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The Farmer’s Wife : Part – 1

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I often wonder how I ended up here. I had a College degree, a promising future in a big city and dated a bunch of really hot guys in the past. It was something expected cause I was the hottest girl in my school and only a few girls could be compared with me when I was in college. I’m naturally blonde. My boobs are of size 34DD with a matching pair of butt ckeeks. My waist is only 60 cm which makes my butt and boobs look bigger.

I’ve lived to my fullest, using my body. I was a famous nymphomaniac at my college and lived a wild life to keep up my fame. I tried every single drugs out there, fucked a lot and pierced my nipples, belly button and pussy over those years. I never used protection and had several abortions just for the kick.

I finally gave everything up after I met Jack at the countryside I came to visit my aunt Mary, after graduation. It was the last summer before I would enter a full time job so I came here to relax and spend some time with her family.

Her father is my mom’s uncle and the one who took my virginity. I was young and naive back then. He taught me a lot of things that would help me satisfy men later in my life. Thanks to him I got hooked on having sex without using any sort of birth control methods. He told me that it’s a sin to use contraceptives or condoms so I should just let men dump their cum inside my pussy. I was born to get fucked and give birth to babies.

What’s more surprising, aunt Mary knew everything about us. She always tried her best to cover everything up. She arranged hotel rooms for us and whenever there was a party in the house with lots of family members hanging around, she would lead me and her father upstairs, locked us in a room and she would guard us from outside, by keeping everyone away from us and keep us well hidden. Even Aunt Mary’s mother couldn’t find out. One time, we had a BBQ party at night and Aunt Mary sneaked me out while everyone was sleeping. She took me to the garage and her father gangbanged me with his friends, for the entire night. Everyone passed out after drinking as they pleased. I ended up drinking cum instead of Alcohol and passed out from the intense gang fuck, as my mom wouldn’t allow me to drink alcohol.

I got pregnant, several times, in my highschool years and she was the one who took me to have an abortion, so that my parents wouldn’t find out. Her father wanted me to keep the babies. I wanted to keep the babies as well, although I never knew who their fathers were. But aunt Mary wouldn’t allow that to happen, in fear of getting caught by others in the family. I later, found out that, I wasn’t the only girl she gave her father to fuck. She was a teacher at a local highschool and she had a constant supply of young girls, for her dad and his friends to fuck.

After I moved to the city. I lost touch with them but the ideas they put in my head were well preserved. I could never get used to birth control pills. It never felt good to do it with protection either. I kept practicing pull out method and it kind of worked for me.

I kept remembering all those crazy things that happened to me while I was travelling back home. My parents got divorced and moved away so Aunt Mary’s house was the only place I could stay in. When I arrived at her house, I found out that her mother was dead. Grandpa was the same old man. Well, maybe he got a little older. I found out that he managed to get two teenagers pregnant, despite of aunt Mary being extra careful and always cleaning up their pussy, after her dad or his friends creampied them. She wanted them to get abortions but the girls were desperate to get knocked up and have babies.

Aunt Mary is a serious woman. She knows how to properly use each and every tools and parson around her. As soon as I arrived at her house, she called up men, who were acquainted with her and grandpa. They were invited for ‘dinner’. Aunt Mary put her mother upstairs to sleep and took me in her bedroom. Grandpa and his friends from the town were waiting there for me. I was wearing the sexiest dress I had and it didn’t take them long to take it off me.

They fucked the brains out of me. I was trying to hold back my screams and moaning at first but Aunt Mary assured me that she had made Grandma take sleeping pills. I went nuts after hearing that and went crazy. I showed the men, all I had learned so far. I made them understand what a woman being a whore truly meant, cause these men would call women ‘whore’ even if they wear red lipstick or short skirt.

I jumped on their dicks like there’s no tomorrow. I showed them my talents I got, like taking two dicks in my pussy or taking their whole dicks deep into my throat. I showed them sex positions they could never imagine. When I took three dicks in my three different holes at the same time, I heard them saying “Holy shit! This bitch is definitely out of this world”. They joked about my nipple and belly button rings and kept pulling them for fun. I danced on their dicks and gave some of them, their first boob jobs.

By the end of the night, I had cum all over my body, on my boobs, in my pussy, even in my hair. I sucked up so much cum that I seemed a little pregnant with my swollen stomach. My nipples and pussy were red and swollen. I was sore. I kept laying on the bed with cum all over my body and a smile on my face. Who knew, old countrymen could be more energetic than metro men from big cities. It was so satisfying that I was almost falling asleep.

Suddenly, there was a spank on my butt cheek. One of the men wanted another round and it was the first time I noticed Jack. He was a farmer in his sixties and a regular guest at Aunt Mary’s house. He had a potbelly, white beard and a big bald. His balls were big as apples and dick was thick as well. I don’t know if he had any diseases but there were small bumps on his dicks. But I never cared about std. He could pour gallons of cum and that’s what mattered.

I took a liking to him and started having sex with him regularly. Sex with him was very satisfying. But I wanted more. Something in me changed and I started to crave for a family. I gradually started blackmailing Jack and put pressure on him to marry me. He told me that he already had a wife and three daughters but I didn’t care. I was ready to be a farmer’s second wife.

Jack told his old wife that he needed a son to inherit his farm and since she couldn’t give him any, he wanted to marry me. Jack’s first wife Bethany was an ugly, old woman with a few teeth left. She seemed like the type of woman, who would never refuse anything her husband would want. I was right about her.

Soon, we held a ceremony and got married. Jack’s daughters were invited but only the youngest one came. During the lunch, she told me that she and her sisters were tired from all the mental abuse of their control freak father and kind of fled from the home. She warned me that Jack was a hot tempered, violent man with patriarchal mindset. He didn’t believe in women’s rights to education and freedom. He had been openly fucking around with young whores, even though he was married, like it was his right as a man. He would beat up their mother whenever she refused sex or for not being able to give him a son. Eventually all the three sisters left to pursue higher education and made life for themselves but the mother seemed to be brainwashed and have Stockholm Syndrome.

I understood the situation very well but it was like I was hypnotized myself. Even though Jack was an ugly, old man with a little money and bad temper, I felt myself to be attracted to him like the bees get attracted to honey. Or maybe I should just say, my pussy and mouth got attracted to his dick and cum.

Within a few months, Jack turned me into a full blown wife of a farmer. I worked from dask till dawn and provided him sex whenever he would demand it. He started showing his true colors and the sex were getting awful for me. He would make me do whatever would give him pleasure without caring about my satisfaction. Bethany told me not to say anything as he would beat me up. “It’s a wife’s duty to provide her husband, sexual pleasure and not ask for the same thing in return. Only whores do that” she told me what she believed. I was frustrated at this point and shouted at her “Well, guess what Beth, I AM A WHORE! Your husband knew that and if I’m labeled as a whore for demanding my rights, so be it.”

That night I told Jack that I need to have my orgasms during sex and he scoffed “That ain’t a Man’s job!” We argued for a few hours. Sex with other men was out of the quedtion as I was Jack’s property although I knew Jack was still fucking other whores. At last, we came to the decision that his first wife Beth would join us, from then on, to stimulate me and help me get my orgasm. She did what her husband tell her to do. Every night I would get naked and lay my head on Beth’s lap and her husband would fuck the brains out of me, in front of her. She would massage my boobs and clit as I kept holding onto her arms. She would even spread my pussy lips to the max for her husband to enter me quickly.

She liked playing with my nipple rings. She had seen me naked before as we often bathed together and asked several questions about my belly button ring and the ones on my nipple. I would tell her stories of my past sexual adventures. She would get surprised and sometimes even massage her saggy boobs and pussy, in front of me, while getting horny by listening to my raunchy adventure. I told her to get understand so that I could massage her boobs as well, while laying on her lap.

I wasn’t satisfied even with Beth’s help. Meanwhile, Jack was getting restless cause I wasn’t getting pregnant even after him pouring cum in my belly, every night. He married me in hope of getting a son, which didn’t seem to be happening any time soon.

Beth told me to visit a gynecologist as soon as possible. She was afraid that Jack would start beating me up. I didn’t care but I visited a doctor anyway. I took Aunt Mary with me and after that day my whole world changed. The doctor told me that I was showing signs of infertility and wouldn’t be able to get pregnant naturally. Aunt Mary got sad and confessed that she was constantly giving me birth control pills without letting me know as I was crazy to get knocked up. All those pills, drugs and abortions over the past few years, most probably caused my infertility. There was still hope, of course but I was frustrated. I knew Jack would kick me out if I was found to be useless.

That night, I stayed at Aunt Mary’s house and cheated on Jack, for the first time after marriage, with granpa and his friends. One of the guys I met that day was an old black man.

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