Is it wrong or is it me

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I love to sniff girls ladys panties but my 14 year old sisters are the ones I have my best time with. My 32 olld ants are stronger smells amazing.

Can somebody please help me i have a few things that I know are really not right I love 💘 to sniff panties my 14 year old sisters i find the most exciting.

I am 16 teen and horny i jurk off at lest 1 a day but i love. To have. My. Sisters panties to my face or some time my moms dirty cunt smelling panties .i dont no if it is normal but it seems to be a family thing.

One time I was at my aunts house helping her out with yard work and could not starting at her ass so sexy ant .

When she went to bed I got her panties out of the hamper. And licked and sniffed and shot of in antys panties i want to somebody to tell me if its normal 4 a 16 year old to be doing something with these. I mean my mom my sisters and now my ants panties i just love the smell of those panties and i haven’t even thought about eating my girlfriends cunt out but she does let me finger her out and when I do it i think that she is my sister……

Is it normal for a brother to think something like this about his sister or mom or ants pussy not a hot 15 year old girlfriends pussy i mean i do sniff my fingers and lick them after but i don’t steal her panties when i go to her her house. I thank its incest or thats Google search sead???????????????????????????
can some one tell me if is normal 4 me to do this and am i going to hell. :….???…,,,…??

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  • Reply Luv2rim

    From around the age of 12 I discovered that my eldest sister began wearing sexy knickers and pantyhose like most office staff back then My aunt cought me licking and Sniffing the crotch of a pair she just changed out of I didn’t get into trouble only imbarassed when she made me finish my wanking session with her holding those sweet smelling panties over my face I will never forget that explosion that squirted from my cock

  • Reply Joan nick

    Add me we’ll talk on Facebook. Jœæn Nick. I have a blonde hair.

  • Reply Psiberzerker

    Of course it’s wrong, dirty, and taboo. That’s what makes it exciting!

  • Reply David Kenya

    Is normal to do that fuck hall