.” So, we did. We got up and looked at each other. I said, “We need to finish here..” He nodded

So, that night, that was all I could think about. I drifted off thinking about how excited his touch made me feel. Now, out in the country when it gets dark, it’s some serious dark. I mean you can’t see your hand in front of your face, if no lights are on.
So, I woke up to someone climbing in my bed. I’m assuming it was Andrew. He spooned up against me as close as he could and he had a big hard on pushing up in my butt. He’s grinding on me and rubbing my pussy and squeezing my titties. He pulled my panties down in the back and put his dick in between my legs. With his knee he lifted my leg and slid his dick in my pussy lips. Oh my gosh, it was so thrilling. I was about to explode inside. He rubbed his dick at my opening and then pushed it in so slowly. It went all the way in. I almost cum I was so turned on.

He started by putting his hand right on my pussy and belly then, pulling me into him, he started fucking me. I just laid there loving every inch of him. He kissed my neck and said, “I’m gonna fuck you every night.” I said, “Okay.” He said, “Can I cum in you?” I said, “Yes, I’m on birth control.” I had been on birth control for several years to regulate my periods.

So, after fucking me for a long time he got ready to cum. He had already made me cum twice. He said, ” I’m cumming. He shot a big load of cum that immediately oozed out of my pussy. He left and I fell asleep.This went on for about a week. When, one night after Andrew left, he came back, crawled in behind me and slid down my panties just like before. I said, “Wasn’t you satisfied earlier.?” He said, “I’m never satisfied.” So, he fucked me again.

He got to where he was fucking me twice every night. I finally said, “What’s up with you coming back in and fucking me twice every night?” Andrew looked at me and said, “I haven’t been doing that.” I said, “Did you tell Aaron you were fucking me?” He said, “Yeah, I did.” He said, “I’m sorry, how long has he been doing this?” I said, “About a week or so.” I said, “It’s just so hard to tell you guys apart.” He said, “I’ll talk to him and tell him to stop.”

So, the next time it happened I said, “Aaron, Andrew was supposed to talk to you about this.”
He said, “I’m Andrew.” So, Aaron had come early and fucked me that night.” I couldn’t believe this was happening. Andrew said, “I forgot to talk to Aaron about sneaking in your room.”

The next morning in the barn, both boys were there and Andrew said, “Aaron, why are you going into Sarah’s room, fucking her every night pretending to be me?” Aaron said, “I haven’t been doing that.” I couldn’t believe he would lie, right to my face. Andrew believed him. That only left Dan, their father. Oh my gosh, Dan was coming in fucking me every night. Wow.

The boys started laughing. They said, “Our dad’s a dog.” I said, “What about mom?” “How can he risk her finding out?” Andrew said, “I heard dad say the other week, he wasn’t getting any, and your mom said, she was exhausted from working 12 hours, she was sorry.”
I said, “How am I gonna face your dad AND my mom?” “I can’t believe this, it’s too weird.” Aaron said, “Don’t say nothing.” I said, “I’m suppose to let your dad keep fucking me?” Aaron said, “Well, he’s been doing it and you’d be doing your mom a favor.” “A favor?” Aaron said, “Yeah, dad’s satisfied and not complaining to your mom, she don’t feel guilty about work that, she has no control over, everything’s good.”

I was trying to wrap my head around this kind of thinking.
Andrew said, “That way, you wouldn’t have to let him know it was him doing it and you wouldn’t be embarrassed.” I said, “But, I do know it’s been him.” They threw up their hands. I don’t know what to do. Aaron said, “What about me?” I said, “What, what do you mean?” He ran over and tackled me in the hay and said, “I ain’t getting any, I wanna fuck you.” “Come on, you thought you already had, Andrew tell her to fuck me.” “Sarah, why don’t you go on and fuck him, for me?”

Aaron pulls my shorts off and starts fucking me, right there in the hay. Andrew is pulling his dick out and jacking it off. Aaron said, “Sarah, your pussy is great.” “I’m gonna cum in it, ugh ugh ugh. He spews his cum in me and gets off, pulling up his shorts.
Andrew said, ” Don’t move.” He slides his dick in me and fucks me too. After Andrew cums I said, “So, now I’m fucking the whole family.” The boys said, “Looks like.” At least until your mom is off those 12 hour shifts.”

I still had a hard time looking at Dan in the morning. He acted the same to me. He still looked at my tits
whenever he got a chance.
So, I went along with this ridiculous p!an, for my mother, unbeknownst to her.

So, every night I was getting fucked twice, at least. Then, it started being three times. I ask Aaron if he was coming into my room at night?” He said, “Once in awhile.” I just shook my head. It was useless. I couldn’t tell them boys apart so, how would I know who’s fucking me?

The boys were getting more brazen and so was their father. The guys were getting me in the barn and they wanted to fuck me at the same time. I told them no but, that didn’t work. They just took me anyway. They had me suck one of their dicks while the other one fucked me. I have to admit, I liked this way. They would make me cum and it turned me on being fucked by two guys.

One day while in the barn Aaron said, “I’ve got a surprise for you today, Sarah.” I said, “What would that be?” He had a little bottle he showed me which, I couldn’t tell what it was but, he said, “It’s oil.” I looked puzzled and he said, “It’s for your ass.” I said, “No, Aaron.” They just looked at me like, you know we’re not gonna take no for an answer.

So, now they were fucking my pussy and ass together. I hated it. Well, at first, I hated it. After they had done it several times they, would talk trash to me, while they were fucking me and I gotta admit, I liked it.
They were still coming to me at night but not as often. When they fucked me in the barn, sometimes they wouldn’t come. Dan came every night. I’m assuming it was Dan.

One day in the barn the boys were fucking me hard and I was yelling a little cause, he was hurting my ass. When all of a sudden Dan walks in. They stopped and Dan said, “Don’t stop boys, I’ll catch up.”
He walks over and puts his dick in my mouth. Then he said, “Suck it, Sarah, suck my dick for me.”

Well, as shocked as I was I was turned on that three men were having their way with me. They started rotating. So, everybody got a piece of my ass and pussy. My ass felt like it still had a dick in it when they were done. Dan said, “He’d be in to see me tonight.” This went on for about 6weeks then mom went back to her 8 hour shift. Dan still comes and fucks me ga lot at night. I got to where it was fine with me. I loved their dicks.

This went on all summer and I was sad when the boys headed off to college.I missed them but Dan still fucks me. He’d come down to the barn to help me with the horses and he always fucked me somewhere. He too liked my ass. I got quite used to it.

As long as my mom was happy I was gonna help her husband be happy.

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  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    You need to come off of the pill and all yourself to be properly bred by them

  • Reply Conzo ID:fx7j3f7d3

    Weird, I really liked this story, seems so slutty and all just knowing how much cock your getting was such a turn on.
    I had a friend stay with me one time that was rather young. I never charger her rent or anything but she took it upon herself to please me and my friends every night. This led to when ever we asked for it and some when we didn’t. It went on for a year then one day she was gone. It was the best sex ever and I treated her very well.

    I often think of her and hoped she is okay! Funny five days later after she left Briella and Simone moved in and the whole cycle started over lol

  • Reply Danny ID:1dj526wyccw9